AWOL Academy Review | From $15k down to $10k should I spend this much?

awol academy review

While I was searching for products or services that offer to create money online, I stumbled upon AWOL Academy.

Of course, you?ll first think about ?Absence Without Leave? right? Yes, the same goes for me. This will cause a lot of people to raise their eyebrows but apparently, it means ?Another Way of Life?. This makes sense.

So, here I am finding out what?s inside AWOL academy to know if this is legit or just another scam because we can all agree that we only want a legitimate way to earn money online.

Let?s take a look at my AWOL Academy review?

What is AWOL Academy?

AWOL Academy is built by experienced Marketers, Kameron and Keala. It is an Internet Marketing training and coaching platform where you’ll learn how to achieve success online using Affiliate Marketing.

AWOL Academy is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and was previously known as “Project AWOL”. They were previously tied up with Empower Network, however, back in both programs came to an end. This is due to the issues that have faced that includes Empower Network being an MLM scam company.

Kameron and Kaela teamed up to create a program similar to Project AWOL and name it AWOL Academy, together with their other programs: Elite Push and Global Affiliate Zone.

awol academy review

Inside AWOL Academy

AWOL Academy has 6 Training program for you to choose from it will depend on what you want to focus from if you already have your online business or if want to start your online business…

…and it will also depend on which program you’ll be able to afford basically. I wanted to focus on the product itself, however, the prices that they have for these products really makes me question if it’s really worth it.

*Thoughts: As I was navigating thru the website and other reviews of these products I have noticed some notable changes. The prices have changed(increased) and the AWOL Elite is no longer in their product list. I will include it still here and also let you see the old price of the products.


Pro Academy ($99)

This is for those who are starting to build their own online business. A training that consists of 5 module course for you to learn how to set up your own website, hosting and sales funnel.

The training includes videos and there’s a questionnaire that you’ll have to fill up asking about your current financial situation, your goals, and your plans. You will also be asked to have a 1 on 1 conversation with your coach.

Your conversation with your coach will seem that they are helping you to get started with your business, but if you think about the questionnaire that you fill up before your conversation it will all make sense.

The questionnaire is not only for the coach to keep you aligned with your goals and your plans, but it is also for them to know what’s the next products they will be able to upsell to you.

They will also recommend tools that you’ll need in the long run, that is not included in the package because they’re just a training program.

Internet Income Explained ($49) *NEW*

This includes 4 video modules that will discuss online sales processes and digital marketing. The basics of Internet Marketing.

For me, this is like additional information for you to know and further understand how you will earn online, the only thing different on this is that it will be based on AWOL Academy’s business format and it’s $49.

Things that I can read online for free, apparently.

Inbox Academy ( $297? $447)

This training is all about Email Marketing. All the basics and how-tos in maximizing your email will be discussed here.

Apparently, this is where they will discuss their unique email marketing methods to maximize your sales.

Conversion Academy ( $997? $1,797)

In this course, they will teach you how to convert those leads into sales. They will teach you theirs so-called science of “Hypnotic Sales” and Persuasion.

They also claim that at the end of these training you will be better at closing those deals due to your irresistible “buying commands”.

Traffic Academy ( $997? $2997)

This is focused on teaching you various ways to have good traffic on your online business. They will provide you their “secret strategies” for generating good quality leads to your site.

My only note on this is that they are focused on paid traffic rather than organic traffic. There’s no information about free traffic in this training.

Master Academy ( $3497? $5497)

As of the moment, this is their most expensive program as it will teach you to master both your inner and outer game of your business. They will teach you the correct mindset for the business and how to properly manage your finance for the benefit of your future career.

This I think should be also covered in Pro Academy as you also need to have a correct mindset beforehand.


???AWOL ELITE ($9,997)???

This was their most expensive upsell before wherein you’ll be able to have all the things you need to learn, but the difference is that you’ll work directly with experienced marketers from their team every week. Holding you accountable for every step along the way.

With this program, they will guarantee on you earning $10,000 w/in 90 days!

However, this is no longer in their product list but if you scroll down on their homepage you’ll still be able to see awol elite there.

They have removed Awol Elite on their list but they have added a new one and upped the pricing of their products. If you do the math, before the products (w/o Awol Elite) is a total of $5,887 plus Awol Elite $9,997 it will add up to $15,884.

Now due to the increase in price and the additional product, you’ll be getting the all of it, the total for all the products will be $10,886.


What I Like About AWOL Academy?


In-Depth Training

The intense time and effort placed on these training really show how dedicated Kameron and Keala on sharing their useful methods.

There are a lot of reviews by members that gave positive feedbacks about how intricate and in-depth the content is.

Kudos to them for that!

14-day money back guarantee

They also have a refund in case you are not satisfied with their product. If for some reason that within 14 days you are not happy with what you are the training then you can just email them and you’ll get a full refund.

The refund policy also shows on their website.


…what I don?t like about AWOL Academy

The Price

The pricing is too much. For you to get all the training you need to pay $10k. It’s ludicrous. Even if you can get a refund for it, I highly doubt you want to put your money here.

You still need third party tools

Since this is a training only program, they will just recommend you tools that you need in the long run of your business. ?Those third-party tools will cost you extra as if you haven’t spent $10k already on this course.

Focus on Paid Traffic

They lack the training for organic traffic. They are focused on paid traffic, meaning you need to pay for an advertisement to get clicks in. They don’t have any training for SEO and Keyword search and that’s another third party tool you need to have if you want an organic search to flood.

You will need to promote AWOL

During your training with your coach, you will always be asked to promote AWOL Academy to everyone you know. It will be too often that it looks like they are really forcing you to promote them.

Pay to be an Affiliate

This is what I don’t understand, you need to pay to become an affiliate. There’s a lot of ways for you to be an affiliate and most of them are free. Here in AWOL Academy, you need to pay $39.95 to become their affiliate.

And to top it all off you need to be qualified to be one. Guess what? For you to be qualified you need to purchase the Traffic Academy first before you become an affiliate! What?

Is AWOL Academy a Scam?

Even with those crazy prices, AWOL Academy is a legit program and their courses are a real deal in terms of information that you need to succeed.

AWOL Academy has decent training, however, they are mostly focused on upselling and promoting their membership. Meaning even with those high prices they?re intention is still to sell and increase their money.

I have been looking for ways to earn money online and if you know my story, I have faced a lot of struggles in finding the one that doesn?t break my pocket and will not scam me. Although AWOL is not a scam, I still prefer my #1 recommendation for you to succeed in Affiliate Marketing and now I am earning my 4 digits passive income monthly.

How I Make a Living Online?

I make money online thru Affiliate Marketing. With this website and my Quora account, I do honest reviews of products and get incentives whenever they earn because of me.

You don?t need to have a solid experience in affiliate marketing, nor do you need a degree for you to earn like me.

I am no longer chasing every paycheck. Now, aside from my day job, which I love, I have a stable passive income thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and you can be one too by clicking here.

And again?

Wishing you the best of luck with your HUSTLE!



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5 thoughts on “AWOL Academy Review | From $15k down to $10k should I spend this much?

  1. Tarun says:

    wow! to get AWOL it seems you need to already have one version of AWOL already in place! the prices are just ridiculous especially for people like me looking to earn a second income. if i had $10k lying around it would me i have a well paying job! 

    i dont think AWOL is for new bloggers but seasoned writers already earning a good monthly income and what to take it to the next level like neil patel or megan johnson!

  2. Wealthfather says:

    Great Content.

    This is really cool and very original. I’ve never really heard of anything like this before but I can see there’s potential in it and I think I’m going to give it a shot. Awol looks real compared to other scammy sites and its obvious its pros outweighs its cons. Thanks for sharing this eye opener article

    I will like to know if there is a referral bonus and also what is the average amount one can earn in a month as a beginner

  3. Henry says:

    Hi! It is really hard to believe that AWOL is so expensive and at the same time deliver useful training. The incident of them closing down their former business because of some issue with it being an MLM makes me a bit suspicious.

    But I trust you concerning the quality of their training. But I’ll just be unable to take a look at it because it’s too much money for me. 

    I’m still intrigued with them. Is there a way to join them for a free trial? I’d love to have a first-hand experience with their training.

  4. Kenechi says:

    AWOL Academy is definitely not a scam just as you said but I don’t think is worth investing such amount of money. The prices are way too high. After paying $10k to join, you will still pay about $37 to become an affiliate. Oh that’s crazy if you ask me.  Despite the high prices, they don’t teach on how to get Organic Traffic as they only focuse on paid traffic. Having known all these, I can never invest in such program even though they have a money back guarantee. I rather stick to Wealthy Affiliate platform which does it better and at affordable prize.

    • Indika says:

      I agree with you. Awol is way expensive and it is not a  newbie friendly training.

      I have seen many affiliate trainings but most of them never teach the right way of traffic generation.

      In this point, Wealthy affiliate is ahead of the game and within wealthy affiliate, super affiliate share tips and tricks with others. 

      Instead of paying a lot with outdated training it’s always useful to join with affordable updated training.

      Thank you very much for your thoughts!

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