RapidWorkers review: is it just another scam or is it legit?

rapidworkers review

If you have been on the lookout for an online business network you should have come across one or two websites that were a scam. And maybe this experience left you not trusting all the other networks. Does crows sourcing platforms give you the creep? Do you feel like they are all scam, that they are all going to waste either your time or your money and sometimes both?

rapidworkers review

For someone who has had a fair share of being scammed by fake websites, it is completely understandable if you trust all the websites. But it is important to take note that not all of them out there is a scam. Some are legit websites, that will actually help you earn a few extra bugs.

This is about the RapidWorkers website, which is somewhat similar to Microworkers. If you have been on the lookout for some time, then these words might be familiar. If not, they are all crowdsourcing platforms that pay you for the tasks you perform.

And this article will provide you with A ? Z information about the RapidWorkers website!

So, before you decide to signup or ignore, read this!!

What is this RapidWorkers web?

Well before anything, you will need to know what RapidWorkers is.

It is a free service provided to you by the UnikScripts, Inc.

Though I said that this is somewhat like the Microworkers site, they have a more professional and an innovative interface than RapidWorkers.

The RapidWorkers website consists of employers and employees. And with the combination of these two sets of people, they allow the employee to earn money and the employer to get their tasks done.

rapidworkers review

How does RapidWorkers work?

Did the above description get you feeling weird?

Are you wondering how a website could possibly have any employers or employees?

Let me put it in this way.

RapidWorkers is more like a platform where the employers and the employees join. Employers post the tasks that they need to get done on the website. And the employees accept the task and complete it. There might be related deadlines, rules, and regulation, or even some guidelines to the workers to perform the task properly.

And when the task is completed the employer reviews it. If they are satisfied with the work of the employee, they pay the amount of money that was previously associated with the task.

There are going to be a variety of tasks posted by a variety of employers. The most special case is that these tasks come with a time to complete it.

They might post a sign up for a website task along with a time period of 5 minutes. That means that this task will only take you 5 minutes to complete. Most of the tasks on this website are short and sweet. If you were to spend an hour working you will be completing around 50 of the tasks.

There are also tasks that a number of people can do. For example, there might be a single task that needs to be completed by 30 people.

rapidworkers review

What type of tasks will you be getting to complete?

You might be curious about what we are meaning from the word ?tasks?. There are a variety of jobs that you could select from and a few of the categories that you will easily find are as follows.

  • Download a file
  • Download an app
  • Like, and/or rate social media pages
  • Subscribe to social media pages
  • Search in web
  • Click on the links
  • Quick surveys
  • Quick reviews
  • Feedbacks
  • Sign up to a website

Well as you can see the list could go on and on. And these tasks are very simple ones too. You will not need any of your brain cells to complete most of them.

rapidworkers review

How will you earn from RapidWorkers?

As mentioned earlier in this article, the employers will pay the worker considering how satisfactory the completion has been.

To earn money with RapidWorkers is however going to be a bit hectic task. The main reason is that the number of tasks that they have is limited. Hence it could be more or less a fight within the account holders to get to the tasks first.

Your earning will directly depend on the amount of time that you are willing to put, and the number of skills you got.

Anyway, you will be able to earn quite a decent amount of money per hour through this network. A normal user would be earning around $5 per hour.

But this is going to change if you are not living in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Norway or New Zealand. The people of these countries get more tasks uploaded than the ones that come with the tag ?international?.

A person living outside of these countries will be able to earn around $1 ? $3 per hour. Still a pretty good amount, right?

And when talking money, they pay you via PayPal or Skrill. The main reason that they have selected these two payment methods is the fact that they have a very low withdrawal threshold. If not, this would be a real scandal to the international members.

?The good and the bad of RapidWorkers!

Nothing is perfect. No one either. Hence you cannot really expect for a website to be perfect right?

There are both good and bad about this website. If you are thinking about becoming a member of RapidWorkers it would be good if you read them before making up your mind on anything.

The advantages:

  1. This website is almost a no-brainer. You do not have any assessments or tests to submit in order to receive membership.
  2. Unlike some scam websites, who not only fool you but rob you too, this website is completely free.
  3. You get $1 for just signing up with them. That will boost your mood about them!
  4. As they support PayPal anyone from any country can join with them and earn.
  5. And the withdrawal limit is low. You don?t have to wait too long to take what you earned.

The disadvantages:

  1. Well, the number of tasks could be limited. Sometimes you will find no tasks at all.
  2. The look of the website is not that catchy. But I warn you! Don?t judge by the looks!!
  3. Their payment rates are bit lower than other websites.

Is RapidWorkers a scam site?

You must have read the entire article telling about the tasks they add and the methods they pay. And I am very glad to tell you that they really do pay you. this website is not a scam website. It is very important to keep in mind that RapidWorkers.com is legitimate.

This site will be an excellent one to the newcomers to the online ? crowdsourcing networks. You could learn how to do a variety of tasks while earning true money. As they provide a variety of tasks it will actually help you to develop whatever the skills you need in your online career ahead.

rapidworkers review


And until you start your own blog or website, it is always better to be involved with a legit website. You will learn how the site admins handle stuff. How they enroll members, and how they keep a smooth flow of payments without being marked spam.

Maybe with the knowledge of all these tasks, and money depositing and withdrawal policies you will be able to start your own online business network. But until then, this could be one of the best places to earn.

How do I earn online?

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rapidworkers review

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Video walkthrough

Do not forget to check out the following video clip as it gives sound understanding about RapidWorkers.

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