Is Clickworker legit?- All that you need to know about Clickworker website!

is clickworker legit

If you have been looking for some micro earning websites that will help you earn a few extra cash while you are at home, you must have definitely stumbled upon the name called Clickworker. But the problem with these online community websites is that they could be legit as well as scam. And most people who understand the risk of falling into the hands of a scam are not willing to sign up to the websites just because they claim to help you earn some money. Well, all you need to know about Clickworker and its legitimacy is in this article. Simply telling that is clickworker legit or a scam site would not be enough.

is clickworker legit

So, we will let you decide whether or not to try your luck with Clickworker, but we will give you each and every detail you need to know about them; from who they are to how they pay. With that, you will be detailed to have a final conclusion yourself by the time you finish reading this!

What exactly is this Clickworker?-Is Clickworker legit?

Clickworker is a contracting site that allows its members to search and perform various micro jobs and get paid.

Why specifically micro jobs? Because the jobs that they offer are very simple and very easy to do. Most of them are no brainers and take no more than a few seconds to complete.

Hence if you were looking for a very easy job to do while you are killing your time at home, doing absolutely nothing, this could be a great opportunity.

You will be working as an independent contractor, and have the freedom to accept a task or decline the offer. And you also have the freedom to work at flexible times.

is clickworker legit

When considering the payments, it would be simply put as varying. The payment varies according to the task. Some are complex and take more time, and these tasks pay good money. But if you are not into working your brain and is looking for a very simple task Clickworker offers you such ones as well. But the payment would be lesser than you expect.

If you want an idea about the types of tasks that you will have here is a list of them:

  • Text creation
  • Translation
  • Data categorizing
  • Data entry
  • Product descriptions

How does Clickworker work? And most importantly how do they pay?-Is Clickworker legit?

The background of Clickworker is quite the same as all the other websites that offer you money for the tasks you complete.

The registration of this website is completely free, and all you have to enter is your name, email address, and a password.

Then you have to complete your profile in which you add some basic details regarding your skills and hobbies and stuff. You have to submit a work sample too. In this way, the admins of Clickworker try to build trust between the employer and the employee. Mainly with such information, the employer gets the opportunity to have an idea about the person who will be completing the task for them.

is clickworker legit

Microtask or mega task, the employer pays to the website to get it done. So, it is completely natural for them to seek the best.

Clickworker offers you with payment options via PayPal and bank transfers. There is a minimum amount of cash that you should have earned before cashing out. For PayPal, it is $5 and for bank transfers, it is $10. And the transfers could take time from 7 days to 21 days.

And a limited number of members get access to UHRS platform as well. UHRS or Universal Human Relevance Services is a limited accessibility third-party platform that is restricted to people in certain countries. And, if you were lucky enough to get access to UHRS via Clickworker then you will be able to enjoy s dramatic increase in your earnings.

Is Clickworker legit

The good and the bad of Clickworker

It is hard to say that there is even a single website that is completely good. Though completely bad as the slightest possibility of existing, completely being perfect cannot be never happened.

So here is a list of the pros and cons of Clickworker. This will help you to decide whether you will like this website or will want to leave it.

Plus points:

  1. Worldwide

Unlike some websites that are legit but with access limited to a specific country (countries). Clickworker treats all of you the same. It is unlikely that you will not get access based upon your location or nationality.

  1. Free of charge

There are websites that claim to be free, but when you sign up you have to purchase many things. Even coaching! But Clickworker saves you from that burden. It says it is free of charge and it most definitely is.

  1. Can select your expertise skills

Clickworker gives you the opportunity to select your skills and talents. When you complete your profile make sure to add all the skills that you have that may come handy in doing tasks. Because they scan your profile and set you up with tasks that suit with the details you have given. They save you from the burden of checking out tasks that you cannot perform!

  1. Low cash out thresholds and ease in receiving your payments

As mentioned above you can receive your payments to either your bank account or to your PayPal account. And they have very low thresholds. Only $5 for PayPal and $10 for bank transfers. You will not have to face the difficulty of waiting too long to receive your cash.

Minus points:

It is important that you pay more attention to the details given below.

  1. Very low payments

Well, you might experience that what you earn is even less than the amount stated as the minimum wage. This does not happen at all the times but is most of the time true. The reason for this is that the micro-tasks that you have been getting a very low payment. And if you do not complete several tasks your earning would be a dramatically low amount.

is clickworker legit

  1. Not many jobs to be found

There are more than a handful of micro-tasking websites available today and hence there are not many jobs to be found in a single website. This could be a problem when you try to cask out because you need to have earned at least 5 bucks, but how will you do that if there are no jobs!?

Finally, is Clickworker legit or scam?

A direct answer to this would be that Clickworker is a legit website. But if you were to ask whether it is recommended, the answer would be doubtful. The minimum payment is not enough. There are not many tasks to be found. It would be okay to feel that you are selling yourself for low.

If you are an absolute beginner who knows nothing about how online jobs work and is trying to figure out the basic concepts this would be one of the best places. But if you are trying to actually earn some money through the internet, this could be more of a waste of your time and your efforts.

How do I earn online?

I am an affiliate marketer who lives in Dubai. The most important point which I need to emphasize you guys is that I am not a full-time online entrepreneur. I work in Dubai as a full-time employee throughout a longer period of time. Though I do not spend a considerable period of time on my online business, I earn 4-digit revenue.

is clickworker legit

Do you know how?

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My final answer for those who ask as “is clickworker legit?” is “yes”. But, what I see in this program is that it waste so much time for a small payment. There are plenty of ways to earn online. So, try out affiliate marketing after obtaining training via Wealthy Affiliate. That is the best solution for starters!

Video walkthrough

Just refer the following video for grabbing more information about clickworker as it is a great clickworker review.

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