The Untapped Niche Markets with the Greatest Potential

Untapped Niche Markets

E-commerce allows you to sell to almost anyone who may be interested in your product. The hard part is getting the product in front of would-be customers. Online sellers should avoid the most popular and most common products since you are competing with the biggest retailers who may beat you on price, return policies or the sheer convenience of buying it in person and taking it home immediately.
E-commerce is ideal for niche markets, since these groups may struggle to find suppliers who deliver exactly what they want. Yet you do not want to go to the niche. After all, if the market is too small, it may not yield enough sales to support a business. Nor do you want to try to compete with too many other people in the same niche, since no one will earn enough to be worth the effort. Here are the untapped niche markets with the greatest potential.

15 Untapped Niche Markets


1.Healthy, Convenient Food on the Go

In a world where obesity rates are rising and lifestyle diseases? are now among our leading killers, healthy, convenient food on the go is increasing in popularity. We are not talking about bananas and apples you can pick up at the convenience store. We are talking about healthy, shelf-stable equivalents of the high-calorie snacks people eat too much of. Protein bars and snack bars attempt to cater to this niche. If you can find a better tasting, equally portable versions of these products, you will find a large, under-served market.

2.Vegan Alternatives

Whether you are proud to be vegan or find them patronizingly annoying, the fact remains that this is a moderately large demographic that feels underserved. If there is a popular item that contains animal products, they?re stressed out finding an alternative. Whether it is viable egg substitutes for baking, good tasting meat alternatives, or plastic products that look and feel like leather, you can find many customers in this market. Read vegan blogs and discussion boards to learn which alternatives they can?t find on the market today and try to find a solution. Note that labeling and verification of the product?s suitability are key to being accepted in this space.

3.New Types of Tea

Tea is making a comeback. Matcha tea is riding on the green tea wave, promising greater health benefits. A number of other herbal teas are hitting the market, too. This niche has a number of advantages. You can come up with novel flavors or selling points like being locally sourced or helping poor third world farmers. You can cater to a sense of luxury, novelty or exclusivity by selling custom blends. In addition, the product is lightweight, so shipping is cheap.

4.Reusable Food Wraps

The green trend leads many to want to minimize how much they throw out. Reusable food wraps are one solution to this, especially if you want to make your own lunch. The challenge is coming up with a product that does not compromise food safety since the juices from your ham sandwich will foster bacteria growth if you cannot wash it in soapy water. One reason we recommend this product niche is because it is so lightweight and thus ideal for e-commerce.

5.CBD Oils for Pets

Untapped Niche Markets
Untapped Niche Markets

People tend to spend a lot of money on their pets. CBD is the modern mythical cure-all, for better or for worse. Instead of trying to sell yet another cannaboidal remedy for people, offer one that is consumable by pets. Sell it to pet owners who want an herbal remedy for their older pets. Just make sure you label it so that the authorities know it doesn’t contain THC to avoid running into problems with the law. And make certain it doesn’t contain any ingredient that could render it a controlled substance and thus illegal in some jurisdictions.


Nootropics are commonly called smart drugs?. These may be herbal remedies, vitamins or other nutritional products. They are all intended to boost memory, concentration, and brain function. A few are known to stave off mental decline in old age. You have to be careful not to sell a nootropic as a medication or make unverified claims. However, you can sell these products for a decent profit online. Better yet, there are herbs and vitamins you can simply label and re-brand as nootropics, taking advantage of their existing legal nature and the new market demand for them.


Untapped Niche Markets

Macronutrients are nutrients that people think they need much more of in order to be healthy or amplify their performance. One of the most popular variations of this is protein powders used by bodybuilders, but this is not the only one. You can sell large doses of vitamins and similar products to consumers as long as you are careful with labeling and health and safety concerns. After all, you do not want to sell a large pill full of fish oil that contains toxic levels of vitamin E.

8.Smart Backpacks

Conventional backpacks, whether aimed at hikers or children going to school, are mass consumer items. What we are talking about is the next level up. These are backpacks designed for the high-tech nomad, though this can include college students who will pay for performance. These backpacks are weather resistant, durable, and lock laptops securely in place while letting you charge them or listen to songs saved to the device. A few models have solar panels on the back to help charge your smartphone or laptop while the backpack sits in the sunlight.

9.Journals and Diaries

Untapped Niche Markets

Mindfulness may or may not be a fad, but there is a classic product perfect for this movement ? journals and diaries. Wrap the classic pages in a book cover that refers to the mindfulness movement the audience belongs to, and you can sell to them. The products have a long shelf life as long as you aren?t trying to leverage interest in a particular best-selling book. You can make it broadly appealing with beautiful exterior designs or uplifting quotes printed on the cover. You can even hit several selling points by making them out of recycled paper or by hand.

10.Eco-Friendly Feminine Care Products

Millennial women are more eco-conscious than their mothers. They are looking for less wasteful options than disposable menstrual pads and tampons. There are already many products in this space, each one catering to different groups based on what they are literally comfortable with. For example, some women would never use a menstrual cup but would try biodegradable menstrual pads or washable ones.

11.Night Face Masks

Your grandmother may have worn a night face mask in the form of night cream she applied to her face and left there. The younger generation wants the same skin-condition effect but without the same potential for a mess. This has led to a rise in individually wrapped pre-made skin covers with a layer of skin creams. These beauty products are perfect for an aging population that craves convenience.

12.Makeup Brush Cleaners

Untapped Niche Markets

Makeup brushes are a popular product. You can sell makeup brush cleaners by informing customers of the bacteria that will grow in them if they are not cleaned. Some people will buy the product, while others will choose to replace their makeup brushes.

13.Fan Wearables.

Fan wearables are clothes and other wearable items that fans can wear to show their love for a franchise. You have to be careful not to violate someone?s intellectual property rights. For example, you cannot create T-shirts and tote bags that compete with licensed Marvel characters. However, there are a lot of fandoms that don?t see their favorite characters on merchandise in the local shopping mall. This includes older shows and movies that are no longer supported by the studios. Find fandoms that are regularly making their own gear, and you know you have a market. Moreover, you also know exactly who to sell them to.

14.Hyperlocal Apparel.

Hyper-local apparel is any clothing item that allows someone to show pride in coming from a particular place. You are not going to compete against colleges selling branded local gear. However, you could offer hyperlocal apparel to any town or region with a strong pride in their history. One benefit of this niche is that you can buy shirts, sweatshirts, and hats in bulk and then print the hyper-local designs on them on demand. In addition, you will know which location-based keywords to use to promote your e-commerce site.

15.GPS Trackers for Keys.

Untapped Niche Markets

Don?t worry about selling advanced electronics that may or may not be compatible with someone?s car infotainment center. Sell them a key chain or other clip-on devices that help them find their car keys. The same device could be attached to a backpack, purse or laptop bag to find it if misplaced.


The untapped niche markets with the greatest potential don?t get served by the broader market. However, they are markets for which you can create a product that?s perfect for them without investing too much time and effort into marketing. Nor do you have to spend a fortune on shipping.

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