Is Shop Smarter scam? – The ultimate Shop Smarter review

is shop smarter scam

Finding a true legit way to earn money from the internet is like searching for a needle in a haystack. There are more scammers out there than legitimate ones. It is quite wise of you to read on a review before getting conned. Because trust me, the experience is way bitter than you could ever imagine. I guess you stumbled upon something which gives you money for online shopping, and you are planning to join them. But you are worried whether is Shop Smarter scam or not?

is shop smarter scam

You have come to the best place.

Discounts or money back offers or sales are pretty attractive things. Especially considering the prices of everything and anything they are absolutely wonderful. But before signing up and joining better find out what you will have to go through with them. Because of anything you get you to have to give something. That is the most obvious rule in the current society.

And to know the answers to all these questions you have to read this. By the end of this article, you will know whether you really want to join with them or not. I will not say whether they are a trick or a treat but you can decide for yourself.

Know your answer to what it is before asking is it a scam?

If you are someone who loves to shop you must definitely be spending time in these online malls. Going up and down their catalogs and browsing items is actually fun. Well, this is definitely the best site (as they say) for someone like that. They offer you with cash back money worth for your shopping efforts (this too is what they say).

is shop smarter scam

It is actually good news to ladies, getting money back for things you buy is a dream come true. But there are plot twists hidden in them. And there could be instances where you actually pay more than you should get cash back.

Simply put it is an online shopping site. The difference is that you get cash backs for all your purchases. Well, you actually get to have a 10% money back for what you buy which is a very high rate in commercially. And they usually have things you will need or want in your day to day life. So, it seems to be quite a pleasant deal.

A little more about them?

First of all, this does not come for free. You have to pay a membership fee. And this fee is actually per month, and not even annual (here we go?). The membership fee is $1.17 for the first seven days, and then it becomes $9.97 per month.

is shop smarter scam

If you think it through you will have to buy stuff for more than a hundred bucks just to recover the membership fee. For a considerable amount of saving, a monthly shopping bill of at least a thousand is needed. They also offer you coupons and have a price comparison tool to get the best deals.

How does this cashback extravaganza actually work?

Offering a ten percent money back offer is indeed attractive. It is the one thing that gets people attracted to them. But nothing in the cyberspace works without an inner motive. Hence it is necessary that you know what they really want and how they really work.

During the trial period, for which you pay $1.97, you get access just like a fulltime member. After your trial ends you get to join using a $9.97 per month deal.? There is also this overwhelming opportunity to join with 12.97 bucks per month deal. But if I were you, I would stay with the 9.97 deal. The difference is in the offers they get from the site.

is shop smarter scam

Within this shopping website, there are more than a thousand stores for you to choose from. And once you start shopping, they add more possible merchants that suit your picks.

You cannot directly shop from shop smarter. To that, you need to go to the specific store that you prefer and start purchasing from them. It is important that you click on the link within the smarter page because that is how your redeemable amounts are tracked.

For every purchase, you get a redeem and you will get a notification about the cash back in your account. This could take about seven business days to process.

The sad part is that this is not an unlimited deal. No matter which deal you select you will be limited to a thousand buck cash back limit. Once you earn a thousand you will either have to cancel your account or keep on paying them.

is shop smarter scam

How do you think they afford all this?

Well, they use this simplest online earning method that has ever been discovered. Affiliate marketing! High-five if you guessed it right. That is because almost all of the online webpages are dedicated to affiliate marketing.

Whenever you click on a link through them the store gives them a certain amount. A percentage amount of what you purchased from them.

is shop smarter scam

The other most definite way that they earn is the membership fee. There are many similar cashback websites that give their membership for free. This is like the only site that charges you. But the case with these sites is that you will not getter a whopping ten percent redeem offer. Their values are mostly around two to five percent. There are some sites that offer seven percent cash back but this is rarely the case among the free ones.

The good and the bad of it

For a starter, they have a pretty concerned and pleasant customer care center.? You get the chance to discuss any and all of your problems related to their site through a single call. And it should be really appreciated.

There have been complaints regarding errors in the account. But this is a common complaint in many of these sites.

There are also complaints about misleading offers and ads. It is important that you keep in mind what will and what will not bring you cash backs. Some offers that are initially free will result in having to pay for billing and shipping.

You have to keep an eye on each and every small detail mentioned before taking any offers.

is shop smarter scam

So, is Shop Smarter really a scam?

It would be unfair for the developer if I said that this is a scam. That is because they have good offers, and items and actual money redeem as well. The only concern with this site is that they charge a membership fee.

If you do not mind putting in about ten bucks then this would be a good site. Not just to save money but to do actual purchasing as well. If calculated you will be paying a hundred and twenty dollars to receive a thousand dollars. And it is a pretty good deal in various aspects.

But taken as an earning mode these are not the best way to earn money. They are good for some extra saving in your budget expenses. But to actually earn money from the internet it would be better to join with an online job rather than work with them.

The following is a pretty good video for your understanding of Shop Smarter.


By the way, I am an affiliate marketer!

Currently; I make a 4-digit income via affiliate marketing while engaging in my full-time job in Dubai. In order to reach this state, I obtained a pretty good understanding of Affiliate marketing through the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

is shop smarter scam

Though Shop Smarter is not a scam, it is not a successful online business model. Depending on my point of view, it is a time eater. Instead of going ahead with such programs, you can invest time for learning about something useful like affiliate marketing. That is what I did.

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