ECom Hacks Academy Review-Looking for a way to be an excellent dropshipper?

ecom hacks academy review

Are you searching for the right way of learning dropshipping? Then you have come to the right place. Through this program, you can meet many excellent dropshippers and learn from them. In this eCom Hacks Academy Review you will know all the necessary things you want regarding dropshipping and you can do all the learning by yourself for greater future investment. Opening an e-commerce store can be a very smart plan for the future if you get required knowledge from eCom Hacks Academy at present.

ecom hacks academy review

What is eCom Hacks Academy?

Now it is time to get familiar and explore. The very name of it shows you the connection to e-commerce. E-commerce is an essential application today for so many lives. Over the years it never stopped growing and still, it is expanding to new levels each day. Entering to e-commerce business is not an easy task. You must learn everything first. This is where eCom Hacks Academy comes to the subject.

Jared Goetz has started and developed this system to train people who are interested in starting an e-commerce business. From this, you can learn how to create your own website to start a business and by using it how to sell your products to the online customers. Another valuable fact you can learn from this training is how to use Facebook and YouTube to get attention to your website.

ECom Hacks Academy Review

Jared Goetz personally takes responsibility by himself for training all the interested individual through eCom Hacks Academy. So, you don?t have to worry about the quality of the trainer anymore.

How does it work?

If you are familiar with some other training courses related to dropshipping, then you will realize after going through this eCom Hacks Academy review that it is somewhat different than the others. You will get to learn a new term called DROPSURFING from Jared.

Through this, your focus will be turned into selling viral products only. The reason for that is you can sell viral products quickly. And, it is giving you the idea of working while traveling around the world, avoid inventory keeping, demand creation, Shopify launching and traffic sources controlling. Another important fact you can learn from this is how to keep a cool head about competition without worrying about it and keeping your profit levels between 30% to 40% in the margin to have a stable business. This is what everyone calls an ideal business. It is a business what you are looking for sure.

ecom hacks academy review

To have your ideal business you can follow Jared?s processes of setting websites. He provides you with some formulas which he invented and used for his own success. To get them you will have to follow only four modules in eCom Hacks Academy. In these 4 modules, you get 46 video training lessons. Now we will go through those modules.

Module 1 ? get an idea about the structure

Initially, you will learn about dropshipping here as a head start. Then it will go on preparing yourself for your first store opening. Jared will teach you about domain purchasing, preparing a method to do the payments and how to support the customer via email as well as from the phone.

Module 2 ? Store Conversion sequence

Now it?s time to learn how to expand your business. First, you should set up a system with an email sequence to stay in touch with the customer. After that, you can add a free shipping option to keep them in the business. Then you can come up with upsells to which make your customers so excited therefore the will help to maximize the total sales.? This module is all about increasing the rate of conversion.

Module 3 ? Identifying the products

In his DROPSURFING method, Jared talks about selling viral products. In this module, you can learn to identify those viral products. You have a lot to learn regarding how to identify these hot products which increase your sales, to make products viral, to find the sourcing method of products and the way of adding these hot products to your own store.

Module 4 ? How to advertise

Advertising is one of the most important parts. When you are coming to this module section you have opened a store and still running it. The remaining part is to market your store. From this module you can learn how to use Facebook for your marketing campaigns by targeting the consumers, designing Facebook ads and setting various kinds of budgets for your business.

From this eCom Hacks Academy not only you get the training from four modules but also you get the access to a private FB group, so you can ask questions from the members in the group and get the answers.? Doesn?t matter those are regarding the training or beyond that you can freely ask your questions and members will answer you. Sometimes you will get answers from Jared as well as from his team also.

How much you should pay for eCom Hacks Academy?

When you are joining eCom Hacks Academy there is a big question in your mind. What is the cost of this training? Don?t worry if you think this training is expensive there are different levels of costs for you to pay to get the training according to your financial levels. You will see below the cost levels.

  • eCom Hacks Academy cost

If you want to get the full access to the training as well as the eCom community then you can pay $1999 at once. From this way, you don?t have to pay any monthly payments and you will get full access at once.

ecom hacks academy review

  • Shopify Store cost

You can get the Shopify training with full functions you can get it by paying between $29 – $299. Keep it in mind that this is per story. If it is for more than one store the cost will vary.

  • Advertising cost on Facebook

According to Jared, it would be better than if you can allocate $1000 for your first FB marketing campaigns. But don?t try too hard because this amount totally depends on your financial status and the budget.

There are another two training programs you can get from eCom Hacks Academy. For the Amazing Selling Machine program, it will cost $4000 and for eCom Success Academy program it will cost $2495.


Is eCom Hacks Academy good for you?

Now it?s time for black and white.? Yes, there are so many positive sides to this program.

First, you don?t have to be an expert in e-commerce to join the econ Hacks Academy. Jared has prepared his training programs so even someone with zero knowledge of e-commerce can participate in this training without any doubts. It goes step by step, so you will not get overloaded at once. Quite simple!

Dropshipping is good business. You will never get lost by doing this business. When you are running your own online store, you are acting as the mediator between your supplier and your customer. You can set the retail prices, sell out your supplier?s products which directly comes from the supplier and do have to worry about inventory or logistics because suppliers are taking care of that. This is a fine business and learning about it will not be any waste.


In eCom Hacks Academy through Shopify, you get the best ideas in dropshipping. You can set up your own store by yourself and you can run it on your own. You get the best systems for this and will have the overall control of your shop to yourself. That what you are paying for.

The ugly truth of eCom Hacks Academy

Yes. There is no hiding to it. It is expensive. You will be charged at least $3000 for those training program with the whole package. But the truth is you can?t get the best things for free. You will get excellent training and one day you will be deadly successful by starting on your own e-commerce business.

So worth it!

Is it a scam?

No. It is not a scam at all. Jared Goetz has a legitimate business and it is perfectly giving you the training what you are paying for. As mentioned in this eCom Hacks Academy review you get training and guidance from well-known people in the business as well as from the founder himself. You get the same blueprints which Jared used. So, it is worth doing training which will serve you well for your entire lifetime.

Are you willing to know my secret of success?

Instead of trying out various time-consuming make money online programs, I headed with the affiliate marketing business model. Yes, it took a few years to understand the affiliate marketing business model. But, it is a great investment in accordance with my point of view.

ecom hacks academy review

Currently; I make a 4-figure income online via my affiliate marketing business while engaging in my full-time job in Dubai. Even you can try out this business model if you need to succeed in the online world. Here I need to emphasize one important thing. I obtained the full training from the world-renowned affiliate marketing training program, the Wealthy Affiliate before starting my affiliate marketing business. That was a great start as they provided an all-in-one package. Even you can start with their free training and see whether the course goes with you or not before moving the paid package.

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