THE SUPER AFFILIATE NETWORK review ? Find its super hidden secrets here!

the super affiliate network review

Earning money online is a very popular method as of the present days. People are more interested in finding a part-time job on the internet. This is because they are easy to do, and take much less time than traditional jobs. But are they true? Are all these online jobs that you find legit? Or are there scam sites on the internet as well? This is the most important set of questions that come to anyone?s mind when thinking about online trades. And THE SUPER AFFILIATE NETWORK?review is about another popular earning method on the internet.

the super affiliate network review

I am not going to say whether they are a scam or a legit site right now. I will, however, share everything that I know about them with you. So, all that you have to do is to read this, understand their good and bad features, and decide. Decide whether you would really want to join this program, or whether you are going to look some more.

You will not simply be signing up to a job. Some of them require money, and your personal details. I should probably congratulate you for taking the time to read a review first. No harm can be done when you are prepared on what to expect.

No more chattering and let us simply head onto the review?


They are a company that is focused on providing training in associate marketing. But to make things straight forward their main focus is not on helping you develop your own business. You are being trained to market their products.

The video training course is said to be dedicated to helping you start your own profitable partner marketing campaign.

The founder of this company is a very popular person, who has become a multi-millionaire just by associate marketing. You might even be familiar with the name Misha Wilson.

the super affiliate network review

Though the founder of the company is reputed for his success, we cannot jump into decisions. So, read on before trusting his popularity over the truth of the company.

Super Affiliate Network Cost:sup

They are nothing but a marketing strategy for the owner himself. Their products are developed with courses and upsells.

They have three criterions and the pricing structures for the three differs accordingly.

They are;

  1. The basic membership

This comes with a 3 – week Bootcamp that is focused on covering the basic requirements of affiliate marketing. If you know nothing about associate marketing this would actually be a good start. I said that because you get 21 modules and quizzes after each module. You will also be assigned with a coach so that your progress will be tracked.

the super affiliate network review

  1. The pro membership

This is dedicated to the peeps who are seeking more advanced training in the area. You get support, help, and guidance for people who are planning to take their business to the next level.

You get monthly and weekly coaches plus membership to their private Facebook group. So, with this you can simply get your questions sorted and move on with your business.

  1. Maui intensive membership

This is an intensive training camp at Maui. With this membership, you get the opportunity to work with the team directly for four days.

The payment structures

Before thinking that their programs are simply the best, let me introduce you the price ranges.

  • The cheapest of them will cost you 47 dollars per month plus many and many other upsells coming in your way.

These upsell are 97 dollars and 47 dollars, which are both one ? time fees.

  • The pro partnership is 2497 dollars and this is a one ? time fee.
  • The Maui intensive costs an incredible 12497 dollars.

Just when you think that this is the best chance, these prices are too high.

How can you earn money with them?

With them, you expect to start your own occupation. But it is important that you understand that you are only signing up for the training.

They are not explaining how to create websites or anything.

You will be simply joining them to sell their memberships. Though there is a great deal to learn it is simply too expensive.

the super affiliate network review

The good and the bad aspects of THE SUPER AFFILIATE NETWORK

All of these online marketing sites have their own good and bad aspects. It would be wrong to just express my opinion about them when they clearly have their own pros and cons.

So, here are some of the good features that I could find out about them:

  • Trial for $1

This feature does not need any explanations because the name tells it all. You can try the system and see it for yourself for just 1 dollar.

  • 30 days money-back guarantee

They have a money-back guarantee just in case you are not happy with the service you get. They have a special name to it and they call it, Better than a money-back guarantee. However, you can assure that if you are not happy with them you can get what you spent.

the super affiliate network review


  • Excellent courses

If you are actually planning to spend money to learn and are not limited to a small budget this would be great. Well, they offer you excellent guidance and courses in the affiliate marketing sector. Though they lack the ?how to build it yourself? part, you will definitely be able to learn about the theories in detail.? And it is pretty much important to the newbies in the field.

I am not trying to be judgemental about them. So, here are the bad points that I saw about the system. You can read them yourself and decide:

  • Is this a pyramid schemed program?

Their main focus is to make you share their affiliate links so that they get more people to join them. And the worst part is that there are many restrictions for you to be getting a commission out of it.

  • Only teach you to email advertising

They do not teach you to create websites in order to start your business. You are taught to email advertising and Solo Ad only. These are somewhat successful methods but you have to have an excellent email list to find success.the super affiliate network review

  • Courses are locked

This is in a way good and bad. The courses are locked until you complete the previous course, and complete the quiz and contact the coach. If you have some experience in the field, this will be simply a waste of time.

  • Expensive

I bet you are pretty much aware of this by now, after reading the pricing schemes of this program. They are not a little but very expensive indeed.

If you still need to dig up more about The super affiliate network, you better to refer the following video guide for more information.

What is the final conclusion of THE SUPER AFFILIATE NETWORK review?

I believe that you are able to answer this question by yourself if you read the entire article. However, to make things easy I would conclude this. The SAN business scheme is actually not a scam. They have legitimate training programs and other resources. They actually support you to head-on with the member marketing career.

the super affiliate network review

But you should understand that entering a pyramid marketing scheme is not the wisest or the best option out there. There are better earning methods on the internet than joining a pyramid scheme. And also, there training is not focusing on website development. So, they do not want you to start your own business. They are more focused on making you join them.

I believe that you understand where this is all going by now. They make you pay to promote their products. But do you really need to pay to be promoting them? Especially when there are many other options available that will definitely help you more?


Here, I would like to make my opinion regarding making money online via affiliate marketing. In accordance with my knowledge and experience, you should study this business model for a greater extent.

the super affiliate network review

I obtained my affiliate marketing training via the Wealthy Affiliate. I would like to recommend their affiliate marketing training program as I was able to set up my own affiliate marketing business after completing their training program. At this time; I am a 4-figure affiliate income generator while engaging in my full-time job.

So, do not give up this struggle at all until you reach the success point. All you need to do is going along the most effective pathway.

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