Is 30 Day Success Club a Scam? | The things you need to know!

30 day success club a scam

ClickBank products are booming since last year when it was launched, and probably you saw it while you are looking for ways to earn money online.

30 day success club is one of those ClickBank marketplace and we will check if it?s legit.

You know that there is a lot of ways to earn money online and I trust that you wanted to know if there is a legitimate way to do that. Well, there is an I am earning from it right now.

So, welcome to my 30 day success club review!

We will dive into the truth behind their long video on their website and if you will really earn money by using their methods.

But most importantly we?ll check if 30 Day Success Club is a scam.

What is 30-day success club?

30 day success club a scam

As I have told earlier, due to the booming of ClickBank products a lot of businesses are now taking advantage of it. One of them is 30-day success club.

30-day success club is a Clickbank marketplace where you can earn money with affiliate marketing. Which is also the business model that I am using right now.

If you go to their website, a sales video will be playing to show you how to earn money using their method. It also includes testimonials from people who have received their paychecks and a long story about someone who became rich with them.

However, they didn?t provide how affiliate marketing really works. To be honest the video was quite long and it?s only providing the typical this-could-be-you vibe although out. Which is, if I am not familiar with affiliate marketing I will dive right in.

This is a similar marketing scheme for this type of platforms. A misrepresentation of affiliate marketing and too much hype on the product that they are selling.

How Does 30-day success club Work?

30 day success club a scam

Once you are on their website and you?re done watching their sales video (or not), you can sign up by clicking the word ?Get Started?. Just want to give you a heads up, you will need to pay $37. This will cover the cost of the website that you?ll build with them.

You will then be directed on their site builder where you can build your online business to promote products/service and earn commission from it. Which is, by the way, the keystone of affiliate marketing.

Since 30-day success club is a ClickBank marketplace, you can then choose a product you want to use. Now, at this point, keep an eye on low quality or scammy products.

Alright, so now you have your own website with your products you can now earn money. Errr? no. You need more than creating a website.

What’s Inside 30 Day Success Club??

After your $37 upfront payment they will be upselling you these additional options:

  • $37 email compatibility – this will allow you to have autoresponders for you to get more leads.
  • 3x more site for $47 – They said that by this way you will allegedly gain more traffic on your site just by having an additional website which will be linked with one another.
  • $47 heatmaps – This will provide you an add on for analytics so you?ll know the clicks and the pages people are visiting.

Let?s say you have availed all of these upsells, I cannot guarantee that you will still be successful with your online business. You still need to get those traffic, and the methods of 30-day success club won?t likely to work.

Why? Because their methods include spamming your website URL thru all different platforms. They will encourage you to place it in comments, use it in social media, in youtube, forum posting, guest posting, etc.

These methods may work 10 years ago, but Google and other search engines are against spamming. They can already filter those that are spam so technically, you won?t earn that much by using these methods.

If you really want to earn money in the most updated and using an all in one platform, I can recommend to you what I am using right now. With this, I am earning 4 digits passive monthly income.

30 day success club a scam

What I Like About 30 day success club?

Honestly, I can?t tell anything that I like on this program. I won?t even recommend this to you. It?s outdated and it lacks background.

I have looked on all the reviews and information about this program but I can?t seem to find a thing that I can put on this section of my review. There really is no pros on this program.

I made this review so we can dig dipper on what 30 day success club is and if this is really worth it, because to be honest I really don?t think so.


…and What i don?t like about 30 day success club

Outdated traffic methods

I think I’m already repeating myself on this, but I just want to emphasize this part. The method that they are providing you is no longer applicable. Search engines and the algorithm is already different compared to that of 10 years ago.

That means one thing, if this method is no longer working efficiently then you won’t earn. It’s that simple.


No info about SEO

Since the method is outdated they don’t talk about SEO and keyword search which should be the thing that you need to hold on to nowadays to get that traffic going. This is a must have knowledge for those who want to earn thru affiliate Marketing.

No SEO knowledge, no good source of traffic.

I also use SEO together with affiliate marketing for my site and my business and now I am earning 4 digits passive monthly income. That?s why this is really important for you and your business.


Fake testimonials

This is the most shocking part. If you were able to go thru the videos, you’ll see some guys who are saying that they have earned thru 30 days success club. After doing some research, apparently they are not really members.They are in fact paid actors hired from Fiverr, a place where you can hire people to do be a spokesperson for money.

If you look at it closer, it’s as if they are just reading from a script. tsk tsk tsk.

Even the Debbie Jovan story can also be fake. There?s no reliable background to prove that she?s a legit person and not another Fiverr actor.


No sense of stability

The site that they will be provided to you is a done-for-you system. Yes, it’s easy to build and use, however, the downside is it’s unstable. These are hosted by the main company’s site so if it goes offline your site will go down.

It’s better to have your own domain and a stable web host rather than falling together with the company. ?

Is 30 day success club a Scam?

Here?s the thing. 30 day success club shows all the points that a scammy site does. Information about them is also sketchy, they don?t have a background, we don?t have information about the founders of the program, and they have fake testimonials!

There are a lot of red flags about this program, but they can do refund if you ever ask for a refund. Some say that by being able to do refund makes it a legit program. Ummm. okay?

So I will let you be the judge, but for me, if you can remember my story earning online is a trial and error. This will cause you a lot of stress and frustration, however since I am here doing a review. We can avoid that for you.

My take on this…

I will not recommend this program for you. To be honest, even if we can?t identify if this is a scam or not we still need to play the cards well. Losing money on something that is sketchy is not worth it, even if you can do a refund.

You can?t do a refund for lost time and efforts. So, I really don?t see a point for you to gamble on these things. Even by looking at the website itself, I will be scared to pay $37, especially if I don?t see the ?About Us? section.

This really is suspicious.


How I Make a Living Online?

I make money online thru Affiliate Marketing. With this website and my Quora account, I do honest reviews of products and get incentives whenever they earn because of me.

You don?t need to have a solid experience in affiliate marketing, nor do you need a degree for you to earn like me.

I am no longer chasing every paycheck. Now, aside from my day job, which I love, I have a stable passive income thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and you can be one too by clicking here.

And again?

Wishing you the best of luck with your HUSTLE!


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3 thoughts on “Is 30 Day Success Club a Scam? | The things you need to know!

  1. Wealthfather says:

    What a thorough and concise review.  I have observed a lot of these scammy make money online offering that start with low pricing and then offer more expensive packages and low prices to attract people and then deceive the gullible ones into paying for their more expensive products or services. Meanwhile most people probably get so disappointed after paying and not getting the worth of their money but in frustration they remain there hoping that there is a light at the end of that tunnel whereas nothing is coming forth

  2. haiku67girl says:

    Very informative website and honest review about a topic I’m not too familiar with – ClickBank products.  Thank you, Indika, for sharing a well-researched posting about the 30 Day Success Club. It is always good to be careful to scrutinize online income gigs and your website not only proved that this could possibly be a dubious site but also that consumers looking to make money online have a solution by you providing your own secrets in making a passive income. I like that you not only added the social media links within your site but also you provided an Instant Messenger box in case the reader has questions and can contact you right away. I like that you added not only their website on a YT video but also featured your own YT channel linked back to your website – quite clever and impressive. I hope to add these enhancements to my own website after I get thru the training at WA.  Your site is a great example of the many visual aids and tools readers can click on and view to make their own decisions about ClickBank products and also what the 30 Day Success Club is all about. Appreciate the information – learn something new every day!

    • Indika says:


      Thank you so much for your real feedback about my site.

      Yes! I’m trying to give better user experience and educate my audience with valuable content.

      Also, I provide Trending products in youtube for drop shippers that they can sell them without spending time in product research.


      Its happy to know that you are a Wealthy Affiliate member. I think you have taken right action toward to your online business.

      Wealthy affiliate is up to date training and the weekly webinars are impressive. It clears all the doubts and educates the members very well with the latest tips and tricks.

      Thank you again for your encouragement.


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