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I am Amali Abeyweera living in Virginia USA, Quickest way of introducing me to you is as a technical recruiter who went through immense life struggles after loose of my job and going through a divorce the same time.In 2018 i started affiliate marketing as a side hustle without knowing much in the industry. Later down the year I met this Mentor in my life which is the life changer where i saw light at the end of the tunnel 

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Working with him i learnt a lot in affiliate marketing,and he introduced me to a unique training Since my life become financially stable and make me enjoy traveling while my account fills with cash.

2019 has bee a wonderful year since i started this affiliate marketing and i was able to visit France,Malaysia,Sri Lanka,Netherlands while i’m generating income from my laptop.

I would love to welcome all of you to my blog and join this venture with me 

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