ThinkPad Story

Lenovo ThinkPad

A few years ago, one of my friends called me and asked me to help him buy a second-hand laptop. I decided to go shopping with him.

We went to a shop that sells only second-hand electronics. I noticed that the prices there were extremely cheap. Finally, my friend bought a laptop. I bought a Lenovo ThinkPad T420 Core I5 laptop myself for just 110$ (400AED).

Back then, I already owned a laptop, but I was impressed by the quality and the price of the laptop.

A few days later, I saw one guy trying to sell his car to a local Facebook group. I noticed that he was having a good response from the audience. I got the idea of selling the Lenovo laptop.

I had no experience of selling online, but it seemed straightforward. I took some photos of the laptop and posted on a local Facebook group.

After a few minutes, I started receiving a response. The next day, I sold the laptop with a 30$ (100+AED) profit. That was my first success in online.

ThinkPad Story Begins

After that, I was doing nothing but selling laptops on local Facebook groups. I was making good money. Then I expanded the business to other products like mobile phones, tablets, phone accessories etc… Furthermore, I started advertising on many other local classified sites.

(This was my one of the Facebook ad which I posted On Facebook Group In 2015.)

However, my main product was the Lenovo T420 laptop. My supplier was giving me a steady stream of stock, and I turned 110$ investment to more than 4000$ in a few months.

I would Say I’m blessed with this country and I saw lots of opportunities to grow up. When I posted an item in Facebook Group In Dubai I got a massive response. Not Only Laptops it’s happening With big investments real estates, Vehicles as well. Dubai economy is booming.

One day, my supplier told me that he was no longer able to supply the same model anymore. I tested other brands and models, but nothing was successful as I wished.

That was my first online success story, and though it ran into problems, it was inspirational for me.


Hey, Im Indika. I have lived in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for more than 10 years with my wife and two kids, Bevan and Kohana. I work in the aviation sector, but I’m inspired to build an online business.

Let me continue with my story…

After the local laptop business stalled, I wanted to build a business that I can take internationally. After a lot of reading and watch various YouTube channels, I realized that drop shipping is the easiest way to enter the e-commerce world.

At that time, my understanding was, “Drop shipping is the fastest way to make some online money, and I can make a successful business in few months, I can live full-time with this.”

But I was wrong! I made a Shopify store for drop shipping. My niche, in this case, was travel bags.

I listed some Ali express products in there, and my domain name was

I released my first Facebook campaign as I learned from YouTube.

And This was my first ever Facebook ads and its sucks! Its like a news Article.Lol


I spent over 200$ on ads and made only one sale for just 9.99$, it was free to them after shipping the products. I was frustrated and knew something was missing in my business.

Therefore, I started studying online business and marketing strategies hoping to build my store and bring in more sales again

I followed Ben Malol, Franklin Hatchette and bought a few courses in e-commerce. On the other hand, so many people scammed me and took money.

One day, a guy promised me on Facebook Group to provide give his hot selling products and took 100$ in exchange for the first batch of product. He never showed up.

Another guy sold me a digital tool that generates free traffic for 250$ that did not work. And I have lot scam stories if you want… It was painful to get scammed by others with my tight budget.

Second try

Then I started my second Shopify store. It was a general store. I sold every trending item. After all these ups and downs, it took two years to understand the business.

This was my first winning product ever. I would say I shifted my thinking pattern and feel the online marketing.

Below Product was just a nice looking leather pouch in Ali Express. But I created the ad that can match horse riders. I sold more than 400pcs from this item.

Given all the money I’d lost and sunk into my venture, I wanted to make money easy and fast. I would say my second store was successful since I had built a successful business around drop shipping products. Some products bought me 300$-500$ profit per day.

However, I sold the store it because it was not the exact business model I was looking for. Drop shipping doesn’t bring passive income the way they say it will on YouTube. You have to spend money on advertising. You have to invest effort into promoting the listings yourself if you want to see good returns. I didn’t want to have to put in that much effort.

Dropshipping was Win Lose Situation for me. It made me profits but no freedom as I wished. But there Are people who enjoy the successful drop shipping venture. I wish them Good lucks from bottom of my heart. The reason is I know how hard is the Online Hustle!


Your patience pays off

After I sold the second store, I met up with one of my friends who is highly successful in building websites and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

While we were having a drink, he told me how he does the business and explained how to do SEO, blogging, However, he warned me, as well.

“This model is not as fast as drop shipping. It needs time, maybe years. But this brings complete passive income. Your patience Will pays off.”

At first, I didn’t have any clue how to blog and generate income from blogging. So I returned to YouTube.


I Love Traveling


(In Bali, Indonisia)

I started my first blog site with content related to traveling. Because our family loves traveling. I didn’t get any traffic from Google for 4 months, and I thought it was not the right method for me.

Then I forgot about the site and moved with making some fast money from online experiments.

Next, I tried binary options, Forex, the stock exchange, crypto-currency, CFD and all that. Yet nothing worked for me; many of these ventures into things I didn’t understand cost me a lot of money.

Eleven months after setting up the blog, I received an email from the hosting company reminding me to renew the web hosting service. I wanted to discontinue the hosting service since it cost money to maintain.

Before I told them to end it all, I logged in to see what was happening to my site. After I logged in to WordPress, I was shocked! I saw every day 40-70 visitors coming to my site, a few comments, and some keywords being ranked highly by Google.


Then I remembered my friend’s quote: “Your patience will pay off!‘ I renewed the hosting package and added some affiliate links to the site.

After one week, I got my first affiliate sale! It was 15$ for a hotel package without any effort on my part. I was blown away! After that, I made few more affiliate commissions here and there. However, it was not consistent.

Affiliate Marketing Save Me

(My Son Trying to save me from huge eagle attack In the 3D studio, Langkawi Island, Malaysia)

I made a decision to stick with this method, no matter how hard it is, because I saw some passive income results. I wanted to scale the business, but I couldn’t do that without knowlege. I knew some keywords ranked but that’s not enough to build off of.

I was back to surfing the internet, reading about affiliate marketing and watching YouTube videos by the pros.

I had learned enough to recognize scammers and not pay for useless training packages.

One day, someone recommended the Affiliate Training to me. I must admit that it was the turning point for me. Usually, I don’t trust online training programs because of my bad experiences.

So I signed up for the free trial. That training never guaranteed success. They were clear that I had to put in the work up front, but lifetime support was available. That was attractive to me.And Support and Guidance Is Amazing.

I never regret that I have joined the training. Without it still, I’m surfing the internet and looking for stupid strategies.

Today I have my own Passive Income sources and its growing.

Be honest I haven’t made millions but im making more than 1000$ every month. And my target is increased my monthly affiliate income to 5000$ per month Next year. I know its possible and I can see green lights alone my way also I have to work my ass off to reach there.



Trying To Help You How Much I Can…

You are reading this because you are looking for ways to make money online. You may have tried and failed at a variety of ventures yourself. Learn from my mistakes and go for a systematic, proven plan instead.

I still have questions, and I’m still learning. I tackle problems, but my story continues because my business is still growing. My affiliate business generates more income than some people’s salaries. All of this income is passive, though I can work to grow it.

I still have my day job, and I love it. Soon, though, I will step out as a full-time business owner. In my journey, I’ve had plenty of unexpected failures.

I was taken advantage of more than once, and other projects failed to earn income. I expected that making money online to be as easy as logging in to Facebook. That’s not the reality.

Today I would say you need time to build an online income. I mean years. Stick with one method and continue until you succeed. May Be the first few years it won’t give you a single dollar but next one year it will change your life with passive income. It’s like a Story of Chinese Bamboo tree…



With this blog and my Quora account, I’m helping thousands of people who are hustling for their online dreams. On this site, I promote products and earn a commission every time they sell.

I would like to say that I’ve personally tested everything I recommended to others. I never promote scam and make money out of it.

Thank you for reading my ThinkPad story. My advice to you is

“There is no easy and quick success. But there are too many people who will earn a quick buck off those looking for get rich schemes.Dont Be One Of them!

Go slow with a tried and true method!


Wishing you the best of luck with your HUSTLE!

Grow Your Bamboo Tree !



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12 thoughts on “ThinkPad Story

  1. Hello Indika,

    Great story of loss and learning. I’m always shocked at how many sharks are out there looking to prey on genuine people trying to better their lives and make a living.

    I have a question on the Lenovo story, if that was doing well, why did you stop with it? Was it just too labour intensive or what was the issue?

    The second question I have relates to the affiliate Marketing strategy you employed. Do you focus more on experience based programs or product based programs to generate sufficient revenue to travel?

    This article was a great read and thank you for sharing your personal experience.

    • Hey Richard,

      About my laptop venture, finally my suppier told me he coudn’t provide the same model stock that i needed.I was dealing with Lenovo T420 (Old Model) Reason was he was importing the second hand laptops from other countries.And that point he coudnt supply anymore.

      Secondly i would say as a beginner I’ve chosen experience based affiliate programs like is its better to start with someone who can trust.But now i find single affiliate programs that pays well.

      Thank you very much for encouraging me!

      Keep Hustling !

  2. This was a gripping story to be scam that many times and still put money in your online Adventure. To create a passive income does take time and perseverance. There is no get rich quick when it comes to creating a passive income. If your supplier still would have been giving you the thinkpads we would not have this great success story.
    Thank you for sharing this

    • Thank you Very much for reading my story. Yes! there is no get rich quick in passive income.It took me years to understand it.

  3. Indika, thank you for sharing your business adventures with the rest of the world.  I hate that you had to go through so much, but I guess you wouldn’t be where you are now if you wouldn’t have gone through it.  The thing I like best about everything you have been through is your perseverance.  Thanks again for the knowledge!


  4. Congrats on your success Indika – I bet that first sale online gave you a kick. I still love the thrill of making money online. It is so much better than working for a boss because every time I make money I know it is something I have done all on my own with my own effort and initiative! 

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with drop shipping. I think you’ve nailed it when you say that things are not as easy as they say and often you don’t get your return of earnings and land up paying in. You do need to be very careful where you spend your time and money. 

    It’s great to get to know you better. 

    • Hey Lynne, Thank you !

      Yes I was succesful in dropshipping with my methods.But i had to pay lot for ad platforms.There are many ways that we can reduce the ad cost.Unfortunately I realized it later.

      But im happy with affiliate marketing all the time.Do hard work and enjoy the result later.

  5. I found your story really interesting.  I really admire the detail you have gone into.  I can really relate to many of your experiences as well.  Especially when it comes to trying to make quick money with forex, which massively backfired on me.

    But like you I learnt from my mistakes.

    Are you still carrying on with the Lenovo business?

    • Hey,

      Forex is business model that has lots of learning.You need to spend lots of time and effort to see success.Its a huge learning curve.You need to learn lot and invest little from the begining.

      I dont do any physical business any more.Im investing my time only on affiliate marketing and i love it!

  6. Great story, Indika, because it shows that there is no easy way to making money online. It takes effort, and like you said, it takes time. Your story also tells us anyone can do this if they are willing to work and follow their passion. Without passion, people will abandon their business and start chasing the money and the next big thing.

    • Glen,

      Appreciate your words!

      There are many ways that we can make money online.But its not easy as logging to facebook.It need time and effort.But people dont like to spend time.They need quick and BIG money.Thats where the scammers are jump-in.

      I spent thousands on scammers.Becouse i thought quick money was real .lol

      As you says follow the passion is the way to succeed.Its not about chasing the  BIG money.

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