Affilojetpack is one of the offerings of Affilorama. Affilojetpack aims to guide you on your online moneymaking journey. It claims to provide you with various resources which can directly help you boost your bottom line. The question which arises is whether it is really helpful? We will today share with you our Affilojetpack review to help you understand if it is any good.

Affilojetpack review

This is Hype !

What is Affilojetpack?

Affilojetpack is a collection of various programs and tools to help you with your affiliate marketing journey. It allows you to create a website and run a website without having to do the basic tedious work. The module comprises of 5 different jetpacks which allow you to create 5 different websites in a short period of time.

The entire blueprint to create these websites has already included in Affilojetpack. This is the reason why the time which will be needed for the same will be greatly reduced.

How to get benefit from Affilojetpack?

In order to benefit from Affilojetpack, it is important for you to look into the detailed instructions which it provides. These are divided into different steps which make it much easier for you to use Affilojetpack. We will now look into the instructions and the knowledge which it provides.

What is included in Affilojetpack?

We will now go into the details of what exactly is included in Affilojetpack.

1. Choosing the niche:

Choosing the right niche can be a difficult task when it comes to affiliate marketing. You should always aim to choose a profitable niche. This is where Affilojetpack can easily help you out. It provides you with 18 different options to choose from. You can select any one as per your requirement. The 18 niches which they have provided are popular and profitable like weight loss, muscle building, natural health, etc. Additionally, there are many different niches spread across the spectrum.

2. The website set up:

The pack also helps you with the creation of the website. It provides you with the hosting package for 12 months. On the hosting package, WordPress will be pre-installed. This will enable you to set up your website quite swiftly. It will provide you with detailed instructions to create a website within 30 minutes. There will be no trial and error and you have to simply follow the instructions provided.

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3. Creating content for your website:

You can only get your website up and running if it has plenty of content. That is why there are multiple cheat sheets provided to accelerate the process of creating content. As a result, you will be able to rank your website sooner. There are techniques with the help of which, you can easily get quality content in a shorter period of time. It also educates you on how you can create the content yourself.

4. Experimenting with the layout of your website:

Rather than experimenting with the basics of the layout, Affilojetpack advises you to experiment with different graphics and layouts which they provide. As a result, you will be able to choose from the most successful layouts directly.

5. Email templates:

An important part of affiliate marketing is email marketing. You need to, however, keep in mind that only when the email messages are effective, it will be easier for you to convert the visitors. There are 90 email templates which are provided in Affilojetpack. This ensures that you are able to easily create a proper trail of emails in order to convert your email list.

6. Increasing website traffic:

Affilojetpack offers you SEO tips in order to increase the traffic of your website. It offers you useful tips in order to get traffic to your website. Since you have the website and the content ready, it is easier to get traffic with the help of tips which are provided by Affilojetpack. However, when you compare this section with the one on offer from the Wealthy Affiliate Program, it has the latest and effective tips to drive traffic to your website.

As you can see, there is extensive information included in Affilojetpack. You will be able to kick start your website without any problem at all. This means that even if you?re new to affiliate marketing or creating a website, you will still be able to create one without any problems at all. The content however on offer, is timeless in nature. On the other hand, some of the programs like Wealthy Affiliate have the latest content updated daily.


What are the tools included in Affilojetpack?

We went into the details of the training which is provided by Affilojetpack in our Affilojetpack review. However, there are quite a few tools which are provided as well.

These include the following:

? Comprises of Affilotheme which is perfect for creating affiliate websites.

? Includes 5 header graphics and layouts.

? Offers web hosting for 12 months.

? Provides you with access to fluttermail autoresponder tool.

? Offers you with 3 e-books to incentivize your users to submit their emails.

? Provides you with 20 cheat sheets to accelerate the creation of the website.

? Offers you with 90 email templates which you can use for email marketing.

As you can see, in addition to the information, there are quite a few tools which are included when it comes to Affilojetpack.

Affilojetpack review

Affilojetpack support channels:

The customer support unfortunately which is provided by Affilojetpack is pretty limited. That is because it has only a one-time payment module. Even though, they provide email support and ticket support but the responses can take a long period of time. They also do not have live chat support. This is where Wealthy Affiliate scores vastly over them. It has a large community of members to interact with and has 24/7 live chat support.


? Provides you with a lot of niche options to choose from.

? Saves you a lot of time.

? It provides you with ready-to-use email templates.

? You get alerts when the products which you are marketing are no longer available.

? The cheat sheets are highly useful.

? You can discuss various subjects with other Affilojetpack members.


? Price is on the higher side.

? It is not compatible with other autoresponders.

? The guide on traffic generation is limited.

? The customer support is on the slower side.

Affilojetpack review


Is Affilojetpack useful for you?

Affilojetpack review

The main advantage of Affilojetpack is that it is pretty versatile. When you?re new, Affilojetpack can help you kick-start from the ground. Even if you?re an experienced marketer, Affilojetpack will help you reduce the time needed to create a website. Thus, in both the cases Affilojetpack is pretty useful for you. This is the reason why it is not only versatile but useful irrespective of your experience in Internet marketing. If you are new to Internet marketing, it will help you in creating a portfolio of websites in a relatively shorter period of time. Thus, irrespective of your marketing experience, Affilojetpack is useful for you.

If however, you are looking an even superlative affiliate marketing course with stellar support, you can check out Wealthy Affiliate Program as it includes tools to track the progress of your website and has the latest content.


So, if you want to gain an advantage over others when it comes to affiliate marketing, Affilojetpack is certainly useful for you. It will enable you to save a lot of time and create websites in a quicker manner to help you expand your portfolio of affiliate marketing websites. Since web hosting and WordPress theme is provided, it will save you a lot of time by not requiring you to search these resources. All in all, if you?re looking for resources to speed up your affiliate marketing journey, you should definitely look at Affilojetpack.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding this?Affilojetpack review, do not forget to mention them in the following comment area.

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