I personally always find that it is a much better idea to use a course to your advantage in order to gain knowledge in any field. Same is the case with affiliate marketing. I tried out quite a few affiliate marketing courses when I was just starting out.

Two among them which definitely stood out are Affilorama and wealthy affiliate. There are many budding affiliate marketers which are confused between these 2 programs. The best way is to compare both of them in order to understand which of them is good enough.

We will today help you out with the same. We will compare Affilorama vs wealthy affiliate to help you understand which one is better.

About Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate:

The wealthy affiliate was started in 2005. On the other hand, Affilorama was started in the year 2006. One thing which you will easily understand about both of these affiliate courses is that they are pretty old and reputed. Owing to this very reason, they have established themselves over the years. They have been setting standards for affiliate marketing courses since years.

When you compare the founders of both of these courses, you will realize that both of them are pretty well experienced in the industry. Wealthy Affiliate has been started by Kyle and Carson. Similarly, Mark Ling founded Affilorama. The aim of both of these courses is to provide people with the right affiliate marketing knowledge to start making money online.

Affilorama vs wealthy affiliate

Kyle & Carson (Wealthy Affiliate)


Affilorama vs wealthy affiliate

Mark Ling (Affilorama)


Note-Kyle & Carson are not sitting as business owners. They are really active in Wealthy affiliate program. They welcome every new member, Making training, solving the member’s issues, Update the members etc…That’s Impressive

The main aim of both the programs is to provide you with the opportunity to be rich with the help of affiliate marketing.

Free Training:

The advantage of these courses is that they provide plenty of free training lessons. When you look at a wealthy affiliate, it has on offer 10 lessons for free members. The 10 lessons include:

? Introduction to affiliate marketing and wealthy affiliate

? Basics on how to make money online

? Basics to choose a niche

? Simple steps to build a niche website

? Creating a website

? Getting the website ready for the search engines

? Generating content for the website

? Using custom menus on the website

? Lessons on using the keywords right

? Re-cap and more details about premium training

On the other hand, when you take into account Affilorama, you will realize that it has over 80 video tutorials on offer. It has plenty of written notes on offer in the PDF form. This ensures that as a free member, you will be able to gain a lot of content and tutorials. These revolve around the topics like:

? Affiliate marketing basics

? Setting up your 1st website


? Email marketing


? And much more

In terms of the free content, Affilorama definitely has an advantage.


Affilorama: 2

Wealthy Affiliate: 1


Affilorama vs wealthy affiliate

Some of Affiliorama training


Affilorama vs wealthy affiliate

Wealthy affiliate training categories

Premium Training:

On the premium front, however, the wealthy affiliate has a definite advantage. The reason for this is that Affilorama has only little exclusive content in the premium category as compared to the free one. There are only a few training videos which are included along with the theme AffiloMagazine. Some of the resources include monthly webinars and interviews.

When you look at the premium offering of wealthy affiliate, you will realize that there are quite a few additional lessons included like:

? Over 50 different affiliate marketing lessons

? Weekly live training

? Large community to learn more about affiliate marketing

The main advantage of wealthy affiliate is that newer videos are added each and every day. This ensures that you will be able to continuously improve your knowledge. On the other hand, some of the Affilorama videos are actually a bit outdated. Thus, when it comes to premium offerings, the wealthy affiliate has a definite advantage.

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Affilorama: 1

Wealthy affiliate: 3


In terms of the customer support which is provided, wealthy affiliate again has an advantage.

When you look at the support channels which are offered by wealthy affiliate, they are:

? 24/7 technical support

? 24/7 live chat

? You can private message the other members to get help directly

? Dedicated discussion areas for each type of training

? Ability to contact the owners of wealthy affiliate (kyle and Carson)

When you take into account the support channels, which are provided by Affilorama, they are:

? Call support

? Email support

? Forum with limited activity

Thus, in terms of support wealthy affiliate has a genuine edge.

Affilorama vs wealthy affiliate

wealthy affiliate community


Affilorama: 1

Wealthy affiliate: 2


Additional resources:

Apart from the video tutorials, there are quite a few resources which are on offer in both the programs. We will 1st list down the resources which are on offer from wealthy affiliate. Some of the resources offered to free members of Wealthy Affiliate are:

? Website builder

? Free websites which you can create on their own subdomain

? Keyword research tool free trial

When it comes to premium memberships, some of the additional resources which are offered include:

? Web hosting for up to 25 domains

? SSL certificates

? Complete access to the keyword research tool

? A website feedback mechanism (feedback is provided by other users)

  • 1000 Free ?Website themes
  • Free Content writing tool
  • Access to weekly webinars
  • Thousands of members trainings (Members can make trainings and make money within the wealthy affiliate platform)
  • One of the most understated advantages of wealthy affiliate is that it provides all of the tools and resources without a significant amount of upsells.


Affilorama vs wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Resources


When you look at the premium membership of Affilorama, some of the additional resources which are provided include:

? Web hosting for up to 15 domains

? AffiloBlueprint step-by-step video course to understand affiliate marketing business.

? AffiloTools to track your search engine data, keyword research tool, website tracking tool, competition analysis tool, site health tool, backlink builder tool.

? AffiloJetpack which includes high profits niche packs along with WordPress theme.

When you compare both of these tools, the tools provided by wealthy affiliate are easier to use. The ones which are provided by wealthy affiliate are also more versatile. They have fewer restrictions as compared to the tools which are provided by Affilorama. The tools on offer by Affilorama are restricted according to the type of membership which you have opted. Thus, wealthy affiliate wins in this aspect.



Affilorama: 1

Wealthy affiliate: 4


Wealthy affiliate costs you $ 49 per month. Affilorama cost is $ 69 per month. Thus, in terms of pricing as well, wealthy affiliate has an advantage. Also, wealthy affiliate offers you a plan of $ 359 per year. Also, wealthy affiliate offers black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts for only 299$ per year.

The best thing with a wealthy affiliate is they don’t have any upsell products. All the premium can access tons of training and tools.

There is no annual plan in Affilorama. Since wealthy affiliate provides you with daily resources at almost 33% lesser cost even when you opt for the monthly package, it provides you with the value for money deals. Thus, by opting for the annual plan you will be able to save further with wealthy affiliate. Thus, it has an advantage in this regard as well.


Affilorama: 1

Wealthy affiliate: 4


Watch This video to see inside the paid membership of Wealthy Affiliate:


One thing which personally I found is that both of these courses are pretty useful. However, when you want to pick among affilorama vs wealthy affiliate, wealthy affiliate is definitely better. Not only, it has better customer support but is more affordable as well.

Also, the training which is provided by wealthy affiliate is much more recent and modern and easy to use. All in all, if you want to choose one among these platforms, wealthy affiliate should be the one which you should choose.

Even when it comes to budget wise wealthy affiliate offers a reasonable price. If someone buys the tools and hosting separately it can cost more than 100$ per month.

If you are beginner Its better to start with wealthy affiliate and move on your journey!

Thank you for reading Affilorama Vs Wealthy Affiliate!

See you again!


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