E-commerce has become a very popular business?in making money online niche. The utmost reason for the growing popularity is the potential of joining with this online business without having any special skills. Dropshipping is the most famous?e-commerce?dropshipping model that almost everyone loves to jump in.

But, in the dropshipping?business, there is a big challenge which makes the majority entrepreneur gets failed. That is finding good trending products to sell. Out of millions of products on Ali express, it is not easy to catch trending products at all.

But, now we have many tools which can be used for winning this situation.

This review about another product researching tool which is known as Ali Shark. Go ahead through this post so that you will be able to find out more details and features of? Ali?shark.

What Is Ali Shark?

Ali shark is another product researching tool for dropshippers. But, this tool provides data which is related to AliExpress only.

When considering AliExpress, it is a huge database with more than 940,000 products.

What this tool does is, just summarizing the data on AliExpress and using them in order to check the best-selling products. It is a live combination with AliExpress and Ali?shark. You can get live sales count from each and every product.

I think that they keep updating the products on?Ali Shark frequently.

What I feel is that looking at Ali shark is a sort of inventory on AliExpress products.But, this tool really helps you to monitor thousands of products easily within a shorter period of time.

Ali Shark Review

Who Is the Creator of Ali Shark?

Ali shark is another creation of the Hurryfy?(Shopify App)? developer team. When considering their experience with reference to the Hurryfy app, we can expect that their latest product, Ali Shark is an effective one.

What is the price of Ali Shark?

Ali shark does not?provide any free trial for users. You can definitely sign up for 2 days trial by paying just 1$ through PayPal.

But at the end of the trial period, they charge 20$ for a monthly subscription.


Ali Shark Review

Compared with other ordinary product researching tools which are available in the market, Ali Shark does not offer different packages. They just offer a single package which costs 20$ every month.

What are the attractive features of Ali Shark?

Finding good selling products

Ali Shark is a completely different tool when compared with the other tools in the market. This?tool is alive and combined with AliExpress data and it gets updated every day. If you take a look at the dashboard, you will be able to see what are?the best selling products all the time.

Here, I have selected what are the best selling products for today and the following is the result I came across.

Ali Shark Review

MCDODO USB cable for iPhone?is the best selling product for today. It has been recorded on AliExpress that? 973 pcs have been sold.

The second best selling product is the Anti Knock Transparent Shockproof case and 801 pcs have been sold throughout today.

Next, let me select last 30 days sales on AliExpress and get the result from Ali Shark.

Depending on the above record, you will realize that last 30 days best selling recorded from tempered glass for iPhone and that product has been sold 16,029 pcs. Second?highest selling product is USB type cable and it has been sold 13,862pcs.

All the above data from Ali Shark matches with Ali express sales records. You have the chance to filter your?research by price, wishlist.orders, and rating.

Product Page

Product Page includes different sales data. Users can understand these data easily.

I have selected Criss Cross Bikini as an example.? Let us analyze the Product Page regarding this product. You will eb able to notice that this?product has a sudden sales hike.

Ali Shark Review

Each product page allows you to visit AliExpress and check the product. Also, Ali Shark provides summarized data related to each and every product.

  • Product added day to AliExpress
  • Product addded day to Ali Shark
  • Total Number of sales
  • How many people added to the wish list

Another important feature of this tool is its capability of providing trends. By referring the following graphs, you can understand the product trends in a certain time period.

Look at the Cris Cross Bikini trend graph and you will notice it has a huge spike on 09th November with over 600 pcs sales.

Ali Shark Review

You can do further research about the sales of the same product. There you will be able to find out which countries purchased this product most. Also how the dropshipping sales for the same product.

Look at the following reports.

Ali Shark Review

By analyzing?all the above reports, what I would like to emphasize here is that this product has a spike of sales but that not good for dropshippers. The reason is the last report claimed most of the sales goes to Russia (Ali Express is the most popular shopping site in Russia and customers directly from AliExpress).

One more important point:

Just have a look at the Top dropshippers. You will realize that their dropshipping sales are very less.

Do not forget that Ali Shark allows you to spy on others’ Shopify stores as well. Each product page contains Shopify stores and other stores which sell the same product. You can jump into those stores and spy on them.

Criss Cross Bikini sales are also going in these stores.

Ali Shark Review

Advanced Filters

Ali Shark is a simple tool that you can do it everything through a single dashboard. With the use of filters, you can find gold with AliExpress. There are a few advanced tools that you can use for obtaining the best-selling products for your store.

Ali Shark Review

You can search by product categories. There are many product catogaries listed. Also, you can search by niches that can help you to find niche related products.

If you search with top countries filter, you can find products according to sales on different countries. Shipping filter helps you to?find a product with shipping methods especially with e-packet and AliExpress standard.

Also, there are more filters which can be used for finding out products on Ali Shark. You can see them as follows. Since all the filters have been placed on the dashboard Ali Shark is pretty much simple-to-use!


Ali Shark ReviewDoes Ali Shark product researching tool scam?


This is a better tool than other tools out there. It has a different concept of product researching. You can find all the AliExpress dropshipping products with this tool. Even this tool provides live data from AliExpress. There is no need of? spending so much time on AliExpress product pages. With this tool it is a so simple task to find all the winning products.


Though Ali Shark? a new concept for the pool of product researching tools, I am unable to? recommend this tool for everyone who is new to the business. That is because you can only find trending data from AliExpress website only. When compared with the other product researching tools, this feature becomes kind of disadvantageous. But, most of the?trends initiate from Amazon and eBay and then the trend moves to AliExpress dropshippers. Depending on those circumstances, that is the biggest weak point in this tool.

In order to make profitable sales, you have to catch up the fresh trends before they go to the peak level of the trend. For achieving that target, it is better to use Pexda?for a better price.

When considering the other product researching tools, they provide a load of additional features. But Ali Shark does not. That is another weak point of this tool. Features like Facebook targeting and Facebook video ads etc. are missing on this tool. Actually; such feature are really helpful for the business owners as they save their lot of time.

As a product researching tool, Ali Shark?is unable to compete with other tools in the market. But, we can expect that the developers might develop the tool in the future in order to bring you the chance to find out the best products to sell online.

By making this Ali Shark review, now you have a great idea about this tool. If you get any kind of confusions regarding the tool, make sure to mention them in the following comment area. There I can share my experience and opinions regarding Ali Shark.

See you soon with another important product researching tool.

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