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When you are new to Amazon affiliate, you might have tons of dreams to be successful in the online business world and make an attractive income stream.

But most of the time, things don’t work as you want.

You would be waiting and waiting after releasing some articles, but no results.(No money)

One of the reasons for it is your site might not have been optimized well. There are some reasons for it.

They can be SEO errors, Page loading errors, Backlinks or content issues, etc…

As a result of those issues, you will face below results

  • increased bounce rate
  • No affiliate income
  • Google Adsense income drop
  • No ranking opportunities


To gain the required technical knowledge and maintain a website can take sometimes. Or you can hire someone to help you.

When I was new to the affiliate world I experienced the same issues. To find the right answer to them I spent an ample of time checking and following up on the top sites in my niches.

From wealthy affiliate, training learned about duplicating the trending ideas.

From those top sites, I learn a lot and it helped me to improve my knowledge. If you are interested in Amazon affiliate I would suggest you join with wealthy affiliate and follow the trainings before you start.

I started duplicating their content strategy, themes, marketing tips etc….

Now I’m going to introduce you Top 12 earners of the Amazon associates.

I suggest you visit their sites and duplicate the success.

All the Very Best!


  1. This Is why Im Broke


amazon associates top earners


Traffic-2.4Million Visitors per month (similar web)

Income- 20,000+$ Per month from Amazon (source)


2. Wire Cutter


Traffic-13 Million Visitors (similar web)


3.Price Grabber


Traffic-553K visitors per month


4-Consumer Search

Traffic-993k Visitors per month


5-Gear Patrol

Traffic-4.85Million Per month



Traffic-130.5K monthly visitors





Traffic-220k Visitors per month




Traffic -1.5Million Per Month




Traffic-7.5Million Per month




Traffic-1.5Million per month

Traffic-7.5Million visitors per month


Also You can check Top 20 Shopify stores in the world.


If you dont Build Your Dream,

Someone will Hire You To Build Theirs.

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