This Is How You Get Free Products From Amazon !

amazon review sites for free products

Amazon has become so popular because of its convenience in online shopping. It is arguably the most successful e-commerce site when discussing Internet history.

You can find Amazon review sites for free products. These sites partner with sellers to provide products for free in exchange for a review; they can even offer products at a steep discount.

This is a great method to get customer feedback and increase sales simultaneously. The following Amazon review sites for free products

1. AMZ Review Trader (now Vipon)

Amazon Review Sites for Free Products

This site allows you to request a review as much as 20 items at a time. Once granted, you may not get all the review you asked for.

2. Product Elf

Amazon Review Sites for Free Products

The products displayed on this site are impressive, as a fantastic job is being done on the website to keep it updated almost on a daily basis.

This helps sustain the freshness ? in term of product variation and web page outlook). Items that are displayed here are not in any way banned from those seeking to be fashionable.

A downside of this site is that things tend to get mixed up, though you may find fabulous deals that cut well on your expenses.

3. Snagshout

Amazon Review Sites for Free Products

This site enjoys a significant following among reviewers. There is only a product, at a time, to order, test, and review. It does not afford you the opportunity to do two or more together. Also, you can only start your next evaluation after the Snagshout team has verified your review.

4. Giveaway Service

Amazon Review Sites for Free Products

This platform provides you with tons of products from which to select. Giveaway Service often features products that fall within the range of $60 or even more, at retail value.

Another of its fantastic feature is that you frequently get promotion codes that offer 100% discount. This implies that the products are provided at no cost.

5. Honest Society

Amazon Review Sites for Free Products

This Honest Society performs more of the role of an online community. It encourages members to provide their unbiased and honest opinions.

The products this review list features can be quite a mixed bag, ranging from electronics to cosmetics. You will have the product free or at a discount of 90% in return.

6. Jungle Launch

Amazon Review Sites for Free Products

This platform has an interesting concept as it consolidates multiple Amazon sellers in their effort to enhance their products visibility in the market collectively.

With this arrangement, you will be exposed to a wide variety of products without going to seek them in many places. Not only that, the reward could be free products or discounts at a super fantastic rate.

7. KabelDirekt Product Tester

Amazon Review Sites for Free Products

Highly involved in research and development of products, KabelDirekt platform often solicits qualified members to offer feedback. Contributing members are then rewarded with free products

8. Secret Deals Club

Amazon Review Sites for Free Products

This is a website that does not often run out of deals. The owner ensures to strike an exclusive deal with only Amazon Sellers, so it is majorly focused in that respect. The arrangements flow, on a daily basis, through your e-mail at about 10 am PST.

9. The VIP Power Club

Amazon Review Sites for Free Products

The membership requirement of this site is more stringent as you only have an active buying habit within Not only that, but you also possess a credible reviews history.

The significant products are always the new products under promotion. You will have to take them home for your review freely.

10. Toilet Tree Product Review Club

The focus of this review club is on Toilet Tree products, just as the name implies. Even though they once claimed that their membership number is enough and no longer recruiting, they often recruit new members every week.

Once you fill out the form, they will get in touch if you have the prospect of making a good addition to their numerous members.

11. Tomoson

Amazon Review Sites for Free Products

This website spreads reviews that are collected on multiple channels (personal blogs, Amazon, etc.). With your application being successful, you can lay claim on a free product on exhibition at

12. True Opinion

amazon review sites for free products

The product range is appealing, and the registration is straightforward. However, this review site does not indicate upfront the type of discounts to which you are entitled.

A successful request will be mailed to you upon approval.

13.UberZon Club

amazon review sites for free products

This review site has no shortage of deals, and you can get the price point for as low as $1. With this, you can be sure to take up numerous review jobs if you feel the reward is decent.

14. Blue Ribbons Review

amazon review sites for free products

This is an Amazon review promotions site that provides people with the opportunity to get products at a meager rate or even at no cost in return for an honest review.

You only need to sign up, create a profile, and then submit an offer to review their product listings.

The acceptance to review a product will give you the merchandise, and you?d submit, with an attached video or picture, your commentary.

15. Product Testing Group

amazon review sites for free products

This platform offers buyers and sellers a mutual ground to introduce and try out products in exchange for unbiased and honest feedback.

You can see, beyond the average capacity of your coupon, discounted products (some even free or very close) in automotive, health, beauty, clothing, household goods, electronics, toys, and more. It offers a free signup and is very easy to apply.

16. Promo.LaunchZon

amazon review sites for free products

This is a curated community having high-quality reviewers who get access to premium products. They maintain a partnership with top brands to offer you incredible products at significantly discounted rates, from 85-100% off!

17. Oz Naturals

amazon review sites for free products

This review site only sells products for their brand. You can review products for skin care for just a few dollars. With this platform, you can have a test on eight different kinds of their products which range from cleanser to sunscreen to moisturizer.

18. Jump Send

amazon review sites for free products

Though physical items are not free on this platform, the prices come close as you can get items for as low as 10 cents.

The site has a lot of books available for downloads at discounted prices while some come free. You can easily navigate their site.

19. BestOne Review

amazon review sites for free products

This provides discounts of a minimum of for a wide range of products relating to health, beauty, clothing, and other accessories.

When you join their email list, you have access to exclusive offerings not posted on their website, and you will receive new offers each day.


GMYLE offers you customized cases for your Smartphone and other technology devices without paying top dollar.

When you sign up for their Laboratory Program, you will have the opportunity to sample existing and upcoming products freely.

Hope this article gave you insight on how to get free Amazon products.!

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