Complete and Unbiased Ariix Review ? Is Ariix Scam?

There are many Ariix reviews on the internet, but most of them are biased. While some focus on the Ariix scam, others focus solely on the benefits of working for this MLM company and tell you how they earned money using this system. However, I want this Ariix review to be as unbiased as possible.

I?m going to tell you what it is like to use this system and how you can actually make money with it. However, I?ll suggest a better alternative to the Ariix scam, a business opportunity that you can use to round up your revenues and grow your brand online without having to promote or sell anything offline.

Let?s dive into this Ariix review and see what it is and what it offers to potential affiliates.

What is Ariix?

Ariix is a multi-level marketing company that activates in the health & wellness niche. Founded in 2011, this company is a good opportunity for people passionate about recruiting new members and are passionate about networking. It?s also a good choice for people who go to the gym regularly and want to stay fit.

This is considered by most to be a legit MLM company that offers an impressive earning potential. However, despite the good payouts you can get, it is extremely expensive to start and uses a traditional affiliate advertising method.

At Ariix, they allow their partners to sell a wide range of personal care, fitness, dietary and weight loss products and supplements. The problem with this company is that it?s a direct competitor to USANA, which is an already established brand in the health & wellness industry.

USANA is a top leader in weight loss and nutritional supplements, while Ariix is just at its inception. However, in terms of compensation plans, USANA goes with the traditional plan, while Ariix has a more active compensation plan.

History of Ariix

This company has been founded in 2011 by ex-seniors from the USANA company. Seeing how things can improve, several directors and executives have decided to form a better, more qualified MLM company.

Ariix is based in Utah and has in the role of President the famous Mark Wilson and CEO Mark Cooper. Both of them were important pillars for the USANA company before 2011. Knowing who founded the company and having details about their background is always encouraging, especially as most MLM companies do not disclose this type of information to the public.

This company has managed to grow extensively over the years. In 2018, they were even listed in Inc. Magazine as one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in the world. They managed to get an impressive place 37. You can discover all about them here:

Ariix?s success is due to its policy to create toxin-free, highly efficient health & wellness products. They team up with renowned experts from all over the globe to ensure they create the best products possible. They are only selling their products through affiliates or independent reps.

Ariix Products

People who promote the Ariix will often fail to reveal the list of products this company has to offer. They have a very expensive product line and numerous brands of products. According to Ariix claiming, all of their products are GMO-free, follow all EPA regulations, are free of side effects and are free from any substance that are banned by USADA.

Moreover, the products are created from mostly natural ingredients and are manufactured using GM, which stands for good manufacturing practices.

Here you can find the Ariix product price list.

Below you can find the main product lines offered by Ariix:


This is a weight management product line that includes products specially designed to curb your appetite


These supplements provide extra support to your body


This product line includes personal care products like toothpaste, conditioner, shampoo and body wash solutions


This purification line includes products like water and air filters


This is a thin line of products that only contain 3 products: dark spot corrector, skin tightening serum and face brightening cream


Inside the Priime line of products from Ariix you can discover numerous essential oils


This is a new product line that includes a wide range of advanced skincare products

Ariix Travel:

Ariix Travel is an innovative program that offers travel vouchers to people who want to make money with this brand.

Is Ariix a Good Business Opportunity?

First of all, the products offered by this company have received mixed results. While some users have complained about them, others have given USANA a clear edge. We don?t know exactly how many people work as part of Ariix affiliate system in 2019, but we can be sure that people are making money. We also know that they had around 43,980 reps back in 2018 (data in the report below).

According to this report released by the company itself .a part-time representative can only make $70 a week. However, a full-time officer can easily average over $5,000 a week. Now, over 50% of all representatives are team leads, which lets them make around $70 a week. Once you become a supervisor, you can make $167, and then go up to $636 as a director.

ariix scam

Around less than 5% make over $1,000 a month, with around 0.5% making over $5,000 a month. As you can notice, in order to get rich with Ariix, you need to grow up in rankings and recruit more people.

Not Only Ariix There are many MLM Companies that Couldn’t be guaranteed success.

Ariix Success Rate

The success rate of this company is around 10%. Just like any other MLM opportunity out there, 9 out of 10 people quit before making money. They even lose money, because their initial package is non-refundable.

The cause of the low success rate is that, first of all, products are really expensive, and second, it?s hard to build a downline with so few incentives. Most people have to earn around $70 a week for months before building a stable downline and growing up in ranks. To get to $5,000 a week, you need to constantly grow ceaselessly for months, building a following and selling products.

Ariix Compensation Plan

The compensation plan from Ariix is a 12-page long document that is quite hard to read and understand. To help you better understand the Ariix compensation plan, I?ve tried to compile the most important information into simple steps:

– To start earning commissions, you need to generate a certain amount of sales. This volume comes from either purchasing products for yourself or selling them to your customers. The activ8 compensation plan from Ariix requires you to gain 75 points on a weekly basis. The sales volume should be a minimum of 75 points for a minimum of 4 weeks.

– The affiliate ranks amount to 16. You can grow in rank by selling more products and by creating a downline

– Get commissions through residual income: you literally make money from your downline

– Ariix membership: you can also earn money by enrolling in the Ariix membership program. While inside it, you need to pay $150 and generate over 500 points during the first 4 weeks of your membership, but you get an additional 15% discount on all your orders and enjoy a double level of income from the compensation plan. The Ariix membership is perfect if you?re already in the business for a few years and you want to ramp up your revenues.


Is Ariix Pyramid Scheme?

This is similar to a pyramid scheme, but in reality, it?s a MLM. The real money in this platform is not selling products, but creating a downline and recruiting people. People at the top usually make a lot of money, while people at the bottom can hardly survive.

Is Ariix Scam?

Ariix is definitely not a scam. Their customer service is top-notch, they offer real products people love, their sales and marketing department are standalone and their auto delivery program is legit. There is no such thing as an Ariix scam.

How to Join Ariix

To join this network, you either need to contact an affiliate or sing up on the official site

Why I don?t Like Ariix

– Very hard to succeed: over 90% of people lose money, and out of the 10% that continue around 50% earn less than $70 a week, which is extremely low

– The market is already extremely saturated, with a high and fierce competition

– You need to be good at recruiting if you want to succeed

– The startup costs are quite high: pay between $200 to $2,000 for the initial pack, then $150 per month in products and another annual renewal fee of $25

Why I Like Ariix

– Transparency: you can see who is in charge and how many people actually succeed

– Numerous training and great support

– Auto-delivery: with the auto-delivery program, you can get your products at the door every month.

– Good range of products

Final Thought

Ariix is a much better MLM business opportunity than other shady companies out there. However, it?s also very risky and offers very low commissions. You cannot become rich unless you are really good and you grow continuously your downline for several years.

A Better Money Making Opportunity

As promised, I want to show you a much better opportunity to make money online. It revolves around affiliate marketing, which is a concept that involves no actual selling or creating a downline. It?s simpler, more straightforward and definitely much easier to implement.

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