Auto Affiliate Machine Review | A machine that doesn’t work for $17!

You may be using your social media account for more than a couple of times a day. Do you have a lot of friends on Facebook or a lot of followers on Instagram? How many likes are you getting in a day?

What if there is a system for you that says they can make you rich in just 47 secs by giving you their Free Viral Traffic? This means that you can earn online thru your social media thru their unique way of Affiliate Marketing.

Here is another product that claims to give you instant success by just creating a PDF document for you to upload online. Auto Affiliate Machine has created a system that can do such things.

However, is it legit? Is it a scam? Is it worth it?

Do not worry I am here to answer all those questions to help you answer all those questions. I did my research to make sure that you will do the right decision on products that can make you earn online.

I just want to put it out here that I am in no way connected to Auto Affiliate Machine, but I can guarantee that I can provide you all the information you need for this product.

I am currently happy with what I am using right now that helps me get my 4 digits monthly passive income thru Affiliate Marketing. It’s an all in one platform where you can learn and earn at the same time.

I want you to earn just like me as well and to do that you must know what products you need.

So without further adieu, here is my Auto Affiliate Machine review!

What is Auto Affiliate Machine?

Auto Affiliate Machine is software that creates PDF files about affiliate reviews in a matter of seconds.

They claim to have a system that can help you start making your passive income in just 47 seconds. It will run like that so you can have a system that will earn money on autopilot.

Created by online marketers Billy Darr, David Kirby, and Justin Opay to provide those who want to be successful online a unique way to promote your content in various social media platforms.

The thing is, they are promising instant success with their program when we all know that it’s not true. For beginners, this can be enticing, but of course, no one is an instant millionaire.

How do Auto Affiliate Machine works?

As I have told earlier, Auto Affiliate Machine is a software that creates a PDF format affiliate product reviews.

The idea is to create a unique way of doing Affiliate Marketing in a unique way. And by saying “unique” they mean it’s not gonna be a regular social media post or a youtube video.

It’s gonna be a product review in a PDF document that you can share in your choice of a landing page.

Here is a sample of their PDF review:

Auto Affiliate Machine created steps on how you can use the PDF document:

  1. ?Choose a product to Promote
  2. ?Use the Auto Affiliate Machine Software to Create a Good-Looking PDF
  3. Share it in your chosen type of landing page
  4. ?Earn Affiliate Commission when someone Purchases any Product via your link inside the PDF

Once the PDF is generated you can customize the information inside like the product name, description, eCover, images, affiliate links, and Call-to-Action buttons.

After customizing the PDF document you can now upload it. Auto Affiliate Machine can be connected to your social handles or landing page. So, once you’re done you can already upload it automatically.

Here’s a demo getting your PDF document to your social media:

So, basically, Auto Affiliate Machine is just a document editor which you can use on your own computer or laptop.

How much does Auto Affiliate Machine cost?

Auto Affiliate Machine’s Front End product is $17 which is their base product.

But if you try to exit their page a pop-up advertisement will show and that will offer you 2 discounts and you can get Auto Affiliate Machine for as low as $12.

Now, Front End is the base product of Auto Affiliate Marketing. Of course, if there is a base product expect that you’ll be offered the other products as well and that is their upsells.

Auto Affiliate Machine have four upsells:

Auto Affiliate Machine Edition ($32)

The Front End product will only allow you to integrate 5 social handles but with this upsell you can integrate additional 2 social platforms.

You’ll also have additional training.

$1 weekly edition ($37)

I wish I could say more about this upsell but this is just additional training nothing more.

Done For You Edition ($27)

This is a Done For You package that includes 50 ready-made landing pages, 49 email swipes, and 1000+ graphics.

Reseller Edition ($47)

This is Auto Affiliate Machine’s resell license. With this, you can resell up to 500 copies of Auto Affiliate Machine and you’ll get 100% of your profit.

What do I like about Auto Affiliate Program?


Their front end product is only $17 and their upsells are all less than $50. Is it worth it for the price? I don’t think so.

However, this is not expensive enough to shake your finances if you are scammed by Auto Affiliate Machine.

30 Day Money Back

Auto Affiliate Machine is a JVZoo product. This means the refund policy will be under them making it easier. If ever you are not happy with it you can just request for a refund and they’ll process it for you.

JVZoo has a history of having no hassles when requesting for a refund.


Well, I can’t say more. I want to say more but I can’t see other things that I like about Auto Affiliate Machine.

Having two pros is better than nothing.


What I don’t like about Affiliate Marketing Machine

Hidden Cost

If you think you that by getting the Front End product of Auto Affiliate Machine plus their upsells are the only thins that you’ll be purchasing then you’re wrong.

For the PDF document to be completed you need to upload your own eCover. This is the graphics for your report.

If you don’t know how to create one then you need to hire someone to do it for you.

Affiliate Marketing using PDF doesn’t work

Here’s the thing, Affiliate Marketing evolved already and it’s no longer uses the old methods that might work before.

Yes, creating a PDF document for you to upload on your landing page making it a short ebook can be a unique way to do Affiliate Marketing. However, the effectivity of this method is applicable seven or five years ago.

EBook was a thing back then and a lot of people read thru ebook that interests them, but since it was very much available to everyone people became immune to it.

Think about this, when was the last time you read an eBook or a PDF document? or when did you read an ebook or a PDF document uploaded a while ago?

Exactly my point.

So, yes this is a unique method but this doesn’t work.

No Traffic

In their sales video, they said that they can give you “Free Viral Traffic” which is not true.

Your PDF document can only be uploaded in your social media handles. You followers. friends and likers are not traffic. However, Auto Affiliate lets you believe that it is, though.

If you check their training they didn’t involve any information about SEO, Facebook Ads, Pay Pay Click or any other traffic generation methods.

This means that you won’t have any traffic may it be paid or free. If that’s the case then you won’t earn, especially if you only use social media.

Social Media marketing is ineffective if you don’t know how to use paid ads or if you don’t know ?branding?.

Again, social media is not a good place to get traffic and if there’s no traffic then there’s no money.

We’re only making the owners rich

You are paying for something that you can do for free and won’t work.

Meaning you’re just making them rich and since this is not a high amount of money there are people who won’t ask for a refund to avoid such hassle.

Aside from that the quality of the training is poor and there are multiple upsells that is not necessary and not useful.

Useless training materials

Inside Auto Affiliate Machine is a step by step video which consists of only 6 videos. It’s a total of 25 minutes worth of content only.

It doesn’t have any importance on how you will get rich, it will only discuss how the system works.

There are no other topics in the video and it doesn’t serve any purpose of being part of the training.

So for me, this is completely useless.

Is Auto Affiliate A scam?

Even with all those hyped up statements and useless materials, Auto Affiliate Machine is not a scam. It’s a legit system.

But is it worth it?

Of course not. You’ll be paying $17 for something that won’t help you earn money. It’s too hyped up and misleading.

Even if you get all the upsells you won’t get anything from their training and materials. You still won’t be successful in your online business.

Free Viral Traffic is not true. There’s no such thing as traffic from social media.

Claims of instant success should be the main reason why you need to avoid these type of products. There’s no such thing as instant success.

You won’t be able to generate thousands of dollars in 4 secs on your first try. That’s false advertisement.

We all know that we there’s no shortcut for being rich. You need hard work and the right tools or platform.

I don’t want you to waste your money on this. I won’t waste mine as well.

That’s why I only use my #1 recommendation which is an all-around platform where you can learn and earn using Affiliate Marketing. This is also where I am getting my 4 digits passive monthly income.

How I Make a Living Online?


If you can remember my story, I have been searching for ways to earn online. I have been scammed a few times already. This caused a lot of stressed and I lost some money as well.

Good thing I already found one that is worth my time and is now helping me earn online.

I make money online thru Affiliate Marketing. With this website and my Quora account, I do honest reviews of products and get incentives whenever they earn because of me.

You don?t need to have a solid experience in affiliate marketing, nor do you need a degree for you to earn like me.

I am no longer chasing every paycheck. Now, aside from my day job, which I love, I have a stable passive income thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and you can be one too by clicking here.

And again?

Wishing you the best of luck with your HUSTLE!


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