30 Best Business Ideas To Make Money In 2020

best business ideas to make money

Looking for Best Business Ideas To Make Money??Want to become boss on your own? A night part-time job might come in handy. Even your full-time job pays you well, there are times that you need to get out on your shell.

Building a career as an entrepreneur, and doing a side business is absolutely riskier than having full-time work for eight hours a day. You just need to sacrifice and give all your patience.

However, once you reach your goal and reaping the benefits, you’re now on your way to success. It truly pays all the hard work. So, let’s now talk about best business ideas to make money in helping you start on your own during your spare time.

The most important thing is to know which business idea will work for you. No worries, thanks to our advanced technology today we’ve got a lot for you.

There are various business ideas already exist. You have many choices on what is the right side job idea for you to spend your time with. The majority of people don’t have the guts in quitting their full-time jobs to pursue a business on their own. They are worried about their financial obligations without an immediate income.

It is a bright idea to start your side business while engaged in a full-time job. When you master the art of multi-tasking, doing a part-time while indulge on your day job, you will probably get the success you want and it’s all worth it. It depends on you if you want to become fully self-employed and will focus on your business later to make it bigger.

You have to start on a plan and always make sure that it is associated with your interest. It is important to select a business that drives and motivates you.

First thing first, you need to discover your strengths to become an effective entrepreneur. Secondly, you need to engaged with it. Thirdly, you have to be optimistic. In doing a business, there are ups and downs so you need to have a positive mind to take the courage.

List all the hindrance that can affect your business. With that being said, you can at least find ways on how to handle them. One of the biggest issues of anyone who are working for a full-time job is cannot even try to find an alternative way to earn money to back them up. For them, it is too exhausting to engaged on another job. This is the most struggle of many entrepreneurs when they want to start a business for the first time while still have a day job.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to begin businesses that make money online. Get ready for your resources, tools, and the most important is, the society’s feedback which you can use to start. Here are the??30?best business ideas to make money may inspire and encourage everyone to start right now, while they are still working on a day job.

30 Best Business Ideas To Make Money

1. Be a Web Developer

best business ideas to make money

Being in a website development requires a massive high demand. You can create websites that fast as few months after you finish an inexpensive or free online course to become a web developer.

The web developer is in-charge for changing websites depending on the client’s demand, designing, and coding.

You can find Good courses that can help you with on Udemy.


2.Social Media Expert

best business ideas to make money

Most of us are spending too much time on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Since you are using this everytime, why not put into cash?

Those large companies who have their own social media account like facebook page are in need of people to promote their business online. This is a good opportunity for a starter who are always online. When every time you are online, make it with a purpose.

These social sites including Career builder and Flexjobs which most employers here are engaged to work with people who utilize these services as their part-time business. Yes, there are people who are willing to pay by managing their own social media account.


3.Virtual Assistant

best business ideas to make money

Are you used to a multi-tasking job and know how to manage your time?

Another option would be working as a virtual assistant as your part-time job. Their role is to provide support services to people who need their help. They are like secretaries who are home-based and can access planning documents.

They can do scheduling, something to do with clerical and even technical issues. When a company can no longer handle paperwork, phone calls, and other consumable tasks, they hire a virtual assistant. When you feel that you have a potential to become one, then don’t lose this opportunity.

4.?Create a YouTube Channel

best business ideas to make money

This is the common part-time job for the millennials.

Actually, they are not just thinking about money. They want attention and give entertainment to people. YouTube is the most common to these youngsters and they spend too much of their time watching on this site.

When you browse YouTube, there are a lot of Vloggers (video bloggers) who created their channels and has a lot of subscribers. YouTube is a part of your daily life. If you always travel, cooking at home, and good at make-up then do a vlog.

Find an exciting content contentment posting and subscribers grow. You can earn thousands of dollar or more from the advertisements displayed on your videos.

But most of you feel shy to stand in front of the camera and present something. Is it?

But there are services that help you to create Youtube videos easily even without using our voices. You can use images, texts and audio in your videos. For that,?I can recommend Content Samurai.

Look at how you can make a video using Content Samurai,

Content Samurai Offers FREE Trail.


5.Reselling on Amazon

best business ideas to make money


Anyone can be a seller on Amazon. If you do have products own by you, that’s a good idea. If not, you can still sell by purchasing products for a small amount and resell it. Amazon is indeed one of the successful companies today and if you want to be part of this company and love to buy in a garage sales every weekend, then start your business plan now. This is one of the businesses that make money while you sleep.


6. Be a blogger

best business ideas to make money

All you have to do is to write a nice content for specific discussion such as traveling, cooking at home, filming, and many more.

You have to think an idea that will attract your audience. When you are aspiring to become a blogger, you need to engage with your readers online. Know the latest topic that will attract readers to read your blog.

Read Some Great Blogging Tips Here


7.Freelance Writer and Copywriter

best business ideas to make money

If you love to write then this is the best opportunity for you. When you know someone who owns a website, they might probably need a copywriter to write a content like facts, about pages or blog posts. When writing is your passion like me and you are proficient in English, this may be the best side business idea for you.

Look for the right clients and you will become a writer in an instant.

You can sign for Upwork and Fiverr to get freelancing jobs

8.Freelance Editors and Proofreaders

best business ideas to make money

When there is a writer, there will always be editors. To become an editor, you just need to have an experience in this field or if you consider yourself a Grammarly nerd or a grammar-conscious then this job suits for you. What’s more interesting in this job while paying you is also giving you knowledge in every topic that you need to read.


9.Instant Reporter on an Online News

best business ideas to make money

In order to have this side business idea, you don’t have to be a mass communication graduate.

While at home, you can be a correspondent by writing an article to them. Also, great benefits can produce by this business idea. Numerous news websites nowadays in need of people for local coverage.


10.Consultant for WordPress Website

best business ideas to make money

If you are are an aspiring writer, you probably have an idea about WordPress. Many owners of a small business have to begin using a WordPress website before a jump to other options for different reasons. Others are willing to pay more to get someone who can set up their business online.

When you think you have the capability to show your skills on this field, you can turn this into side business idea. A lot of websites hire a consultant for this website. Additionally, with this skills, you’ll be able to create other website ideas on your own.


11. Selling on eBay

best business ideas to make money


Just like on Amazon, selling on eBay is a place to make money easily. Think of anything that you can sell. To get it real, find ways where you can purchase products that are in-demand at a lower cost and sell them for a little higher. In this learning, you can build your own business on a blog or in eCommerce.


12.Instagram Marketing

best business ideas to make money

Fond of posting on Instagram by bragging your photos in where restaurant you have been, what food you ate, and where you had travel? Well, this is a good side business for you.

Create an exciting idea that your followers will get their attention. Different companies will approach you quickly like gear companies and other branded products and also services that are associated with the content that you post on your Instagram.

When you are lucky enough for having marketing strategies and have a thousand followers, you can earn money right away. It is around $500 to $5000 in each post. So, this type of business idea is very idealistic.


13.App developer

best business ideas to make money

A lot of youngsters have a different app on their smartphones. Many of apps are just popping up and selling different products.

When you want to take advantage of this kind of job, take the first step- to have a formal background to become an expert. There are a lot of programs that offer this short course. Or if you know someone who can teach you, grab the opportunity to have this side business job.


14.Ebook Writer

best business ideas to make money

If creating your own book has always been your dream like me and wanted to be published but don’t know how then this is the time for you to shine. Various tools for publishing and some other marketplaces are now easy to access and can purchase at low prices

. Ebook writers are earning a thousand dollars every month for just only six ebooks published. Additionally, every ghostwriter can earn about $1000 in every project. Some people who had a full-time job before now lead to self-employed because of this.


15.Web Designer

best business ideas to make money


Web design is definitely important for those companies who supported technologies. That’s why web designers are the number one business idea now.

You have to be an expert on how to create a website for layout, look, and its features. This type of job includes knowledge in both computer programming and graphic design.


16.Graphic Artist/Graphic Design

best business ideas to make money

When your expertise is on creating visuals, it is easy for you to get a side job. Anyone with passion, creativity, and has the courage to do this work can make it possible to start immediately. If you give importance to every image, then you can apply as a graphic designer or graphic artist. There are differences between the two. Graphic artists are the one who works to give entertainment through animation and film. Graphic designers role is to help the companies to advertise, give support, market the products and more.


17.Affiliate Marketing

best business ideas to make money


If you are earning from your content and you already have a website, this is the best way to extend your income through affiliate marketing. A lot of websites offer great tools that help you earn from the writings you created.

Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite and its allow everyone to make money online with good training. But there are tons of scam training out there. If you ask recommendation? I can suggest you the training which I learn as a beginner. It called a wealthy affiliate and it comes with training, tools, free hosting, support etc…

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to build the website, how to write the content, sales funnels, managing social media campaigns and etc…. Also, there is the supportive community who help each other for their success.

I’m not saying affiliate marketing is easy but it’s guaranteed you can make money if you put the right effort into it.


18.Answering Surveys

best business ideas to make money


Are you fond of answering surveys online? Then take this opportunity and get paid.

However, there’s a corresponding time to finish it. Also, the amount you can get will depend on the company. There are a lot of companies who are willing to pay up to $25 and more.

You can join this survey sites for free Swagbucks, Toluna,


19.Building Chatbots

best business ideas to make money


This is the most popular today. Many small or even huge companies are want to create their own chatbot but they cannot do it. This is the best side idea for you because it doesn’t require knowledge of programming. You can use various websites to create chatbots without any charge.

In just a few minutes you can build a bot on a powerful dashboard. They use this chatbot for their customer support, advertising, sales, and also inner processes.



best business ideas to make money

You can get money by transcribing in just an hour. Another part-time job that doesn’t need to be an expert.

Just listen to the audio and list down anything that you heard. It might be boring but it will give you earnings, then why don’t you give yourself a try?


21.Event Coordinator

best business ideas to make money

Many people don’t have a patience in planning. Events such as family gatherings, birthday celebration, graduation, and any large events need to be a plan.

It requires an idea and time to take this job. And again, thanks to the advanced technology its now easy for you to advertise your services.


22.Establish an Online Courses

best business ideas to make money

Are you a tech-savvy? It’s time to turn your skills into cash.

If you’re knowledgeable about computers and knows a lot of skills, then take in-charge to teach others too. Sharing your knowledge is a big help to someone in building their career and in the future, they might want to start a side business job too that’s why they want you.

You can sell your courses in Udemy, Lynda, Udacity

Using a site like teachable you can create your own online course.


23.Online Coach

best business ideas to make money

If you are good at advising people then you might try this job. Coaching is different from therapy or counseling. This is for people who want someone to listen to them and be their advisor to gain success.

It is a face-to-face conversation so you will be needing tools like Adobe, Google Hangout, Skype and others. Online Coaching is composed of two people who are willing to work together. It will take 15 minutes to 2 hours longer but most of the time is just one hour short.


24.Create a Podcast

best business ideas to make money

Podcasting is making digital files with the use of the internet. Build your own audience for a particular discussion for you to get the attention of the sponsors so they will advertise and pay you in return.

If you want to know how to start a podcast, you can read this complete guideline about starting a podcast.


25.Local Business Consultant

best business ideas to make money

When you put your full efforts on everything that you do, you will be rewarded.

If you got certifications and awards on your business, it’s the right time for you to share your skills by consulting.

Other business owners are willing to pay you more to help them resolve issues in their company. If you are an expert in your field and they see that you are successful, they are the ones who will seek advice from you.

26.Evaluator in Google

best business ideas to make money

When you are comfortable using Google, some companies may ask you to work with them by searching for particular information on Google and show them the outcome how closely similar with your search results.

You can find evaluator jobs from sites like Appen, crowd lab,?Smart crowd


27.Online Dating Specialist

best business ideas to make money

When you are good at pairing people and love advice then this is a good idea for a side business. Some people have a hard time dating and don’t know how to start the conversation.

If talking is your advantage then take it as your stepping stone.

Take this site as an example – Cyber Dating Expert


28.Online Travel Agent

best business ideas to make money

If you love to travel and always looking for airfare sales, take that as an opportunity to become a travel agent. Look for a prospect customers. Begin with inviting friends, posting on Facebook, and spread suggestions by word of mouth to others.

Contact hotels and tour companies and ask them discounts as an agent. They will provide you with the best rates than websites.

Also, you can affiliate hotel packages through Booking.com and Trip advisor.

You can read my article about how to make money while traveling here


29. Be an English Tutor

best business ideas to make money

Even if you are not a professional English teacher, you can teach online. As long as you are a native speaker or can speak English fluently, then consider this as the best option for a good business idea.

There are a lot of foreign countries who are willing to pay you for more than $25 per hour to teach them via Skype. Having a computer, headset, webcam, and the internet is all you need to start this side business.


30.Real Estate Agent

best business ideas to make money

This is one of the most well-known side business ideas today.

Population is rapidly increasing and more people are moving to the city that’s why they also need shelter. Condominium and other rent to own houses are now in demand. Although this is only a commission-based, if you sell at least one unit a condo then you can earn great incentives instantly. This is the first side job of mine and I can say that there is money on this side business if you work hard and most especially if you are good at sales talk.


Most of these examples can actually do at home. These are just few examples of many top money-making businesses that are more common since our technology is improving. Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics, as the years passed by freelancer are now growing with around 15 percent compared in 1995 with only 7 percent. Also, according to them, it will expand more until 2020.

When I started my side business, I thought it would be easy. So, I stopped doing it. However, it is my passion and I love what I’m doing. I always find myself holding a pen and a paper whenever I have a free time. I continue my career in writing until I am now self-employed, from part-time to full time. I am now working at home. I can manage my time and wouldn’t engage in rush-hour traffic anymore.

It is always good to have a side business that you can call your own. Having a stable job is good but if you know how to play cards, you will gain success in just a short period. If you focus and make it big, you will earn a better income than your salary on your regular job.

As you begin your new side business, you have to be positive. Don’t be afraid to take the risk and most importantly don?t let anyone tell you that you cannot succeed. Know your passion and your work will never feel like a job.

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