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Buying and selling is a quick way of gaining financial freedom. However, it is not that simple if you do not sell out on those products with profit. Being able to sell out is dependent on so many factors. Perhaps the most important factor is the market demand for the product you want to sell.

Irrespective of the marketing strategy you adopt, you will end up having your products in stock for a long time if it is not a product in demand. So prior to starting your buying and selling the business, it is necessary for you to conduct a market survey for products in high demand because this is a factor that determines the likelihood of making any profit.

25 best things to buy and sell for profit.

1. Natural beauty product

best things to buy and sell for profit

With so much campaign against the use of chemicals, natural skincare products have gained popularity. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, Argan oil, and tea tree oil are just a few examples of natural skin care products that are now in popular demand.

These are lightweight products that can be easily transported from Korea, Thailand, or Japan where they are produced in large cheap quantity and you can sell them at double your purchasing price.

Important Note: Beauty and health-related products have different procedures according to the country where you are going to sell. Also never try to sell products that don’t have any recommendations from health authorities.

2. Shape wears

The societal trend today suggests that curvy body shape is the acceptable standard. And more people follow this trend as more celebrities show off their bodies to the public. Shape wears are small, easy to ship, and attract a high-profit margin of about 40% of the cost price.

Shape wears the best things to buy and sell and its easy to manage with shipping.

3. Tripods

best things to buy and sell for profit

The digital economy keeps growing every day with about 1440 videos uploaded to the internet per minute. Therefore, video recording enhancers like tripods are products in high demand. Although this product cannot be easily transported, it attracts a high-profit margin for a seller.

4. Keto supplement

As Ketogenic lifestyle gain popularity as the best method for weight loss, there is a high demand for keto-related products or supplement. Keto supplements are lightweight, easy to ship, perishable and entails a high-profit margin.

5. Active wears

best things to buy and sell for profit

Active wears are the best thing to buy and resells. Working out has become a part of everyday lives of people. And the continuous use of work-out clothes subjects them to wear and tear which means that there will always be a demand for this product. These products are lightweight and involve a minimal cost of transportation. These factors contribute to the high-profit margin in selling these products.

6. Enamel pins

This is one of cheap things to sell.

Enamel pins are fast becoming accessories attached on jackets and backpacks. This is because they are a cute inexpensive item that can be customized. The profit margin from the sale of enamel pins is minimal but you can device market strategies like a bundled sale to earn more profit at a time.

7. Portable LED lights

Poor lighting produces poor pictures and video quality. As Internet users emphasize more on the quality of pictures uploaded to the internet, the demand for portable LED light as a photography and video enhancer has increased. This product is small and can be easily transported. And, is a great product you can sell with profit.

Buy cheap sell high is the way to go and you can find many lights in Ali express.

8. Car seats

best things to buy and sell for profit

Global children cat sear market is forecast to witness remarkable growth as more parents are becoming more concerned with their children’s safe and as cars are becoming more affordable. Although car seats are a bit weighty, a cost-efficient purchase from regional manufacturers is sure to earn you a decent profit margin.

9. Video games

If you think what can i buy and sell? video games are one of the product. Video games have become an extremely popular entertainment in various homes. And there are always consumers looking out to get a good deal on video games. You are likely to have many competitors in this market, but a reasonable pricing and a cheap supply will earn you a good profit margin.

10. Phone accessories

Phone accessories are good things to buy and sell. Everyone, including kids, now use phones. As such, phone accessories such as screen guards, colorful pouches, etc are items that will sell out in your store. It was estimated that in 2017 that, 79% of smartphone owners used a protective covering case on their phone. Phone accessories are typically small and lightweight, and supply from a wholesale seller guarantees a high-profit margin in the sale of phone accessories.

11. Bluetooth enhanced speaker

best things to buy and sell for profit

This device is in high demand as more people throw small parties at home. The ability to control the devices with just a click from a hand-held mobile device makes this product appealing to many people. Although this product cannot be easily transported, there is a high-profit margin from buying and selling this device.

12. Weight-loss supplement

There is an increasing demand for the weight-loss supplement as people search for quicker ways of losing weight. From herbal products to detox tea and coffees, these are products with high profit margin.

13. Beard oil

If you are looking for ideas to buy and sell,This is a unique idea for you.

This is a men?s beauty product that ties into the growing trend of men spending more on grooming. Beard oil also serves as a perfect gift with demands for it increasing during festive seasons or special occasion days like fathers? day. This product may be expensive to ship considering its luxury packaging but you can still earn profit from the sale of the product.

14. Pet care supplies

best things to buy and sell for profit

8 in 10 homes have a pet and pet owners cannot always spend extra money paying for pet grooming. Pet grooming is fast becoming a chore for children and there will be constant demand for pet care supplies. These products are relatively easy to transport and you can earn money from selling them.

15. E-cigarette

The e-cigarette is a product in high demand as an alternative to smoking. As a retailer of E-cigarette, you will always have a constant demand for your products and you will earn some profits from this venture.

16. Board games

Board games are great ways of engaging guests at parties and for encouraging family bonding. And with the growing number of home parties thrown weekly, demand for board games is on the rise. You can earn some profit from selling interesting board games as they are easy to transport.

17. Travel backpacks

best things to buy and sell for profit


Backpacks are handy for easier check-in on a journey. As traveling across cities becomes easier and cheaper; and with ease of traveling travel backpacks avail travelers through features such as power banks incorporated into the bags, these bags will remain in high demand.

Although these bags are bulky and may involve more shipping cost, it entails reasonable profit-margin. It might not best thing to resells.

18. Jewelry

Jewelries are high-end products that you can easily sell and make a profit. From necklaces to earrings and bracelets, there is always jewelry for the entire family. Also, this is a product with a high-profit margin if you obtain the products from wholesale suppliers.

If you are a person think about what can I buy and sell to make money, it’s better idea to check about the jewelry.

best things to buy and sell for profit

From Product research Tool – Pexda

19. Children clothing

My next Best Things To Buy And Sell For Profit is children clothing.

The booming children wear industry affords you an opportunity of making a profit from buying and selling products in the industry. Find a product niche in the industry and earn double of your cost price.

With cheap suppliers in emerging economies like China and developing economies like Bangladesh and Cambodia, you are guaranteed continuous access to these products at a cheap price and a profitable sale of those products.

20. Minimalist Watches

best things to buy and sell for profit

Wristwatches are now fashion accessories and with the influx of watch brands producing affordable wristwatches, demand for these watches keeps growing. Minimalist watches are fairly affordable, easy to transport and there is a high-profit margin from the sale of wristwatches.

21. Korean skincare products

Korean skincare products occupy a special position in the market of skin care products. The flawless skin of Koreans attracts a demand for Korean skincare regime. You are sure to make a profit from this market although minimal if you obtain your products from local retailers.

22. Craft supplies

With so many how-to? YouTube tutorials, do-it-yourself (DIY) is the popular ideology for saving money. But you can make money from this ideology by selling DIY craft supplies such papers, glitters, glue, and scissors.

These are lightweight items that can be easily transported. Although the profit margin is minimal, the consistent sale of these products will earn you a decent profit. And you can easily include more products as demands are made for them alongside those you have in stock.



There are so many costumed parties being thrown for adults and children. Superheroes, as well as cartoon or movie characters, are common themes in costumed parties. While a lot of people may try to make a costume for themselves or their children, the busy working-class parent looks out for good costume sellers.

Consumers are relatively lightweight and easy to transport. Find wholesale costume supplier and begin to earn from selling in the high costume demand market.You have to be more

24. Party supplies

best things to buy and sell for profit

With parties going on every weekend in almost every neighborhood, party supplies are products in high demand. From paper plates to cups as well as decorations and lots more, party supplies are lightweight items involving the little cost of transportation.

The profit margin from the sale of party supplies may not be high, but you are sure to break even from a consistent sale of these products.

25. Kids Toys

 Best Things To Buy And Sell For profit

There is always a demand for toys by parents because they need to keep the kids busy playing with toys. Kids toys, such as, stuffed animals are lightweight products that can easily be transported and sold at a profit. Toys are cheap items to resell.


est Things To Buy And Sell For profit

Bikepacking is one of the trending concepts. It has many good items to sell. Bike accessories, Outdoor gadgets, and many products can sell under this niche. There are number of good communities around this niche. Newzealand, Canada, and other europian countries have backpacking lovers and they are ready to buy the products.

You can find many bikepacking products in Ali express for you to buy to sell products.



Those are the 25 Best Things To Buy And Sell For Profit. Always lookout for a cheap seller to increase your profit margin.

Most of the above products can buy from china suppliers. I recommend you to test products with small quantities that you can buy from Ali Express for cheap. If you find products are selling well then you can move to the whole sellers like Ali Baba.

Its always better to keep eye on market trends and utilize the trends and it can increase by selling trending products.


Thank you for reading best Things To Buy And Sell For Profit!

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