Building Your Instagram Following without Following Others

Building Your Instagram Following without Following Others


A common recommendation to increase your social media following is to follow others. Unfortunately, this can lead to a constant stream of useless updates and notifications in the hope that you?ll get more views and greater personal brand recognition. Here are a few tips on how to get Instagram followers without following others.

20 Ways To Building Your Instagram Following without Following Others

1.Fill Out Your Bio

You should start this process by completely filling out your bio on Instagram. This helps people discover you, and it increases your legitimacy with those considering following you. This is a great place to add branded hashtags and links to your other social media accounts, all of which increases your rankings.

2.Post Quality Content

The first rule of growing your Instagram following is to post quality content. No number of comments, hashtags, and gaming the system will work if you don?t post pictures that capture people?s attention and that they relate to. Do this regularly, and your followers will share your content and convert their friends into your followers.

3.Pay Attention to What Works


We?re not going to tell you to copy what a top Instagram personality is doing, because that may not work for you. Instead, determine what your own top posts are. Analyze those for what generated spikes of engagement. Do you get the best results with photos, videos, carousels or inspirational quotes? What borders or hashtags did you use? Copy that to improve your following.

4.Follow a Pattern

A disturbing number of social media accounts are dead or nearly so, since the people who own them rarely post to them. If you want to maintain a following, you have to keep the account active. If you want to cultivate a following, post in a regular pattern so that people know when to check in with your account. It may be daily or weekly, but you have to keep it going. Aim for posts on the same day of the week. A side benefit of this tactic is that Instagram rewards people who post consistently, and regular posts keep you in followers? feeds, increasing the odds they visit and share.

5.Hash Tag Responsibly

If you use the right hash tags, you?ll capture a lot of people who?d otherwise never visit your page. And you may be able to become part of that community if enough of your content is relevant. However, this depends on two things. First, you have to use the right hash tags. If you?re familiar with search engine optimization, you?ll know that using unrelated keywords gets your website downgraded. Use unrelated has tags with your content, and you?ll drive away visitors and lose followers. Second, use the right number of hashtags. Four to seven hashtags are ideal. More than ten is spammy.

6.Consider Geotagging Your Posts

Building Your Instagram Following without Following Others
Building Your Instagram Following without Following Others

This is a mixed bag. You?ll be telling people where you are and when you?re there. However, it will also increase the visibility of your content in local searches without any extra effort on your part once you activate geotagging. The alternative is including location-based hashtags and local SEO in your description of a post.

7.Time It Right

The best time to post is when your followers are most active on the site. You?ll get more likes, comments and shares if you post when they?re online. This is similar to timing a press release to when it is most likely to be picked up by reporters.

8.Encourage Engagement

Engagement generates comments, likes and others invited to the conversation. You can do this by asking a question in your post. They?ll answer it, and they may ask others to weigh in on the poll or give their opinion on a subject.

9.Engage with Your Followers

Building Your Instagram Following without Following Others
Building Your Instagram Following without Following Others

Do you want to keep people coming back? Reply to their comments. If you have a lot of comments, try to reply to as many as possible. When you find out someone has shared your post, thank them for doing so.

10.Cultivate a Community

Instead of trying to get as many followers as possible, try to create a community. This means answering questions, responding to comments, and interacting with others? content. Interact with others who have the same interests as you. This increases the odds they?ll follow you and encourage their followers to follow you. You can take it to the next level by encouraging people to respond to others? comments on your post.

11.Encourage Followers to Reach Out to Others

If you want to get more people in the conversation, invite your followers to tag their friends or favorite accounts. This will bring more people to the post, and if they like the conversation, it increases the odds they?ll follow your account.

12.Engage Others without Following

We did say we?d give you advice on building your Instagram following without following others. One way to do that is to like other people?s photos. For every hundred likes you give, you?ll get around 20 likes on your own posts and 6 followers. Post relevant comments and the stats are even better.

13.Connect Your Instagram Account to Your Other Social Media Accounts

Connecting Instagram to your other social media accounts will get you more Instagram followers. People who follow you on Facebook, LinkedIn or MeWe are the most likely people to follow you on another site. A side benefit of this approach is that their traffic from other platforms to Instagram will increase the ranking of your Instagram account in search results.



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14.Connect with Your Contact List

Email may seem retro, but you should consider sending email notifications to people in your email contact list when you have a new Instagram post. At a minimum, send out a message that lets them know that you are on Instagram and share the URL.

15.Promote Instagram Tactfully on Other Platforms

Do you want to know a secret marketing tactic? Post your Instagram social icon as your picture on every other social media account. When you update your profile picture, most social media sites will send out an update to all your connections. They?ll see the Instagram profile information, and some of them will follow you on Instagram. If you?ve posted a new Instagram video or story, mention it on Twitter or Facebook.

16.Give People a Reason to Follow

If you run a business or are an influencer who earns money off your following, the best way to get more followers is to give them an incentive. You can offer people discounts, freebies or products by entering a contest. Just make the action simple like liking your photo, commenting, or, better yet, following you. Maximize the ROI by using the contest hashtag.

17.Maintain Your Brand

Building Your Instagram Following without Following Others
Building Your Instagram Following without Following Others

Consistency is key to trust and authenticity. One way to do this is to use the same one or two filters for every photo you upload. Another is to use your tagline or personal brand name on every post. It also means you can?t be continually ?rebranding? yourself. Pick a topic or focus and stick to it.

18.Utilize Friday Introductions

The hashtag #fridayintroductions is a community where people introduce each other on Friday. This is an opportunity to post a fact about yourself, talk about what you?re passionate about, or share a post about yourself. This is a great way to get your brand out in front of others without being spammy. You can amplify the effect by asking others to introduce themselves in the comments on your post.

19.Work with an Influencer

Cross-posting is a win-win strategy when done right. If there?s an influencer who is following you, reach out to them. Ask them to tag them in your posts when they share them. Don?t forget to do the same to help them. Just don?t turn your feed into a copy of their feed. Make sure you have enough unique content in your feed to maintain your own brand.


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20.Don?t Turn Off Your Followers

You?ll lose followers if you seem desperate or spammy. Don?t ask people to follow those who follow you. Don?t repeatedly post begging people to follow you and ask their friends to follow you. Don?t send out a constant stream of solicitations for charity or overly promotional content. Don?t post more than a few posts a day or people will unfollow you, because you?re flooding their feeds.

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