The field of Internet marketing is ever-changing and ever expanding. Due to this very reason, there are newer and newer opportunities when it comes to Internet marketing. The problem is that for a beginner, it is very difficult to seek knowledge about these opportunities. There are a variety of techniques which you can use to make money online. That is why, instead of going through trial and error, it is a much better idea to opt for a reputed course to learn the nitty-gritty of making money online.

Chris Farrell membership promises to be one such course which can help you make money online. However, before you opt for it, it is important to find out whether it is really good enough. We will today share with you our Chris Farrell membership (CFM) review to help you understand what it consists of and whether you should opt for it.

Who is Chris Farrell?

Before we dive into the membership course, it is important to know more about Chris Farrell himself. He is a successful and respected individual in the field of Internet marketing. According to his bio, he started in 2008. However, within a few months, he was able to ramp-up his income to $ 1000 per month. In August 2010, he created a record of sorts by generating sales of $ 1 million in 24 hours.

One thing which is for sure is that Chris Farrell is undoubtedly an individual whom you should listen to. In order to help others, he decided to create Chris Farrell Membership (CFM).

Chris Farrell membership review

What does Chris Farrell membership constitute?

CFM promises to be a step-by-step guide when it comes to building sites and marketing them with the help of various Internet marketing techniques. In fact, from 2011 to 2015, it was ranked as the number 1 online income service. While this is a pretty good achievement but the question is whether it is still relevant.

How does CFM work?

CFM exclusively focuses on affiliate marketing and email marketing. It helps you with the basics of making money with the help of these two techniques. The entire course is divided into three different steps. These include:

1. Finding a profitable niche:

The first step takes into account the niche in which you want to go ahead. It allows you to choose a profitable niche which means that once you get traffic, you will be able to monetize the niche without any problem.

2. Building a list:

It also guides you through the process to create the opt-in page to gather the emails. It highlights the importance of providing a free gift on the page to build a relationship and trust with your subscribers.

3. Marketing relevant products to the list:

It guides you to choose the relevant products and marketing them to your list to generate revenue.

In a nutshell, you can assume that CFM combines affiliate marketing with email marketing. It also explains how you can promote your own products to your list. Thus, you can use it for not just promoting affiliate products but your own products as well.

Chris Farrell membership review

Which are the training modules included?

When you look at the modules on offer by CFM, you will find that there are five different modules in which the entire membership course is divided. These are:

1. Getting started:

In this module, Chris explains the three steps which we have highlighted above. If you?re familiar with email marketing and affiliate marketing, you can skip this model.

2. 10 minutes to success:

This module is rather elaborate. It is the main module of the course. It consists of 31 videos. There are quite a few topics which are covered in this module like:

? Finding the right niche

? Setting up your domain

? Traffic generation

? Choosing the products to sell

? And much more

Thus, it is a module which you should definitely not miss.

3. Moneymaking labs:

This is a module which has plenty of topics covered. They are not necessarily connected. Some of the topics include:

? Video marketing

? Creating e-books

? Creating click funnels

? And much more

It is more like a library which you can refer to if you?re stuck anywhere.

4. I love traffic:

The module relates to traffic generation techniques. In total, there are 15 videos. These cover topics like:

? Forum marketing

? Video marketing

? Paid advertisements

? And much more

CFM highlights that you need not master each traffic generation technique to make money through affiliate marketing. However, CFM misses out on one of the most critical marketing techniques that is SEO. This is where CFM lacks.

5. Webinars:

Even though CFM claims that there will be regular webinars, but there are only a handful of them up until now. This clearly indicates that there might be lack of relevant and up-to-date content.

In fact, this is the main problem with CFM. It does not have up-to-date content. Some of the techniques explained do not work now. That is why you will be left with half-baked the knowledge most of which cannot be applied currently. A much better alternative is wealthy affiliate which has regular updates in its membership area. Oftentimes, there are daily videos which are updated as well.


Which are the tools included?

This is one of the main problems with CFM. It does not actually provide any tools. It merely lists down the tools which you need to use along with CFM. On the other hand, wealthy affiliate offers you access to specific exclusive tools which increases the effectiveness of the course. The tools which CFM recommends are:

? Aweber

? Optimize Press

? Microphone

? Camatsia

? Leadpages

? And so on

This section is the Achilles Heel for CFM.

Is the customer support good?

There are three customer support channels provided. These include:

? FAQ page:

The FAQ page is pretty limited. You will not be able to gain a lot of knowledge from it. Most of the information is outdated.

? Forum support:

The problem with the forum is that neither it is active and nor it is properly categorized. Thus, the support channel is not that useful.

? Ticket support:

The problem is even though ticket support is one of the best types of support channels available but the replies are infrequent.

When it comes to customer support including live chat and an active community, wealthy affiliate is a much better option. Click here to know more about wealthy affiliate!

Chris Farrell membership review

Can it help you make money?

The problem with CFM is that it is targeted only towards beginners. If you?re looking to accumulate knowledge which can prove to be the stepping stones to your success, then CFM is good enough. However, the actionable content is pretty limited. If you want to elaborate your knowledge, then only CFM is good enough. If you want to know more about the techniques which actually work, wealthy affiliate is a much better option.

In short, CFM can only help you gain knowledge whereas other courses like wealthy affiliate can actually provide you with a blueprint to make money.


? Affordable

? Product from an established marketer

? Beginner friendly

? Good ratings

? 30-day money back guarantee


? Outdated knowledge

? Lack of actionable blueprint

? No tools provided

? Inactive forum

Verdict – Is CFM worth opting for?

Truth be told, CFM is actually a legit product but the knowledge, unfortunately, is outdated. As stated in our Chris Farrell membership review above, it is a much better idea to go with wealthy affiliate. It will help you gain up-to-date knowledge of affiliate marketing which will, in turn, allow you to make money with the help of a proper blueprint and exclusive tools which you can get access to. Click here to check out the features of wealthy affiliate!

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