ClickBank promotes itself as an online retailer, payment processor, and affiliate network. There are more than ten thousand items you can sell through them in exchange for a commission on each sale. There are many complaints about Click Bank.

Common problems include continuing to bill you on a monthly basis after you pay for one report, irregular payments, and poor customer service. That is why we?re going to list our top 15 ClickBank alternatives.


Click Bank Alternatives

MarketHealth is an excellent affiliate program for selling health-related products. This includes but is not limited to weight loss products, cosmetics, skin care products, sports nutrition, and men?s health. They?re very easy to sign up with, and you can offer products not available internationally.

A potential side benefit is that its narrow focus prevents your blog being undermined by affiliate ads. For example, a weight loss site would only show weight loss or healthy living products, not the sweets and TVs that the same target demographic may also be buying.

14. Commission Junction

Click Bank Alternatives

Commission Junction, also known as CJ, is one of the biggest affiliate programs in the world. It is run by Conversant. This affiliate network focuses more on sellers, whereas ClickBank focuses on the affiliates. However, it is Commission Junction you want to go through if you want to be an affiliate for Walmart or Target.

You will have to apply to each individual advertiser and be approved before you can become their affiliate; that isn?t fast or guaranteed, but that leads to better returns if you are approved. This site gets points for being one of the easiest ones to use by affiliates.

13. PeerFly

Click Bank Alternatives

Clickbank alternatives should include more than just selling things for a portion of the proceeds. Peerfly is different than the traditional affiliate networks where you?re paid a commission based on what people buy. PeerFly is a cost per action or CPA network.

You?re paid per action your readers take. This means you can get paid per contact form submission, email newsletter signup or signup for a trial period. PeerFly is a good option for those who want to let guest posts refer someone to third-party services and newsletters and get a piece of the action.

12. Rakuten

Click Bank Alternatives

Rakunten is a popular affiliate site, though it isn?t well known outside of its user base. It provides access to data on clicks, conversions, and earnings on an easy-to-read dashboard. You can use a variety of tools to upload links or set up coupons.

The only downside is that you have to sign up with each advertiser before you can promote their product; this takes time and opens the door to rejection. On the flipside, there are many businesses who do affiliate selling through Rakuten that won?t touch Clickbank.

11. ShareASale

Click Bank Alternatives

ShareASale is a modest Clickbank alternative that lets you filter by keyword, product category or a variety of criteria to find an item to sell that is a close match with your site or a particular blog post. It allows you to note items you?d like to sell later or review. You can sell both physical and digital products on an affiliate basis through ShareASale.

10.?Aversity Partners Program

Click Bank Alternatives

The Aversity Partners Program has as its greatest benefit the training they provide affiliate marketers. This makes them a good choice for those just starting out in affiliate marketing. They make it easy to set up pre-sell pages and sales pages, and you can use these to promote your own business as well as those you?re promoting in exchange for a commission.


Click Bank Alternatives

Builderall is one of the least well known ClickBank alternatives. One of the benefits of this site is the two-tier plan where you can receive payment when people sign up for a subscription with a service or content provider you recommend and an even higher commission after that if they continue the subscription after that point. The downside is that you have to pay a modest monthly fee for the Builderall Business Plan.

The basic Builderall tier is a standard affiliate program. It doesn?t have as many items available as ClickBank, but it has more tools for you to use to promote them like email marketing tools and landing page creators.

8. MaxBounty

MaxBount is another cost per action program. You?re paid per action, not per sale, though you could receive a commission from each sale. This means you?d get paid if someone submits a sales lead as well as when they buy the item.

The approval process requires you to have your own domain, so you can?t use it if you?re running a WordPress site. They?ll take time to approve you. You?ll be able to select the items or services that you promote on your site.

7. JVZoo

Click Bank Alternatives

JVZoo is one of the better Click Bank alternatives if you?re promoting mostly digital products. You can sell eBooks, newsletters and other content. The downside for affiliates is that they sometimes promote content that is questionable, and that may impact your reputation.

Conversely, they?re one of the few affiliate sites that will let you promote webinars with your own, custom intro ? and you can use it to promote your own paid content, as well.

6. ClickBooth

Click Bank Alternatives

ClickBooth says it has paid out about a billion dollars to date. They have a wide range of sites and brands you could promote on your site. We rank them high on our list because they approve so many of their applicants. You can get paid via Paypal, checks, bank transfers and direct deposit. They have excellent customer support.

5. The iTunes Affiliate Program

Click Bank Alternatives

Do you love music? Do your readers love music? Then the iTunes affiliate program may be right for you. You can promote specific songs, apps or audiobooks on iTunes. This could be a great way for someone reviewing music to make extra money since you?d receive a commission on every song they download.

If you have an audiobook, you could receive an affiliate commission every time they download your audio book or buy someone else?s. The iTunes affiliate program pays well and pays on time.

4. NeverBlue/GloabalWide Media

Click Bank Alternatives

Neverblue is a well-respected cost per action network. It has a strong reputation, and that can protect your reputation. They don?t refer your readers to fraudulent sites or scammers. That?s why they rank higher on our list ? they thoroughly vet their clients.

The challenge for you is getting accepted, because they do thorough reviews of you, as well. If accepted, they have a wide array of opportunities to choose from. You could make money promoting a quiz or financial assessment that isn?t obviously commercial.


Click Bank Alternatives

The points in favor of include a wide selection, brand recognition, and excellent pay rates. The downside is that they favor advanced affiliates. If you?re just getting started, they won?t even talk to you. You?ll have to fill out an application, and they?ll see if you?re a fit with what they?re looking for.

The upside of this Clickbank alternative is that they assign you an affiliate manager and have excellent customer service.

2. eBay Partner Network

Click Bank Alternatives

eBay Partner Network allows you to collect a commission on items sold on eBay through your blog. You can promote your own items and generate a steady stream of traffic to your eBay store, or you could refer people to someone else?s eBay store.

eBay is better than Amazon when you?re promoting used items as a bargain or handmade items that don?t have the UPC code Amazon requires. Amazon, for example, won?t let you sell a handmade quilt or custom made hula hoop. eBay has strong social media connections, and the brand recognition makes links to the site more likely to be clicked than most other links.

1. Amazon Associates

Click Bank Alternatives

Amazon Associates has an incredible number of benefits. It has brand recognition, increasing the odds people will click on an Amazon affiliate link to buy the item. You can share links to your own eBooks or audiobooks, and Amazon handles the content delivery while you receive both a commission and royalties.

Amazon has a far wider inventory selection than ClickBank. There are literally millions of items available. Another point in its favor is the sheer number of people who have Amazon Prime; they?ve already paid for expedited delivery through Amazon and this leads to fewer complaints with service. That’s why we listed Amazon top among Clickbank alternatives.

But get the approval for amazon affiliate program may not easy.

Watch the following video and follow the steps.

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