Clickbank Pirate Review | Earning $10,000 without doing anything?

I have been reviewing a lot of products for quite some time now, and trust me I am tired of seeing hyped claims from a lot of products. Just like this one, they are claiming that you?ll be earning $10,000 WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING.

How is this possible? Is it too good to be true?

Don?t worry I am here to help you uncover the truth behind Clickbank Pirate. Of course, I also want to make sure that you will really earn your passive monthly income, without you being scammed.

So, here?s my Clickbank Pirate Review!

What is Clickbank Pirate?

Clickbank Pirate is a done-for-you marketing package that will give you a turnkey website and then earn thru a business model called Affiliate Marketing. Apparently, this program is created by David Blaze ?The Clickbank Pirate?, introducing how you can earn without doing so much work. ?

Once a member you will have access to their resources, tutorials and their marketing tools. Since this is using Affiliate Marketing they are focused on Clickbank products. The main goal of this program is for you to create a successful affiliate business that revolves around Clickbank.

This seems to be a legit program but let?s see if the claims are true?


Inside Clickbank Pirate

I tried looking for David Blaze but I cannot find him in any social platforms, as if he never really existed. However, if you click “Contact Us” at the end of the very long sales page, you will be directed to IM Wealth Builder.

So for me, David Blaze is just their front person but this is also created by the same person who created IM Wealth builder: Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye.

Just a bit of a background, IM Wealth Builder was found out to have created a number of scam products and this doesn’t seem to be a good start.

Aside from that information, here are the few claims that show on their sales page:

1. $10,000 Per Month Without a Website or a Product of my own:

This is a bit confusing for me because they said that you’ll earn $10,000 without a website but once you are a member you will be given a turnkey website. So, YOU WILL NEED A WEBSITE?

I also feel the same way on having no need for a product for you to earn. The business model is Affiliate Marketing and for you to succeed in this type of business you need a product to promote and website to place your promotion.

Having said so, this claim is contradicting what they are providing to their member.

2. You don’t need to do…

Again they are so focused on the idea that you don’t need to do anything to earn. You just need to sign up and they will do everything for you.

Again you will be earning thru Affiliate Marketing, you need products, website, and content and here they are claiming that you don’t need all those vital things.


3. Start earning in 15 mins

They consider this as a plug and play in online business. It’s as if you ‘ll just install this and you’re done.

Once fully set up you just need to enjoy and monitor your earnings. Again, they are showing this as if you really don’t need to do anything.

This is just too good to be true and if you are able to read the full sales page most of the statement contradict one another.


4.But you will still have a blog…

Apparently, even if you don’t need a product or a website to earn using their program, you still need a blog.

Once a member and you already got your turnkey website you will be blogging about products, HOWEVER, they have all the articles that you’ll be posting.

This means you need to just copy paste everything they provide to you and you should earn from it. But isn’t that duplicate content?

What I Like About Clickbank Pirate?

1.Templates that work even if you’re a beginner:

After having the turnkey website, you’ll notice that these are proven templates that have worked before.

The layout of the website or your landing page is important as it will also affect your conversion. So, having pre-built templates are a big help for those who are just beginning to have an online business.

2.60 day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t like the result of the product you can get a refund within 60 days. The payment is processed thru Clickbank so it’s easy to get a refund, and there’s a high chance you’ll request for one .

And why will you sign up by the way?

3.Using Affiliate Marketing

This business model is a legit and proven tested method to earn money online. A lot of people have high earnings by using it correctly.

This program uses Affiliate Marketing, so these means they really know you’ll earn, it’s just that their turnkey is useless. But at least they are using a legit business model.

4. Apparently, they have coaching

Once you are a member you will gain access to their Training and Coaching. This is their Bonus #3. This also serves as their support for members who will have struggles from time to time. This is not an upsell and it is included in your membership.

…What I don?t like about Clickbank Pirate?

1.Duplicate Contents

If you can remember, hey said that you don’t need to write anything for you to earn using their program. Its because they’ll provide you all the content and you just copy and paste it to your blog.

This is not advisable because it will be detected by Google and will be tagged as Duplicate Content. If that happens, you will not earn from your blog, thus making it useless.

2.Unnecessary Upsell

Membership will cost you $67 and you will get all the tools and resources you need. However, you will also be offered $37 per month for you to get additional tools.

Not only that…

You will also offer their Bonus 1 which is worth $67 for you to get a complete traffic course. They said that it will cover SEO and traffic.

if you scroll down you’ll see their Bonus 2 for $297! These are for you to have your own personal WordPress blog, fully hosted and optimized.

These things should have come with their upfront membership fee as they have claimed to already be complete with everything that you need.

Earning access will just give you the basic and it won’t be enough since most of the vital things that you need are in the upsell.

3.Too much Hype

They claim too much and the claims are contradicting. On their sales page they will hype you up by earning a lot without doing anything, but as you scroll down you will see all the stuff you need and will do.

You will see that you will still need to set up a website and have blog posts. Although, they are true with their claims about you not having to write anything, but this is still too hyped for me.

We all know that earning money online takes a lot of patience and hard work too. So if something claims to be offering success without hard work, then that’s too good to be true.

4.Outdated Materials and Proofs

They have included screenshots of their earnings thru Clickbank and if you noticed something, the dates are not updated. The earnings are until 2011 only, which means it’s no longer reliable.

The training also included old ways and methods like article marketing and Private Label Right (PLR) articles. Although they do have updated courses, that will cost you an additional $67 just for SEO and Traffic.

Seriously, if you use their training it will not be fruitful. You will see zero results, not unless they change their whole program and remove the duplicate articles.


Is Clickbank Pirate a Scam?

To be honest, if this is offered to me 8 years ago I will give it a try. First, the training is up to date during those days, and there?s no issue if it?s a duplicate article.

But it?s 2019 already, this will not work. You?ll be paying for something that is useless. Although this is not a scam, this really is useless. Even if you purchase the Bonus 1 for their SEO course it will still not work because you will still copy paste articles that are available for all their members!

If you know my story, I have been looking for ways to earn online and I have been scammed a lot of times. I have lost money and these caused me stress. Even if this product is not a scam, I will still lose money, and I don?t want that.

Good thing I have found my #1 recommendation which also uses Affiliate Marketing and it?s now giving me 4 digits passive monthly income!

I will not recommend Clickbank pirate due to it?s an outdated program. Instead, I will be recommending Wealthy Affiliate. An all-around platform that is up to date, uses Affiliate Marketing and will not break your bank.

How I Make a Living Online?

I make money online thru Affiliate Marketing. With this website and my Quora account, I do honest reviews of products and get incentives whenever they earn because of me.

You don?t need to have a solid experience in affiliate marketing, nor do you need a degree for you to earn like me.

I am no longer chasing every paycheck. Now, aside from my day job, which I love, I have a stable passive income thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and you can be one too by clicking here.

And again?

Wishing you the best of luck with your HUSTLE!


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