ClickBank University 2 review- Have any Doubts? Read and know the truth!

clickbank university 2 review

If you are a marketing person interested in affiliating or a vendor who are searching for an opportunity to earn income while exploring online opportunities, ClickBank University 2.0 is ideal online money earning passage. Many individuals were using this well-known tool among them over many years. Even though many individuals use this online money maker still there are some doubts left to figure out. And still, there are some untold realities when it comes to this money maker. So, now time for you to start familiarizing with ClickBank by going through this ClickBank University 2.0 review and find out what is the real story behind it.

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clickbank university 2 review

What is ClickBank?-ClickBank University 2 review

ClickBank is online money earning platform well-awarded and used by affiliate marketers and vendors for many years. It is initiated in 2013 under the version called ClickBank University promising many a guaranteed online income flow. This is a program created by three well-known founders Adam Horwitz, Matt Hulett, and Justin Atlan. Since the early times, it was known as a well-reputed company in the market.

clickbank university 2 review

ClickBanks helps the individuals who are interested in creating and selling their digital product via online by providing training and guidance as well as affiliate marketing courses. Three years later to the first launched they upgraded their program to 2.0.

What progress!

How does it work?

Before we start talking about how the ClickBank is working in this ClickBank University 2.0 review, we will again go through the summary of the ClickBank University 2.0 review just to make sure that now you are aware of what it is. Directly speaking it is a helping tool for the people who are interested in creating their own digital products. It also guides people to market their digital products in ClickBank and ultimately make money via that. Today ClickBank is among the largest affiliate marketplaces which are used to selling digital products.

ClickBank University 2 review

ClickBank is doing their people training according to two methods.

One method is training people to an affiliate. They are taking eight weeks for this training process and during this eight-week long course, you can learn many things related to affiliate marketing such as promoting other company?s or people?s products. Therefore, you only must focus on promoting someone else?s product and you don?t have to bother thinking of creating your own product. By doing so you can earn money called affiliate commissions.

The other method done by the ClickBank is vendor training for 12 weeks. ClickBank more focused on training vendors than giving affiliate marketing training. They are trained to design their own digital creations, market them on their own and then sell them online. The training given is full of information and covering many areas. So, the 12-week vendor training given by ClickBank is good.

clickbank university 2 review

The following are the areas they are covering during the training period.

  • Brainstorming people to decide the product they are going to create and do the research accordingly to find out what kind of situations they must encounter
  • Understanding the customer
  • Digital product creation
  • Squeeze or landing page creation
  • Sales funnel creation
  • Getting attention to your sales page
  • The way of using affiliates to promote your digital product
  • The way of expanding your business with ClickBank

So, if you have the talent within you to create your own digital product and you are interested in sharing your knowledge and experience with the world ClickBank University 2.0 is an ideal selection. It helps you to develop your knowledge and skills in various ways. You can get your training via ClickBank on a weekly basis and they are providing you with videos and PDFs step by step to watch and learn.

Further discussing if you are a member of ClickBank they are providing you with many opportunities to expand your knowledge such as;

  • Live Q & A Sessions trough web with Adam and Justing on weekly basis

In this Q & A sessions with Justin and Adam, as a member of ClickBank, you can have any question you want. These each webinar is recorded and uploaded in the web page so if any member wants to watch them and get ideas they are most welcomed.

Even though these looks like an excellent method these recordings are nor categorized according to relevant topics. All the recordings of the webinars are jumbled with messy random questions.

This Q & A webinars are a strategy used by ClickBank to keep their members in the game, so the members must pay their monthly fee of 47 dollars to stay in this big community.

  • ClickBank Facebook supportive group

  • ClickBank Builder 2.0

This tool helps you with creating websites in a professional manner, creating offer pages and landing pages. The cost of this tool little bit high ($594) but it provides you with massive benefits such as providing templates to create beautiful pages with lifetime access.

ClickBank University 2 review

What are the Plus points of ClickBank University0?

  • Reputable

Since from the initiation of ClickBank its reputation never seemed to cease. Thousands of individuals are making six to seven figure income being full time at ClickBank.

  • 30 Day money refund

Unlike other web programs, they don?t offer you free trials, one-day trials or one-dollar trails. If you are not interested in ClickBank web program it refunds the money you paid initially within 30 days back to you.

  • The Untold truth of ClickBank

An unknown fact about the ClickBank is that they have a set of course guide people and companies to do affiliate marketing. But the information they have is limited regarding the affiliate marketing area and those are outdated too. The teachings are not well updated, and they simply neglect some parts in affiliate marketing. If you don?t have much knowledge about this area you will notice it and if you have the knowledge you will notice the missing parts.

ClickBank University 2 review

That is because of this limitation as well as not updated information given in the training, affiliate market training given by the Click Bank considered as below average level. The surprising part is that under circumstances like this the ClickBank University 2.0 has a high-ticket upsell. This hasn?t revealed to you who are the front-end customers by the ClickBank.

When it comes to ClickBank Builder 2.0 it is most likely that you should purchase this tool if you are getting the training of ClickBank. The training is to build around this tool. Without this tool, it is a big disadvantage. So, in the beginning, surely, they are not telling you about purchasing this expensive tool for sure.

Lots of training videos they are providing for you are locked and you can’t watch them at once. You can watch those locked videos after some time only.

The webinars they are providing messy, low quality and not categorized well.

Are there any other ways to get good affiliate marketing training?

Yes. If you are interested there are better places than ClickBank to get good training. Wealthy affiliate is one of the good places among those. From wealthy affiliate, you can get full and perfect training for affiliate marketing without missing any parts. Also, the course is 100% updated and you will get 100% accurate information via this.

Is ClickBank University0 really a scam? The final opinion

If you have any doubts regarding this ClickBank University 2.0 is a scam or not it is not a scam at all. It is 100% guaranteed. Real coaches are there to train you to how to make money using legal resources. So, you don?t have to worry at all. There are several ups and downs such as the training cost is a little bit high and they are providing somewhat limited training.

Apart from that, this is a highly recommended program for newcomers who are keen to earn online money via your own products. It has proven from this ClickBank University 2.0 review. But if you are experienced and interested in learning affiliate marketing then wealthy Affiliate provides you the ideal path.

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How do I earn online?

I am an affiliate marketer who currently makes a 4-figure income online.


But, that is the truth!

I make such a big income while working full-time in Dubai.

ClickBank University 2 review

Though ClickBank University 2 is a legit program, it seems to be that the training costs are kind of higher. If you are unable to tolerate such big amounts, of course, you can try out affiliate marketing through a training program like the Wealthy Affiliate. Here, I would like to highly recommend this program as I became to this level of knowledge thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate.

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