Product creation is a legit and rewarding way to make money online. However, it is tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, not all the affiliate marketers are well versed with the process of product creation. This is where ClickBank University comes into the picture.

ClickBank University focuses on helping you create your own informational products. While this is the main aim of ClickBank University but in recent times, it has added an affiliate center as well. Thus, now it not only helps you create products but also promote other products with the help of affiliate marketing. Thus, it will help you understand both the sides of the business.

Today, we are going to present our ClickBank University review and help you understand whether it is worth opting for or not.

Clickbank University review

What is ClickBank?University?

ClickBank University consists of a training center as well as a community. Both of these resources revolve around creating informational products and selling them online. It teaches you to be a vendor as well as an affiliate marketer in order to make money online.

About Clickbank University:

The training material which is shared in Clickbank university is informational and resourceful. While it might seem that it is an expensive proposition at $ 47 per month but it has a reasonably good quality of content. If you?re looking for a cheaper and better alternative, you can go with Wealthy?Affiliate in $ 19 per month. We will compare ClickBank University with Wealthy?Affiliate in the conclusion of this article.

When you visit the landing page of ClickBank University, one thing which you will realize is that it is squeaky clean. They do not create marketing hysteria. They display accurate information regarding what they are. That is why it is easy to understand what is on offer here. We will today share with you the content modules offered by ClickBank University.

Where does ClickBank University score?

When you look into Clickbank university, there are a few tabs like CBU 2.0, live Q&A, forum, YouTube ads course and much more. Most of the lessons are prepared in order to ensure that you are able to learn step-by-step. We will go into the details of most of these modules below.

? Vendor training:

Vendor training consists of different weekly videos. It starts with the basics like how everything works and moves to the advanced ones like selling high ticket products through webinars. In between, there are quite a few topics which are covered like split testing, high converting sales copy, how to scale. Thus, most of your questions and queries you might have regarding product creation will be solved through this training program.

The only problem is that the content is drip fed. If you try to access week 4 videos in week 1, you will not be able to do so. In case, you want to access all the videos at once, you will have to email them to allow you the access. This is a bit puzzling since it is a monthly course and you should be able to access all the content at once. This is where Wealthy Affiliate scores as it has a much better interface and allows you unlimited access.

? ClickBank University forum:

Clickbank University review

A forum or a community is Achilles heel for many courses. This is because it is very difficult to keep a community activist. However, this is one of the main advantages of ClickBank University. It has a very active forum which ensures that you are able to get your questions and queries answered. Chances are, someone before you might have already asked a similar query and therefore, you will be able to get answers right away.

? Website builder:

The website builder allows you to create a sales funnel and a landing page. This ensures that you do not have to pay hundreds of dollars to a freelancer in order to do it for you. However, the charges of the website builder are extra. This can really dent your budget. The website builder costs you $ 594 yearly. However, it is extremely useful if you plan to build multiple digital products.

? Weekly Q&A webinars:

This is a definite advantage. If you?re stuck anywhere, you can take part in this weekly Q & A webinars and you will be able to get your queries resolved right away.

? YouTube ads crash course and copywriting course:

Both of these courses are targeted at getting more traffic. As the name itself suggests, YouTube ads crash course allows you to create YouTube advertisements to promote your affiliate products. Copywriting course allows you to not just create content for your website but to use it for content marketing as well. Thus, these 2 techniques are shared in detail to help you drive traffic to your landing pages.

These are mostly the winning points for ClickBank University albeit with a few caveats.

Clickbank University review

What are the shortcomings of Clickbank university?

We will now go into the shortcomings of ClickBank University to provide you with a more balanced view.

? Limited examples:

The examples which are shared in the videos are pretty limited. That is why, if you prefer learning through examples, you will be stuck here.

? Limited traffic generation courses:

The traffic generation courses are not that comprehensive. They leave a lot to be desired. Sure enough, ClickBank University has courses on Facebook advertising or Instagram as well but they are not that detailed. They do not share with you ways to generate traffic using search engines. They do not speak anything about social media platforms other than paid advertising. Thus, it leaves a lot to be desired.

? Webinars are all over the place:

Webinars are Q & A sessions. However, they are not well organized. They are all over the place. That is why, apart from getting your question answered, you might not be able to gain a lot of value from these weekly webinars.

? Locked Modules:

Since you are paying on a monthly basis, ideally all the content should be available to you right away. However, weeks 1 to 3 are available to you and for the rest of the weeks, you have to contact customer support. ClickBank University states that they have done so in order to ensure that people do not skip the lessons. However, limiting the content is not a good idea.

? Basic affiliate training:

As we stated above, they have added a module for affiliate marketing. The problem is that the data is very limited in the videos. Moreover, the videos have not been updated for a long period of time. That is why; most of the knowledge is outdated. If you want to know more about the basic realms of affiliate marketing, Wealthy?Affiliate is a better option as compared to ClickBank University.

The shortcomings can actually hinder your learning when it comes to product creation and affiliate marketing. If you feel that these are deal breakers, it is a good idea to opt for the Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate plugs most of the shortcomings and actually converts them into its strong points.


  • Detailed product creation videos
  • Active community
  • Website builder
  • Weekly Q&A sessions
  • YouTube ads crash course
  • Detailed copywriting course


  • Limited affiliate marketing knowledge
  • Locked content
  • A bit expensive as compared to alternatives
  • Limited traffic generation techniques are shared
  • Focused webinars
  • Limited examples

Clickbank University review

Final Verdict

As you might have noticed in the pros and cons, it is a mixed bag. It is certainly not a course which you should go gung-ho about. If you have $ 47 to spare, you can surely try it out but do not expect a high amount of value from it. On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option and a cheaper one as well.

Is it better than Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is better than Clickbank University hands down. As we stated in the ClickBank University review above, the shortcomings of ClickBank University are actually the strong points of Wealthy Affiliate. Moreover, it is very affordable at just $ 19 per month. Some of the aspects in which Wealthy Affiliate scores over ClickBank University include:

? Live chat availability

? Web hosting included

? Free trial

? Keyword research tool

? Affiliate program

? Easy to get in touch with the owners

So, if you really need to step into the world of affiliate marketing, it is a much better idea to go with Wealthy Affiliate rather than ClickBank University. Wealthy affiliate provides highly detailed tutorials and content to help you make money with affiliate marketing.

We hope that now you all have a considerable idea about ClickBank University after going through our ClickBank University review. So, we are going to wind up this discussion for the moment with the promise of bringing more and more affiliate review through our future posts.

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