Copy Paste Commissions Review | Will you really earn $4,770,167.62?

What if you can earn $4,770,167.62? What if you can be a millionaire by just copy pasting methods?

I would love that. I want to know more about it.

Here is another program called Copy Paste Commissions and they are claiming that you can earn $1,000 in a day by just following their methods

However, Is it legit? or is it another scam?

Do not worry I am here to help you answer those questions. I did some investigations and research about this program to make sure that we are all making the right decisions.

Although, I a not in any way connected to this program rest assured that I got you covered.

I am now happy with how I am earning right now thru Affiliate Marketing and I want you to also earn your own 4 digits monthly passive income.

So, let’s now check my Copy Paste Commissions review!

What is Copy Paste Commissions?

Copy Paste Commissions is an affiliate marketing system founded in 2015 by Michael Cheney and Omar Martin. The system claims to be a way for you to copy paste your way into a $1,000 in a few hours and to make money on autopilot.

Micahel Cheney and Omar Martin created the system with the intention of teaching people how to earn money thru affiliate marketing. It is also placed on their website about their strategy of earning $4,770,167.62 that they have been using for the last 23 years.

However, one of the founders Michael Cheney has created other affiliate marketing programs. He created Commission Black Ops, The Commission Machine and 7 Figure Franchise. These three products have good ideas but it’s not enough to get good reviews.

As you can see, Michael Cheney has a reputation before of creating products that were not able to deliver what they are supposed to do.

What’s inside Copy Paste Commissions?

Once you’re signed up you will be given access to their ebook which is about 77 pages of content and videos explaining how Copy Paste Commission work.

The Crush Campaign

This is where you’ll know the strategy used by Cheney and Matin for years already. The strategy that they have been using for a long time to earn money online. They will talk about mailing frequency and bonus materials and how it can improve you as a marketer.

The French Shaker Strategy

They will discuss this strategy that they use to get people to get the offer or buy the product that they are offering. They claimed that they have been using this strategy to make sure they can persuade their audience to make a sale. ?


This part will teach you all about traffic. How to get those traffic to your site and how to increase them. They use Facebook for traffic and will teach you both paid and free traffic.

Email Strategy

Aside from traffic, they will also discuss how to use email marketing effectively. They will teach you how to make your emails more interesting to make sure you’ll be able to convert to sales.

I won’t continue on discussing the other parts of the ebook but these are the essence of what you’ll mostly learn from it. They will teach you all about how to persuade your audience to make sure it will be converted to sales.

As a member, not only will you get an ebook. You will also get these:

  • Copy paste Commissions Tools and Training
  • Copy Paste Commissions Support

How will you earn from Copy Paste Commissions?

So once you’re done with all their training they claim that you’ll now be able to build your mailing list through their system.

By this process, Copy Paste Commissions claims that this will allow you to earn $1,000 per day and eventually will be on autopilot.

This is a result to you having your six-figure business giving you a passive monthly income with doing nothing.

For me, this is too much of a hype and I know you’re feeling the same way as I do.

How much does it cost to join Copy Paste Commissions?

Copy Paste Commissions membership is worth $19.95. This may seem cheap to you but this is just the upfront fee.

This will only give you access to the program and their materials but along the way, there are still things you need to purchase. These are purchasing ads, apps to generate traffic and creating and hosting a website.

There are also various upsells inside where only the members are offered. To me, this only provides a small percentage of value and unnecessary purchase.

These are:

  • $17 -Toolkit LITE
  • $27 -Top Commissions Premium Toolkit
  • $37 -Done for You Commissions Service

What do I like about Copy Paste Commissions?

Money Back Guarantee

Whenever there are doubtful products like these it’s always a good thing to see a money back guarantee.

Copy Paste Commissions will provide you with their money back guarantee using JVZOO. So, if you didn’t like the product you can ask for a refund.

Based on reviews, it?s easy to get a refund thru JVZOO as you just say that you?re unhappy with the product and they will refund right away.

The Ebook makes sense

Their EBook is full of useful information that you’ll be able to use in the future as well. They have written a material that not only includes their methods but all the things you need to know, like email marketing and traffic optimization.

Aside from those they also have tips in their ebook that will show you how to effectively use Facebook Marketing which is a good thing. As not everyone is successful with Facebook Ads.

…what I don?t like about Copy Paste Commissions

Too much hype

Since both of them are good with persuading the audience to buy their products, of course, they’ll be able to apply it as well on their own program.

So if you noticed on their website they have placed statements to get your full attention for you to sign up with the program. Like this:

“Copy and Paste the $4,770,167.62* Commission-Creating Strategy of Two Affiliate Millionaires…”

?You Can COPY And PASTE This $4,770,167.62 Strategy Directly Into Your Business??

Paid Actors

Here are the actors in Fiverr again. If you noticed most of the doubtful programs that we have reviewed hire actors.

These actors will give out testimonies about how the program has changed their life. How the program is the try and a game changer for them.

And if you can see, Copy Paste Commissions hired actors for their testimonials.

For me, this is already a sign of a scammy product as it shows that no one became successful because of them.

Wrong method of List building

A Strong email list is a good way for you to have a high percentage of converted sales.

However, Copy Past Commissions have an ineffective method of creating a strong email list.

One of these methods is by having their existing subscribers share their link to have other people subscribe to the program.

The catch is you will get incentives if you are able to have another subscriber sign up using the link that you shared. Thus creating a long email list but with no high percentage of quality.

It won’t increase the conversion using this method tho.

Upsells, Upsells, and more Upsells.

Yes, the upfront price is $19.95. It’s cheap and the information that you’ll get will make it seem like a steal.

However, once you are a member you will be persuaded to purchase their upsells. Aside from that, you will be redirected to a different sales page once you’re already a member.

Where’s the Copy-Paste method?

I know that they got your attention when they just told you about how you can copy paste your way to financial freedom. However, that’s not true.

There’s no copy pasting when it comes to earning or doing business. Aside from facing Google’s Duplicate Content policy, you will not learn anything the right way.

What you’ll get from them is an ebook on how to do affiliate marketing correctly.

Is Copy Paste a Scam?

Here’s the thing, Copy Paste Commission is a legitimate program and system. However, it does not deliver what they are supposed to do.

The scammy part is it won’t help you all the way to succeed and will only provide you information or materials that will help you understand affiliate marketing.

And to add to this, the fact that they are hiring actors for testimonials means that it’s either there are no successful members or they want to increase their sales more rather than waiting for a successful member.

The first one sounds to be the main reason.

Is it worth it? Of course not. I won’t invest my money may it be cheap or not on something that will not help me on my journey. I think it will be a bad investment.


If you can remember my story I have been searching for a product or service that will help me earn money online. I have been scammed a few times already. If I saw this program I would happily walk past by it as it is not worth my time.

If you want a great source of knowledge about Affiliate Marketing and earn at the same time you can use my #1 recommendation. I am using this too and I am now earning my 4 digits monthly passive income.

How I Make a Living Online?

I make money online thru Affiliate Marketing. With this website and my Quora account, I do honest reviews of products and get incentives whenever they earn because of me.

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And again?

Wishing you the best of luck with your HUSTLE!


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