The Copy Paste Income review ? is it a better way to earn?

copy paste income review

People are in the look for any possible method to earn some extra cash these days. And the most popular method seems to be via online jobs. There are plenty of online jobs on the internet. Some are scams and some are legitimate. Some say you can earn a fortune by working with them. While some say you can earn a neat amount though not a fortune. If you were to ask me, I would say that it is impossible to earn a fortune by doing a simple online job. You could earn a few bucks or maybe to cover your Netflix account. There are methods to earn some decent money yet it is seemingly impossible to become millionaires just by doing part time online job.

copy paste income review

You must have already heard about this system. They sell it very nicely as well as they sell it as it was a fantasy. So, you would earn a $3052.68 by just clicking a few commands over a weekend? If you were not using dollar bills into your account this would be impossible.

First off, welcome to my copy paste income review, and congratulations. You are one of the very few people who are smart enough to check out before buying or signing into anything.

You should be most probably find the answer to whether it is a scam or not by now. But peeps, I will not say that here. Read on, and see how they function, what they do, how they pay and things that you do not know about them (if you knew everything you would not be reading my review). And then decide for yourself whether you want to join them or not.

So, let us move onto the copy paste income review!

The first problem that popped into my head when I saw their advertisements was the number. Why exactly 3052.68 bucks? Why could not they say something close to three thousand dollars? If it was me, I would have said ?you can earn more than three thousand dollars?? The simplest possible explanation was ?attention?. Anyway, let us first find what they are.

copy paste income review

Simply put, they are a very basic affiliate marketing training and resources system. As soon as I said associate marketing some of you might understand it at once.

This was created by Ewen Chia. The system is his own marketing channel. He has created it to sell his own products and for him to earn money. So, if he says that he earned some three thousand bucks in a weekend, maybe he did?

This system is just another CLICK BANK that claims to give you the impossible. This has been created to people who have zero to nothing skills. Because how hard could it be to click some buttons?

There are a few other things that he says about his system:

  1. That this system is the easiest and the fastest method to earn money online. You can earn a lot of money just by using it on autopilot?
  2. You can get to the system by less than ten minutes.
  3. Get prepared to earn a huge amount of money, that you will probably not know what to do with.

copy paste income review

How do they work?

The site is filled with very tempting messages regarding easy money. But you should know by now that earning money online is not an easy task. Yet, they say that it is do nothing and earn everything fantasy.

The system teaches you affiliate marketing strategies that are older than my age! No one uses them now! The teaching is so outdated that the first red alarm is in the teaching itself.

The system is basically a scandal. I hope someday things like this become illegal.

You will be selling PLR eBooks with him. All you have to do is, insert your eBook links in partner product links that you find online. What to do part seem to be a little true. When someone purchases a product from a link that you inserted, you get a commission.

copy paste income review

The ugly truths about them

There are a few ugly truths that I found in the system. You should know about them before anything because if you were to join them. It is needless to say what might happen if you did not know anything, right?

  1. There are fake recommendations and descriptions!!

Actually; there are so many comments and reviews on the webpage saying that they earned money with them. Moreover; you will see that there is a description of Brittany who earned a lot. But the news is fake. And the person is fake too. It is just another made up part of the system. The image is found on Google.

copy paste income review

  1. A Ferrari? Really?

The fake news in the system does not end with statements. There is a picture of a Ferrari. They say that one of the members bought it out of the money he earned from the system. I am so happy if he did but unfortunately, he did not. If you did a google reverse search you will find that it is another stock image.

  1. Unrealistic hype is killing the site

The site is filled with unrealistic hype. There is a post saying that someone?s friends laughed at him but they saw how he did it and joined it! they say so much about making not money but millions. And there is this part that says, you will not know what to do with the money? Like seriously? What are we joining too? A dark website?

copy paste income review

  1. Upsells

The owner seems to earn money by Upsells than the members. He uses the sites to promote his own sites as well as others for money. If you doubt me, just check two of his own websites. They contain each other?s names!

  1. Everyone can join the members’ area

So, we thought that the system was working for money. But it was so cheaply built anyone can get access to the members’ area. It is quite shocking but it is the truth after all.

copy paste income review

  1. Ads popping up to paid members as well!

You pay a twenty ? seven or a thirty ? seven bucks to join the site. So how come they put ads in that area? Ads are common and acceptable if it was free. But as a paid member I would probably get annoyed to see ads popping up.

A few good points?

There are not many good things to be found in the system.

But we should not leave them the only ones found.

  1. 2 months money back guarantee

They guarantee to give you back the initial payment you make if you do not like the system. That is good.

  1. Legitimate business model

The business model used in the site is legit. So, it cannot be named or put out as a scam. Though the interiors are almost completely fake the model is legit. So, I do not think that there would be a method to take legal actions.

copy paste income review

Final roundup, are they scam or not?

So, in this Copy Paste Income review, I would say that the system is legitimate. They are not a scam. But do you really want to join them? The system does not do any good to anyone other than Ewen himself and the partners. If you were an associate you would earn money. But what would you feel if you were a victim of these low ? quality products?

It is commonly known that online marketers do anything to earn some money. But with all the legal, profitable and humanly acceptable methods out there, I believe that this is a skunk. No one should fall into such a thing just to earn money. There are pretty ethical methods like building up your own affiliate marketing business rather than selling something that does not do any good for anyone.

Moreover; you can refer to the following video lead for getting a clear idea.

Affiliate marketing is such an effective way to make money online!

As I mentioned above in this text; building up an affiliate marketing online business is pretty effective than engaging in a program like Copy Paste Income. This is just my mindset after hustling with almost all of the online business models in the world throughout a few years.

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In my case; I earn a 4-figure online income via affiliate marketing. But, here I would like to highlight that there is no way to building up an affiliate marketing business within a shorter period of time. First of all; you have to have proper training. Before starting my affiliate marketing business what I did was, getting started with the premier affiliate marketing training program, the Wealthy Affiliate. They provided me a pretty good training so that I was able to build up my own affiliate marketing business with a great understanding.

So, guys give a try and see!

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