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If you have a blog or a video channel that you are maintaining every day, it is a necessity to keep it clean and unique. There are many ways by which you can maintain your site identity at a higher level.

Signatures would bring more attention to your articles, e-mails, and videos. It is something that would always bring a highlight to the audience. And also it can become a part of your brand.

The signature can be your short name, full name or any other text. That may depend on your choice. But most important is, it should be something that audience can easily read and easily remember.

I would suggest you keep your image with signature and it can empower your brand.

Also, do not forget that animated signatures can keep your property alive. Animated signatures will move and dance until the visitor exit. How cool it is!


Let’s see how you can create signatures for free


Tools For Creating Digital Signatures Online Free



This is a Dutch website which has cool online tools. It’s better to convert it to English when you open the site. This site has thousands of premade signatures. The sad part is, you can’t enter any new name and create the signature there.? However, it is better to visit the site and see if your name has been already listed there or not. Unfortunately, my name is not there.

Not only signatures, but this site also has much more free stuff for you.GIF, animated images, coloring images, Facebook Images and many.

I have selected the name as Ally and have a look at some of the signatures I got. Many of them are animated ones.


Free Forum Sig

This site allows you to make your own signature.You can select text,colors,borders,shadows etc…But the negative point of this tool is, you can see the preview only when you download the signature. There is no live?preview?available while you are designing the signature.


Gif Mania

This indeed is a really cool tool. I’m sure you will love it.

With this website, you can create your own signature with GIF animations. There are many GIF images available for you to design your signature. I created the below one as an example for you. Hope you will like it.



This website provides?different?features of the signatures. Like 3D, Still signatures and all. But most of the? 3D signatures run on flash and difficult?to download. However, I’m not very happy about it but you can try it for free.

Here is what I designed, but couldn’t download it. This is just a screenshot only.


My Live Signature

This is another awesome tool for creating a signature. Do watch the tutorial on how to create the signature using my live signature. With this site, you must create a?free account and start the creation.


Mega Cool Text

As the name says, it is a text-based?tool by which you can create free signatures. You can find text in different languages, mirror text, upside down text etc….

If you are looking for a text-based signature without many animations, this website will fit for your work. Mostly this tool will support your social media post creations. Put your name here and select the design that suits your purpose.

I’m sure this tool can add more vibe and energy to any boring social media posts.



Super Lame

This is another cool tool that you can make creative signatures. By using your own images or GIF images you can design the signature as per your requirement. Super lame has amazing features that support to create the signature. I love the feature of adding comic chat balloon to the image.


Cool Text

I love Cool text because it is a super simple tool. Type your name and choose the animation text you like. It has more than 100 text styles you can choose from for the signature designing.

This tool is good for making your e-mail signature or blog signature. It allows you to design your own signature with different text and colors. You can easily download the GIF file as your final signature. This tool is simple and it can help you to create Animated signatures, Smooth Looking signatures and pixelated signatures.


Animated Signature:

Smooth Looking Signature :

pixelated signature:


All the above tools will help you to create a digital signature online free-without spending any dime. You can use them for different purposes. Not only signatures, I also have a list of tools for generating slogans for free. I believe that article would also help your online journey.





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