DesignEvo Review

If you are interested in having your own logo as an individual or a company or an organization, deciding and having the most matching logo can be quite challenging. It represents you or your company playing an important role related to your branding. Yes, we know that you cannot do it on your own. You must hire a designer to design your logo and the cost it will take can be a huge headache for you. If you are an owner of a small business with a small budget the cost of a few hundred bucks will be like a bad dream. DesignEvo is there for you to rescue you from that big headache.  So ready to go through this DesignEvo Review and realize that your perfect logo dream is not going to be just a dream because of DesignEvo.

DesignEvo Review

What is DesignEvo?-DesignEvo Review

You might be wondering by now thinking what is this DesignEvo, from where it came and how is it going to fulfill your perfect logo dream for a very low cost. So now it is time to erase your curiosity. DesignEvo is known as an online logo maker and a graphic designing tool based on the web. It can be used for both desktop software as well as mobile applications. Actually; it was introduced to the online market in 2006 by PearlMontain and since then it is shining among the other graphic design tools because anyone can make professional logos beside the fact that they do or do not have any knowledge regarding logo designing.

Surprisingly; it is not very hard to handle and considered as a drag & drop tool. It can be simply handled by anyone who is interested and can be a logo designer by him/herself.

DesignEvo Review

Many independent professionals, internet marketers or internet entrepreneurs, small businesses start start-ups, owners of small businesses as well as beginners are there searching for someone or some tool to design their logos for so many purposes such as;

–           Company logos and Organizational logos

–           Logos for Blogs and Websites

–           Logos representing profiles in social media

–           Logos for various types of Applications and Software tools

–           Logos representing brands

–           Business logos

Well, DesignEvo helps to create all types of above logos using a small time and giving a big relief to your pocket.

How does DesignEvo work?

It is simple. You just must follow a few steps to become a logo designer. Frankly speaking, there are only six simple steps you must follow. Go through this DesignEvo review and you will understand.

Step 1:  First thing is first. Choose the template you want.

If you are new to logo designing and you don’t know anything at all don’t worry everything is set for you already. You are provided with more than 4000 professional logo design templates. They are categorized into 17 groups, so it will be much easier for you to select. If you go through them, you can get excellent ideas.

Step 2: Now it’s time to shape up. Add icons, preferred text and the shapes you like.

Adding the title of the logo is the next step. In this step, you should add the title of the logo, subtitle as well as your preferred icons. DesignEvo provides you with millions of icons which are designed professionally. You can select the icon, even multiple icons you like according to your taste. Also, you are provided with more than 100 font types to use.

DesignEvo Review

Step 3: You have half done with your logo now. It’s time to customize it.

What if another person or a company selected the same logo templates you selected via DesignEvo? This problem is solved by bringing a customized option. By that, you can customize the logo according to the color wise, size wise, gradient wise, curve, background wise and layer wise.

Step 4: Do the preview of the logo

Now it’s preview time. After customizing you can check how your logo is looking on letters, t-shirts, business cards, websites, etc. This preview option is an amazing feature.

Step 5: Share it with others

There are two options here. If you purchase a Free version DesignEvo from the free download you will have to share it on Facebook or any social media. It is like giving credit to the free option. If you are purchasing a paid version of DesignEvo you don’t have to share it.

DesignEvo Review

Step 6: Now all finished. Now your logo needed to be downloaded.

This is the final step of your logo designing. When downloading your logo into your computer you will see the zip file in three formats. They are JPG, transparent PNG and PNG.

According to the newest updates of DesignEvo logo downloading you can’t use PNG included with the transparent background option unless you don’t pay. If you are going for a free download option, then you can only use the PNG supported with the background option only.

After all these downloading processes are done you are offered with a business card to customize and make it on your own. Amazing right? DesignEvo offers so many good things for you. But you must pay extra money for this. If you don’t want a business card you can totally ignore it and if you are interested, you are provided to go to another page called FotoJet. This software is also provided by the company. From there onwards you just must follow the instructions and make your own business card.

DesignEvo Review

Get ready to go through the pricing options of DesignEvo

Under this part of the DesignEvo review, you will go through the pricing process. Yes, earlier it was a 100% free software. But after the most recent update happened on 14th of April 2018 it was no longer free software. You are given with two options here and you can see those two options below.

  • Free Logos

You have the free logo downloading option with a low-resolution file. This means you can download your logo for free, but the logo will be a little bit blur when you are enlarging or zoom it out. Also, under this option, the only supportive file available for you is PNG with the background. Normally if you want to use the logo for your website, you should download it using PNG transparent background format. So free download option will not be suitable if you are a website owner. But you can use this low-resolution logos for Your paper documents, business card, t-shirts, etc.

DesignEvo Review

  • Paid logos

This is for serious business. If your logo is for a very important task, then you should go for the paid logo option. There are two versions under this category which are Plus or Basic. Under this option, you can get the high resolution downloading under the format of PNG transparent background. You are provided with print ready logo including lifetime support as well as the ability to redownload and edit.

About the two versions, we talked underpaid logos Basic package provides you with the high-resolution logos with original quality. This is the only thing you can get from The Basic package. But from plus package apart from the facilities provided from the Basic package you are getting two more vector and file-fonts. If you have your own website for normal usage, then the basic package is the ideal selection. If you are designing the logo for your company then you must create a various version of the same logo with different fonts and shapes. In an occasion like this Plus package is the ideal selection.

But there are free logo makers that you can create a logo. Here is the list of free logo makers.

Is DesignEvo good or bad?

Now you might be wondering thinking whether this DesignEvo software is going be a good choice or a bad choice. This DesignEvo review will help you to figure out that.

  • First, we will go through the positive things

  1. Easy usage

Anyone can use this software easily. This user-friendly software is providing you with easy drag and drop option, zero complicated functions and simple designs.

DesignEvo Review

  1. You do not have to download or register the software

When you are using the software, many must be downloaded before using. But this software is web-based software and you don’t have to go through that pain. It doesn’t consume any storage space in your hard drive. Also, no registration needed.

  1. Compatible with both Windows as well as Mac.

  2. You get the preview option for your logo

This is a unique and valuable option. Of course, you can select various objects and preview your logo on them to decide whether it is matching or not.

  1. You can download a print-ready logo.

Actually; you get your downloaded design file in ready to print stage making works much easier for you.

DesignEvo Review

There is some bad stuff to talk about too.

  1. You are not allowed to upload your own images, Icons, and fonts.

Keep in your mind that you can only use images, icons, and fonts provided by the DesignEvo database. It is impossible to add any of your own.

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Wrap up…

DesignEvo is one of the best software created to design your own logos regardless of you have the knowledge or not. This DesignEvo review provides you a detailed description of this amazing software for you to choose whether to use it or not.

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DesignEvo Review

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