Dropshipping as a business model is becoming more and more popular. The only problem is that it takes a lot of time to deal with the suppliers and to update the products. Now, however, you can easily deal with this problem with the help of Dropified.?Dropified is a one-stop tool to handle your entire dropshipping business. We will today review Dropified to help you better understand how this tool can help you run your dropshipping business.

Dropified review-Quick Dropified overview at a glance

Dropified was launched in 2015. The main purpose of the tool is to streamline the entire supply chain right from product sourcing to order fulfillment. Dropified currently has over 30,000 users who are actively using it on a daily basis. Needless to say, it is pretty robust at all to handle your e-commerce business.

We will now go into the detailed working of Dropified to know more.

How does it work?

Dropified is pretty versatile. You have a couple of options to use Dropified. Either you can use it with the help of a chrome extension or you can use it as an app through your Shopify dashboard.

Dropified chrome extension:

dropified review

With the help of Dropified chrome extension, you will be able to export products from Aliexpress in a single click. While importing the products, you will have the option to decide the type of information which is to be imported like photos, description and so on. The chrome extension also provides you with the option to import only those products which ship out quickly. As a result, you will be able to increase the customer satisfaction of your e-commerce store. You can edit each and every attribute of the product using the chrome extension. Within a couple of minutes, you will be able to easily import products using the chrome extension.

A unique feature of the chrome extension is the audit tool which allows you to:

? Know about any duplicate orders

? Tally the orders

? Verify the address of the consumers

Thus, it becomes much easier for you to handle the entire order process with the help of the Dropified chrome extension.

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Dropified app:

The Dropified app is a web-based app which allows you to customize the order fulfillment process. With the help of this app, you can easily:

? Handle orders manually

? Complete the order process step-by-step

? Set the automatic ordering process

? Set the automatic ordering process with the sole exception to select shipping option manually

? Automatically set the pricing of each and every product according to your predefined rules

? Change the pricing of the products according to the change in pricing from your suppliers

? And much more

Thus, the number of features which you get in the web-based app is much higher as compared to the chrome extension.

All in all, there are numerous ways in which you can save a significant amount of time and streamline your business processes when you?re using the Dropified tool either through the chrome extension or through the app.

dropified review

Dropified review-Features of Dropified product researching tool

We will highlight some of the features of the Dropified tool in this Dropified review to help you better understand why it is so popular and effective.

? Quick Product Addition:

One of the main reasons why many e-commerce store owners use Dropified is to import the products with the help of a single click. It helps you populate your e-commerce store within a few minutes rather than spending days on the task.

? Automatic Fulfilling:

When you use Aliexpress for procuring the products, you can easily opt for automatic order fulfillment. This will ensure that you do not have to intervene in order to complete the order. The tool fulfills the name, address and other details of the customer and also fills in the captcha to make the process completely automated.

? Automatic Price changes:

The tool also changes the prices of the products in your store when your supplier changes the product prices. The changes will be done according to the predefined rules which you have set for pricing.

? Easy Customization:

You can easily customize the product listing with the help of this tool. You can add a watermark or your store logo or even enter the description with the help of an in-app editor. Thus, you can populate your store exactly as per your needs.

? Automatic Shipment Tracking:

The tool also scans your order details in order to track the shipment. It updates the order details in your store with the latest tracking updates. You will no longer have to copy paste this data in order to keep your customers updated.

? Chrome Extension:

As we stated above, this tool also provides you with the option to use the chrome extension. This helps you in importing the products within a couple of minutes without having to visit the tool dashboard.

? A large Number of Supported Suppliers:

The tool supports over 20 different well-known suppliers. You can choose between websites like Aliexpress, Walmart, Etsy, Overstock, eBay, FashionGo, Kmart and much more. Thus, you can source the product from the different suppliers quite easily. This will enable you to populate your store with hundreds of products within a few minutes.

? Out of Stock Notifications:

As a store owner, you will get out of stock notifications whenever the product goes out of stock at your supplier. This provides you with enough time to find a new supplier easily. You can even remove the product from your store if you?re not able to find a new supplier. Thus, you can only enlist products in your store which are available.

? Professional Training:

You no longer need to navigate through lengthy manuals or longer FAQs in order to understand how to use the tool. Dropified provides you the option to watch training videos which are created professionally in order to use the tool.

? Compatible with various platforms:

Dropified is compatible with a variety of different platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. which makes it easier for you to use on your website.

As you can see, one of the main reasons why it is so popular is due to the plethora of options and features which it has on offer.

Dropified Support:

dropified review

The best thing about Dropified is that it provides you with the option of multiple support channels which you can use. These include:

? Email support

? Online ticket support

? Live chat support

? Slack support

? Social media support

? Self-help section

You can contact them during Central Time 8 AM to 5 PM using any of these channels to get your queries solved. Thus, if you?re stuck anywhere, you will be able to get support quite easily. Thus, it is very easy to use.


Pros and Cons of Dropified:

We will now go into the pros and cons of Dropified to help you better understand why you should use this tool.


? Free 14 day trial

? 30-day money back guarantee

? A wide variety of features

? Compatible with various platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce etc.

? Multiple support channels

? Quick product import

? Chrome extension

? Professional training

? Works with a wide number of suppliers

? Product customization options


-FAQ section missing

– Most of the automation features are limited to Aliexpress

-Its way expensive for beginners.47$ is not affordable for beginners.


dropified review



So, if you?re looking for a tool to handle your drop shipping business, Dropified is one of the perfect options for you. As mentioned in our Dropified review above, you also can opt for the 14-day free trial which allows you to try out the tool for yourself.

It can drastically reduce your workload and allow you to focus on increasing your customer base rather than handling the supply chain and the fulfillment of orders. It provides you with the hands-free back-end which will help you in scaling up your business.

Most of the features can handle manually. So don’t worry if you can’t?subscribe for dropified. Find?viral products online and start selling them.You can use Pexda for product hunt rest of the work you can do it manually. But?when you are in the comfortable position you can sign up for dropified and automate the system.

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