E-commerce?is one of the trending business models that you can jump in faster than comparing with the other online business models. Especially; when considering dropshipping, its a business model which can be started with a less capital and lesser number of resources.

If you?make a quick search on the internet you can see numerous dropshipping success stories. But, the question is does everyone become successful with drop shipping?

The reality is the most of the dropshipping businesses get failed within a few months. The bitter truth is that the 99% dropshipping businesses do not even exist at least 03 months. The main reason for the failure is the incapability of finding trending products for selling.

Maybe you are a dropshipper already and you might have an idea about how important to find products to sell and how difficult to research them. But the effort?you made in product researching will not a waste but it will find you the gold.

Product researching becomes so much easy with the use of various product researching tools. There are many tools out there for providing this service with different features. But?with my experience, only a few tools are good and do the job as they promised.

Dropship Spy tool is another product researching tool which is available in the market. That is why; I thought to share my experience with this popular tool.

What is Dropship Spy?

Basically; Dropship Spy is a product researching tool which is used for finding hot selling products for e-commerce?business like dropshipping. This tool especially worth for dropshippers like Amazon sellers, and eBay sellers. Not only product researching but also this tool offers numerous extra features as well. I am going? to describe a few of the most important features through the upcoming paragraphs.

One important fact that I need to highlight here is that this tool has a kind of massive storage of a large amount of information regarding different products. What Dropship Spy exactly does is using some sources and filter the best selling products for the users.

Here are a few of the sources which are used by Dropship Spy for gathering data.

  • Facebook
  • Shopify
  • AliExpress
  • Oberlo
  • WatchCount
  • eBay
  • WooCommerce
  • Amazon

In accordance with the details on the website, similarweb.com Dropship Spy is a website which has a good ranking. The majority of the traffic comes from the United States.

DropShip Spy Review

DropShip Spy Review

Who is the author of Dropship Spy?

According to the subscription confirmation e-mail which I have been received, Alex Greenwood is the developer of Dropship Spy. But, I couldn’t find any matching social media profile related to that name we well as for the company. This company belongs to the United Kingdom in accordance with the company address which has been provided through the subscription email. The following is the company address.

  • Unit20,
  • Chichester?Enterprise Centre,
  • Terminus road,
  • Chichester,
  • PO19 8TX

What is the price of DropShip Spy?

Dropship Spy provides 03 different monthly subscription packages which offer different options. Moreover; Dropship Spy offers free membership just like other ordinary product researching tools do. Depending on my opinion, I do not?think that it is useful for signing up for the free membership. Dropship Spy does not provide Winning Product data for the users who are on the free membership. It is better?to sign up for any paid subscription package even at the beginning. Each paid package comes with a free 3-day trial. If you are not satisfied with the tool, of course, you can unsubscribe before making any payment.

By referring to the following image, you can see what are the options each package offers.

DropShip Spy Review

When considering the price range, it seems to be that available prices are really reasonable?for users as well as for beginners. I checked on Dropship Spy for getting a? discount code for you all but, unfortunately,? there is no such an option for that. If you are looking for a better price range for a product research tool, of course,? you can sign up for Pexda with the discount codes.

Who Will Benefits from Dropship Spy?

If you are a drop shipper, Amazon seller or an eBay seller, you can use this tool in order to find out what the trending products that you can sell through your business. Other than that;? I highly recommend this tool for beginners who are struggling with product researching and Facebook ads.

What are the Features In Dropship Spy?

As mentioned earlier in this text, this tool is a product researching tool. Do not forget that this tool comes to your hand with a number of extra features which help users to make their online businesses so much effective and profitable.

  • Finding Winning Products
  • Promising Products
  • Instagram Shoutouts
  • Research Instagram Influencer
  • Product Reviews from Amazon
  • Facebook Audiences

Let’s explore the main features of the tool!

Finding Winning products

This is the main and basic service that any product researching tool offers. Winning products always bind with the trend of the market. Most of the tools provide old products that do not have any trend. Basically, those products are old products which had a? good Facebook engagement.

If you really need to make good money you have to look for a fresh trending product. Fresh trending products mean products which are new to the market with high engagement. Maybe?that Facebook ad released before two days earlier and it gained good engagement.

Fresh trending products give you enough space to sell them with very less competition.

What I have observed with the Dropship Spy tool is that they upload two products daily. But, most of the products are not new to the market and they are in the market for months.

Look at the following product page and there you can understand what I am trying to emphasize here. Most of the products are old with good engagements.

DropShip Spy Review

DropShip Spy Review

DropShip Spy Review

Only one product, Out of all the above products, has the potential to going viral. That is the grape slicer.

Grape slicer is a new product?to the market and there are no Facebook ads running for it. It means that it is a completely new product for Facebook marketing.But there was a single page post has generate so much engagement to the product.

By opening any product page, you have the chance to find a very nice as well as an informative product description. Those product descriptions can be used for your store’s product descriptions.

DropShip Spy Review

When you open up any product page, you can find more important data related to each and every product.

One of the important data that you can grab on this tool is Facebook engagement data. Depending on this data, you can analyze how the market reacts on the Facebook ad.

The following Facebook engagement report belongs to the above-mentioned grape slicer. This engagement score comes from single post and audience which loves the product.

DropShip Spy Review

According to each and every product which is available on this tool, the tool itself provides 03 AliExpress sellers?which sell the same product in their stores. But, I would like to suggest you that it is better to navigate to AliExpress and find out trusted sellers who support dropshipping.

Amazon and eBay sales records which are available on the product page is really helpful. Depending on these, you can analyze which product is really selling or else?it is just a Facebook engagement. If you need to visit Amazon.com, of course, you can visit through the Dropship?Spy tool.

DropShip Spy Review

DropShip Spy ReviewIn addition; Dropship Spy tool helps you to create Facebook ads on the tool. This amazing tool provides Facebook ad text so that you can definitely use it for your Facebook ad creation work.

From that grape slicer page, I was able to find two Facebook ad example text. Just have a look at then so that you will see how much these ad texts are better than the ordinary ad texts. One of the ad copies touches the pain point of the customers.

DropShip Spy Review

DropShip Spy Review

Not only that this tool provides video ad for products. You can use those video ads for your Facebook ad copy. made with slides but i can say it good enough for creative facebook ad copy.

You can download eBay and Amazon products reviews through using Dropship Spy. Do not forget that you can use those product reviews for your own store as well. Actually; product reviews become so much important as they have the potential of making customers trustworthy regarding the product.

Promising Products

There is a category which is known as “Promising Products” on?Dropship Spy tool. These Promising Products are listed depending on?the users’ requests. Under the Promising Product category, there are more than 400 products have already been listed. But, I could not find any fresh trending product which has the potential of making?huge profits.? I have seen most of the products earlier.

My suggestion here is that it is not wiser to jump into those Promising Products and start selling them. Instead of that, trying out to?make your own research before start advertising seems so much effective.


DropShip Spy Review

Instagram Influencer Research

If you are looking for the Instagram shoutout for your product marketing, this tool can definitely help you with that. What you have to do is just enter any Instagram account name and then hit the search bar. With the assistance of this tool, you can grab all the details about any preferred Instagram account within a shorter period of time.

Here, I have entered my Instagram account and tools which provide the number of posts, followers and engagement rates.

For the shoutouts, the engagement rate is a pretty much important factor. If you notice that an influencer has high engagement per post, of course, you can expect the high engagement for your shoutout as well.

DropShip Spy Review

Facebook Audience Builder

This category is so much helpful in case of understanding the niches as well as audiences around the niches. There are 54 audiences have been listed on this tool.

The Facebook page information is available under?each and every audience. If you are struggling with Facebook ad targeting this feature becomes so much worth for you.

DropShip Spy Review

DropShip Spy Review

Here,? I have opened up the Beach/Holiday/Swim Wears audience. There I can see that there are 03 major categories for Facebook targeting suggestion.

DropShip Spy Review

What I need to emphasize here is that it is not wiser to depend on the audiences which are provided by this tool. I thoroughly recommend you to perform manual research so that you can find more Facebook pages that you can use for laser targeting.

Does DropShip Spy another scamming tool?


This tool is legit and helpful for each and every e-commerce?business owners as well as for beginner-level dropshippers?who are looking for?expanding their career in the dropshipping world.



Based on my experience in dropshipping, I would like to state that the Dropship Spy tool is a good tool. But, this software adds more new products instead of old products. When compared to Pexda, this tool works on to add more and more fresh trending products. That?feature helps users to gain more sales while facing relatively less competition.

Furthermore; I highly?appreciate a few of the features which are offered by Dropship Spy. But, I would like to suggest you that it is wiser to go ahead with the free trial so that you can test the tool before purchasing.

One thing you should have to keep in your mind thoroughly is that “Product Is the King”, in this business model.

What you should do is just looking for products which have a potential of solving your customers’ burning problems.

I am going to wind up this discussion while keeping the promise of bringing more and more reviews with reference drop shipping through my future updates. Stay tuned for www.dollarsonyou.com.

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