Email marketing is the best ROI providing technique when it comes to digital marketing. That is why it is very lucrative. The only problem is that it is not easy to build an email list. Even if you manage to make an email list, creating a proper campaign and getting an appropriate rate of click-through is not an easy task. However, there is a tool which claims to help you with just that. It is EMPro Tools. EMPro Tools claims that it can help you increase the open rate as well as the click-through rate. The question is whether it works.

We will today go into the EMPro Tools review to help you understand if it works.

EMPro Tools Review

What is EMPro?

EMPro consists of an app which you need to synchronize with your autoresponder tool. It is compatible with 3 of the most popular autoresponder tools which are available out there. It will monitor the behavior of your users and segment them based on that behavior. With the help of this segmenting data, it will send the right emails to the subscribers on the list. It would, of course, do so with your permission. As the emails sent will be according to the segmentation of the users, the response which you will get will be on the higher side.

The creators of EMPro Tools state that you can use it in just three simple steps. These are:

? Synchronizing it with your autoresponder

? Activating the software

? Running it in the background

You don’t need to intervene manually at every step to let the software work. It will work on its own in the background.

About the creator:

Let us now look at the creators of EMPro Tools before we go into our detailed EMPro Tools review below.

The three creators are Tom Yevsikov, Oleksandr Krulik, Gaurab Borah. Tom has been around the Internet marketing scene for a long time. He has launched plenty of products in the past like viral source, Freecom blueprint PmDrill among others. Whereas, the other creators do not have much of an experience in launching an Internet marketing product.

EMPro Tools Review

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EMPro Tools ReviewGaurab Borah

Features of EMPro Tools:

Now that you understand how EMPro Tools the works, it is essential to look at some of its features.

1. It is compatible with three popular autoresponder software. These are Aweber, MailChimp, and GetResponse you can syndicate it with your list quite quickly when using any of these three autoresponders.

2. It allows you to segment your email list automatically. You don?t have to intervene manually to segment your list.

3. It also allows you to track your list without any problems.

4. It will send broadcast automatically to the users who do not open the emails.

5. It will send follow-up emails to the subscribers based on their past behavior.

6. It will ensure that the emails go to the right email addresses without any problem.

7. The EMPro Tools also offer a chrome extension which allows you to use them more easily.

These are the essential features of the tool which will allow you to understand how it works.

EMPro Tools Review

What should you know about it?

There are however a few drawbacks and critical points about the software which you should know.

1. 3 segments:

The software divides your list into three sections. The 1st segment is the opens. These are the subscribers who have opened your emails but did not click on the call to action. The next section is the clickers. These are the subscribers who clicked on the call to action. The 3rd segment is no open. These are the subscribers who have not opened your list at all.

You will be able to get the segmentation only based on these three criteria. You cannot customize the segment. The lack of customization options is one of the main drawbacks of this tool. If it would have allowed you to personalize the data and segment it as per your requirement, it should have been a sure shot winner.

2. Broadcast:

As we stated above, it also helps you in sending broadcast messages to the users. The broadcast messages can make them click on the call to action. You can offer them a limited quantity bonus. You can try different targeting options when it comes to broadcast messages. However, it is not easy to avoid the spam complaints from the users who are not opening your emails. That is why; you cannot use the broadcast option day in and day out. You have to ensure that the spam complaints are on the lower side. If you use the broadcast options after the users do not open your emails, it can be risky to do so. Your IP might get flagged as spam or your emails; broadcast messages might get flagged as spam. In such a case, you will not gain much from the broadcast feature.

3. Compatible with only three autoresponders:

The email marketing industry consists of many different autoresponders. There are quite a few of them which are popular but not among these three. If you use any of these autoresponders, EMPro Tools is not suitable for you. It is also not worth it to migrate your entire list to use EMPro Tools. In such a case, you have no other option but to abandon this tool. The lack of compatibility sticks out like a sore thumb when it comes to EMPro Tools. None of the marketers will leave their trusted autoresponders which they have been using for months to use EMPro Tools along with other autoresponders.

These 3 are the main drawbacks of EMPro Tools. When you?re looking for EMPro Tools review, hardly any of them will highlight these three drawbacks. However, it is when you use the tool day in, and day out, you will realize that it has flaws.

EMPro Tools Review

Is it suitable for you?

EMPro Tools are only useful for niche marketers. These include:

? Marketers who are already using those three autoresponders

? Digital marketers who want to divide the customer data into three segments.

? Digital marketers who are just looking for further bifurcations of their data.

The problem is if you want to use EMPro Tools, you need to have an extensive enough list. The software assumes that you already have gathered a significant number of emails and want to gain more data about it. It does not help you increase your email list. It just enables you to improve the open rate and the click-through rate.

The problem is that most of the marketers are struggling with gaining and building the email list rather than increasing the open rate. If you are in the same boat, it is a good idea to avoid tools like EMPro and concentrate on building your email list. You can opt for affiliate marketing courses like wealthy affiliate, which goes into the details of making such an email list rather than just increasing the open rate.


? Divides the data into three segments

? Allows you to send broadcast messages

? Might increase the open rate


? Not suitable for beginners marketers

? Broadcast messages can get marked as spam

? Works along with just three autoresponders

? Does not offer segmentation according to your needs

EMPro Tools Review


So, before you opt for EMPro Tools, it is a good idea to understand whether it is suitable for you or not. Only when you?re looking for some data bifurcation, EMPro Tool is an excellent choice for you. However, if you?re working on increasing your email list size, EMPro Tools might not be the perfect option for you. Instead, in that case, it is a good idea to concentrate on building your email list by using techniques shared by wealthy affiliate. It will allow you to increase your email list rapidly and then, you can worry about segmentation. Join Wealthy Affiliate Today!

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