Facebook groups for marketing



Are you struggling with promoting the business?

Yes! it will cost you a hell of money for advertising.

Facebook ads, google ads are starting charging you before you make any profits.

One of my favorite way to get the traffic is Facebook groups. It’s a completely FREE.

There are thousands of Facebook groups are available for supporting your business in a hundred different niches.

But make sure to be smart and promote your business within the Facebook groups.

Never post any affiliate links on groups and group admin will ban you soon.

First, start a website or blog and drive traffic from Facebook groups.

If you haven’t started a website, go to wealthy affiliate and get training and tools.

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Limit is 6000 Facebook groups

You can join with 6000 Facebook groups. But I don’t think you can manage that much in your time.

Join with 10-12 groups and be active and share your content with others.

Do not spam the groups and be genuine. Honestly help others before you start your promotions.


Here Is the list of Facebook groups that you can market your business online.

Those groups are belongs to most popular 10 niches and its included more than 100 Facebook groups that active.

Some of below groups are not the biggest in the niche. But they are 100% active.



Facebook groups for marketing


1.Juicing for health? -121k members

2.Pregnancy talk and health tips? -435k members

3.Mental Health Awareness and Support– 57k members

4-Cancer Cures & Natural Healing Research Group? -79k members

5-Banting 7 Day Meal Plans-131k members

6-Do It Yourself (DIY) Alternative Therapy-432k members


8-Big Breakfast – correcting health and weight -81k members

9-Natural healing +foods -108k members

10-The Healthy Mummy Private Support Group-192k members





Facebook groups for marketing


1-Community: Bottom Up Wealth– 27k Members

2-Secret Wealth Project (8-Figure Internet Marketers-18k members

3-Make Money OnLine-121k members

4-Make Loads of Money Online -36k members

5-Make Money Online (5 Easy & Legit Ways) -24k members

6-Make Money Online Income-36k members

7-USA UK SEO & Online Marketing Group -27k members

8-Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency -443k members

9-bitcoin / CRYPTOCURRENCY-54k members

10-The Feminine Affluent EntrepreneurRelationships-19k members





Facebook groups for marketing


1-BeautyBook– 306k members

2World Beauty Forum -279k members

3-Beauty Forum AcademyS-32k members

4-Beauty Tips -97k members

5-Beauty And Banter???????? -70k members

6-Do it yourself (DIY) Organic beauty– 123k members

7-420 Make-up Bratz ????????-26k members

8-361 Make-up and Fashion-23k members

9-High End Make Up – Buy Swap Sell Advice AUS-21k members

10-World of MakeUp??????????????-102k members




Facebook groups for marketing


1-Gardening Hints and Tips -133k members

2-BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine group-24k members

3-Gardening for Beginners-59k members

4-gardeners question & answer time-24k members

5-Plant Identification UK-17k members

6-Vegetable Gardening-62k members

7-The Gardening Group-84k members

8-Gardening Coast2Coast: A Garden Community!-27k members

9-joe gardener-15k members

10-I Love Gardening!-103k members





Facebook groups for marketing


1-Animal Lovers-222k members

2-Eastern Oregon Pet Lovers Classifieds-25k members

3-Lost & Found Pets – Hampton Roads, VA -24k memners

4-Central Texas Lost & Found Pets-34k members

5-Puppies / Dogs for Sale / Adoption / Rehoming / Rescue -222k members

6-Husky Addicts-31k members

7-Siberian Huskies & Malamutes Unleashed.-34k members

8-Just Friendly Cats-131k members

9-Nothing But Kool Cats-148k members

10-Cats Make Me Happy-201k members





Facebook groups for marketing


1-Recipes for home cooked meals-1.2milion members

2-cooking and baking skills-1.1million mambers

3-Line Cooks, Chefs, Old and New (LCCON)-114k members

4-Rude Chefs-25k members

5-I am baker friends – WE LOVE BAKING!-125k members

6-Cast Iron Cooking-202k members

7-For Our Love Of Cooking ????-159k members

8-Cooking With Aisha & Friends-65k members

9-Good Ole Soul Food Recipes-78k members

10-I Don’t Cook But I Give Out Recipes-39k members






1-Photoshop and Photography-314k members

2-Portrait Photography for beginners97k members

3-Art of Portrait Photography -67k members

4-Canon Camera Users-57k members

5-Photography Advice & Education-70k members

6-Tara Lesher Education-61k members

7-Newborn Photography 101 Little Dreamer Props-62k members

8-Photography – Education – Heck Yeah! / Ben Sasso-37k members

9-The World Wide Street Photography Club-97k members

10-Best Photographers-47km members




Facebook groups for marketing


1?Pregnancy, Parenting And All Things Babies?-16k members

2Parenting With Connection -13k members

3Parents of teenagers support group-5k members

4-For Little Eyes – a group for parents of young kids in glasses-23k members

5-Natural Parenting 101-19k members

6-Southern Natural Parenting Network7-8k members

7-Parent Life Network, Canada-106k members

8-ADHD Parent Support-82k members

9-Dyslexia support – for parents of dyslexic children-27k members

10-Autism Parents Support & Discussion Group-70k members





Facebook groups for marketing


1-Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes401k members

2Vegan Recipes to Share-142k members

3-Vegan Humor ?-188k members

4-Vegan 101: Beginners Level-72k members

5-Plant Based Eating-253k members

6-Forks Over Knives Official Plant-Based Group-158k members

7-Everything Vegan-52k members

8-VEGANS UNITED-111k members

9-Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness-38k members

10-Plant Strong Fitness-18k members



And the Last watch this is the worst facebook group ever lol…

Have some fun!


Dont forget this,

If You Dont Build Your Dreams,

Someone will hire your to Build theirs!

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