Family BTC review- Is it a legit way to earn or is it just another scam?

familybtc review

In the constant lookout for money, most people are tempted to start online jobs. They are an easy way to earn money, does not have much work to do and can be done at the comfort of your home. What more could you ask for?

But the problem in involving with these sites is that most of the currently available sites are a scam. It is essential to find out whether the site that you are interested in is a legit site because later realizations could be hard blows!

When we consider family BTC it is also a very popular site in the online market these days. But is the popularity a fake one, and is the site a scam?

familybtc review

Will your money and time and information be safe with them?

It is important to know the answers to these questions before you take your next step towards online earning. And this article will help you get all the answers you need regarding Family BTC.

So, what exactly is this Family BTC?

This is another typical PTC website (Paid To Click website) that has the intention of gathering people to do jobs at home. When considering the amount of money, they pay for the tasks you complete and the complexity of the jobs, you will easily be able to identify the similarity.

Well, simply saying, Family BTC is a website that pays you for small online tasks. As the web name itself implies, they claim to be a website that gives jobs for the whole family to do with. The possibility of this should be discussed because though they claim to offer you a fun job to do with your whole family; they are more likely to be boring jobs.

This could be thought as just like other PTC websites that boast about helping you become millionaires via your online job but then end up having not enough jobs to do even.

familybtc review

Well, their website says different. They seem to be the newest and the most trending on the internet. And they talk like they are going to change your life in a fortnight. But if you were to give it a try you would see that it too is a site with not enough jobs for all its members, and pays off in very small amounts to the jobs that are done.

How does Family BTC work and most importantly do they actually pay for your work?

You are asked to register to the site upon your first visit by adding the usual data like name, email address, and password.

But to set up your account you will get two options. One is called ?general? whereas everything you get is free, and the other is ?upgraded?. You can upgrade your free account by paying $4.

But the main feature that you will be upgrading is the commission you get for referrals. It is somewhat disappointing to see how these sites try to create the perfect source of income but ultimately fail to do so.

And another thing that you will have to keep in mind is that their payments are done in bitcoins and bitcoins only. This is one of their many attempts to show that they are the newest. Anyone who sees this is bound to get an impression of working with the newest technology. They are certain to consider it as an advantage, which is highly doubtful.

familybtc review

It is important that you have a bitcoin currency wallet open if you are even thinking about joining this site. Because if not, there is not a single way for you to redeem the money that you have earned.

When working with them, the only job that you will have to do is to click and view the ads.

More about the functionality of Family BTC…

The members are provided with 30+ ads to view and complete. And they are able to earn a minimum of 0.00000005BTC to a maximum of 0.00000010BTC by just clicking on the ads. But, viewing ads is not the only way that you will be able to earn from them.

They provide you with a betting game, where you have to select head or tail of a coin and bet on it. Any member can lay this ?Flip the coin? bet game to increase his revenue. If you get the side that you better on you win and earn money and if the opposite happens you lose and lose your money. It is a very scary game indeed because you have equal chances of winning and losing. That means, equal probability of doubling what you earned or getting it low to zero!!

familybtc review

There is another game in it for the members to click on small pieces of a covered grid. You get whatever it is written in those blocks when you uncover them. But the question is that there is like the smallest possibility ever of you clicking on a grid box that will talk money!

The standards of this website are highly doubtful considering all the games they provide for you to earn!

For whom is it created?

The website claims that it is created for families. But is it really so? Why would a parent want to teach their children to bet online? Why would a legitimate job have betting as an official option to increase the revenue?

Well, as to the question of who can use it, it is very simple. Anyone can use it. But for the question on who can earn from this site, it is better not to answer. Because the chances of earning some good amount of money are very much limited in them.

The good and the bad

This website definitely has its pros and cons and it is important to at least get an idea about both of the categories before becoming all judgemental about it.

The good

Well for a starter there are more than just a single method to earn with them. You can play games and bet and add some extra points to your account.

Also, they actually pay you, unlike those sites that show you an account filled with money but never lets any cash-out.

familybtc review

The bad:

Well, you may earn money but it is not going to help you sort out your life or something. The farthest would be paying your Netflix.

Even if you sign up for the paid account you need to be an excellent marketer to earn by referrals.

The payments being done in bitcoins it is a must that you know how to transfer bitcoin to real money.

What will be the final conclusion about Family BTC?

That is certainly a difficult question to answer regarding any online earning sites. But in this case, it would be up to you to make the decision. You have options to make money through games and clicking on ads. But this amount is definitely going to be a single digit number.

So, it is your call on whether or not you are willing to devote your time and money to such a low amount of payment. Because you could be doing another job on another site that pays for your effort.

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How do I earn online?

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familybtc review

Just like me, you can make a proper study without going ahead with scam programs as online money making is not an easy way to make money. You have to invest a certain period of time for obtaining a sound understanding of the business model that you are going to go ahead.

To make money online need proper training and dedication. My recommended training is Wealthy Affiliate. You can sign up for free and check the training models.

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