There are plenty of programs and Internet marketing courses which teach you how to make money from social media websites. The problem is that most of them do not work. One name which has been doing the rounds lately is FB SociCake. It focuses on Facebook marketing to help you generate a regular income. The question is whether it is really good enough? We will today share with you our FB SociCake review to help you understand whether it is good enough or not.


FB socicake review

What is FB SociCake?

FB SociCake consists of 8 Facebook marketing tools to help you capture the leads. There are eight different Facebook marketing tools included in the package. The fact that it offers you access to marketing tools rather than just text or marketing hype is a huge positive.

The founder of FB SociCake is Mario Brown. In the past, he has created many different courses like Online Marketing Mastery Live, Videlligence among others. Thus, concerning his knowledge, he is second to none. Keep in mind that he is giving you access to not just one or two tools but eight tools in total.

The best thing about FB SociCake is that it has so many different tools that it can handle all your Facebook marketing needs. You will not have to access any other marketing tools.

What does FB SociCake offer?

We will now highlight the various tools and features of FB SociCake.

1. FB post manager:

FB post manager allows you to post content on Facebook without having to visit it in your browser every time. You can add a link, image as well as a video. You have to select the fan page on which you have to post. It will automatically post it for you. Every feature which is available in regular posting is available through FB post manager. FB post manager allows adding emojis as well.

2. Live streaming:

The FB SociCake allows you to live stream videos. The problem with live streaming is that it takes you a long time to set everything up. FB SociCake enables you to do so without having to spend a significant amount of time setting each and everything up. The limitation, however, is that it supports only 50 MB as the maximum size for FB live streaming.

3. Messenger bot:

FB chatbots have a higher engagement ratio. The conversion rate is also on the higher side. FB SociCake supports messenger bots. You can set up the entire bot in the tool itself. It will allow you to reply to people automatically. There are dedicated post templates available in this tool.

4. Poster designer:

If you want to make your posts more engaging, there is a poster designer included. It allows you to increase the engagement levels of your post.

5. Comment bot:

In case, you need to comment especially for customers who contact you on your fan page, FB SociCake provides you with that as well. You can reply to them at a much faster pace with the help of this comment bot. As a result, the engagement ratio increases.

6. Facebook leads:

The unique thing about FB SociCake is that it can help you capture FB leads. When they click on the opt-in link, they will confirm that they want to be on your list. The idea is pretty simple and can help you gain a significant number of leads from Facebook.

7. Fan inviter:

With the help of this tool, you can invite people to view your page. It is in the form of a Chrome extension.

8. Graphic designer:

There are over 1400 templates provided in this model of FB SociCake. It allows you to eliminate the need for hiring a web designer. You can create your posts yourself with all the graphics and images which you need. You can even upload your pictures to create the marketing material for your product.

When you look at the tools, you will realize that they focus on FB marketing. You can easily minimize your work with the help of FB SociCake.

FB socicake review

Is FB SociCake suitable for you?

FB SociCake provides you with the whole host of tools. However, in spite of that, it is not suitable for every individual. Some of the individuals for whom it is perfect are:

? Existing FB marketers

? Marketers with a specific plan

? Marketers who need proper control over the entire blueprint

The problem is that if you?re new to Internet marketing, FB SociCake on its own will not help you make money online. You need to have a proper blueprint to make money with the FB SociCake. It is just a set of tools rather than a guide to help you make money. In this regard, the?Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option. It provides you with limited marketing tools, but it offers you the exact blueprint to make money through Facebook as well as through various other avenues. Unlike FB SociCake, it doesn’t focus only on Facebook. You can diversify your income quickly. Click here to know more about Wealthy Affiliate!

What are the shortcomings of FB SociCake?

In spite of the large cache of tools which it provides, there are a few shortcomings of FB SociCake which do not make it suitable for every individual.

The flaws include:

1. Lack of actionable blueprint:

The tools are functional. They do not lack in any of the features. However, if you?re new to FB marketing, you will not know how to use these tools. Only experienced marketers will be able to automate their work and use these tools to their advantage.

2. Overreliance on a single platform:

Another shortcoming of FB SociCake is that it is over-reliant on Facebook. As the name itself suggests, it focuses on Facebook. The problem is that any time, Facebook changes its algorithm or a feature; the tools might need an update. Even if you use FB SociCake to your advantage, you will be over-reliant on a single platform for your entire income.

While the tools are up to the mark, as stated above in our FB SociCake review, there are a few loopholes in the tools provided by FB SociCake. In case, you?re looking for a better solution to start making money online from scratch; you should consider Wealthy Affiliate instead. While it may not provide you with all the tools but it certainly provides you with the useful blueprint to make money online.


? Eight different tools

? No programming required

? Easy to use

? Graphics templates provided

? Can easily set up a live stream

? Chatbot automation

? Easy to execute your existing marketing strategy


? Not suitable for beginners

? Live streaming only accepts 50 MB video

? Lots of upgrades

? No strategy blueprint

Final Verdict:

FB SociCake is a mixed bag. If you?re a seasoned marketer or already marketing on Facebook, it might be suitable for you. If you?re just starting in the digital world, FB SociCake will not help you much. It does not provide you with proper techniques and strategies which you can use with its tools. Thus, it lacks in this regard.

We hope that our FB SociCake review was pretty much helpful for you guys in many ways!

If you?re looking for a product which can help you create a proper strategy and execute that strategy, the Wealthy Affiliate marketing course is a much better option.

You can know more about it by clicking here!

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