If you have been looking for legit money making opportunity online, chances are you might have come across many different products. It is important to conduct proper due diligence before opting for any so-called system which will help you make money online. One such name which you will often come across is Five Minute Profit Sites (FMPS). Though the concept looks brilliant it is pretty simple. The product offers you in not only creating the sites but also driving traffic. The dilemma which most people face is whether it is actually legit or not? We will today share with you our Five Minute Profit Sites review?in order to help you understand whether it is worth opting for or not.

What is FMPS?-Five Minute Profit Sites review?

The product is called FMPS in short form. Other than that; the product claims to provide you access to proprietary software which will allow you to create websites within 5 minutes. According to them, the websites are converting in nature and can work on autopilot. Thus, you will be able to create money by launching such websites one after another.

Note- Don’t Think its only 37$.It has more upsells than you think.

Five Minute Profit Sites review


How does this?Five Minute Profit Sites?work?

You might be thinking that since they have shown a demo account making money using one such website in the video, it actually works. The truth is far from that. The first thing you need to comprehend is how this product actually works. We will explain the details of the product below.

1. After buying the product, you are required to associate your ClickBank account with FMPS.

2. You have to thereafter choose a domain name for your website.

3. You have to then sign up with the email autoresponder by the name of AWeber.

4. You will have to connect your Autoresponder account with FMPS.

5. After the last step, you have to start driving traffic to your website.

6. You will make money on Autopilot.

In the 2nd step, after you choose your domain name, the proprietary software will allow you to create a website within 5 minutes. The product also provides you with hosting for your website.

Up until now, you might actually be thinking that this is actually a legit product. However, there is a huge flaw in the flowchart which we have explained above. There is a difference between a landing page and a website. This product offers you essentially a landing page. With the help of a single landing page, you will not be able to drive traffic and convert it. This is one of the main reasons why this product raises red flags.


This Video Will Show you how is the member’s area of the product

One more thing to think before starting with FMPS!

Another problem is that the traffic generation techniques which they share with you are pretty primitive. Only a couple of these traffic generation techniques actually work. Irrespective of the type of website which you have, if you cannot drive consistent traffic it will be very difficult for you to make any kind of money from the website. Thus, the flowchart above consists of a huge loophole which we have just explained.

Can FMPS really make you money?

As we explained above, the product actually makes pretty tall claims. It claims that you will be able to make up to $ 500 per day. The truth is far from it.

A simple landing page website will not help you gain traffic from search engines. Moreover, the product does not go into the details of traffic generation methods. Even though they are listed and explain in a few videos but most of these techniques no longer work. That is why; you will not be able to gain traffic. Some of the traffic generation techniques which are explained in the product include:

? Solo Ads

? Press releases

? Blog commenting

? Forum marketing

? Guest posting

? Article marketing

Only some of these methods are covered in detail in these videos. That is why, in order to use these traffic generation methods, you will have to learn much more about them. Out of these, only solo ads are explained in detail.

The problem with solo ads is that they are very expensive. In order to create a Solo ads campaign, you have to create and test many different advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, this is not mentioned in the videos. In order to conduct this trial and error, not only you will require a significant amount of money but also the technical knowledge as well.

Five Minute Profit Sites review?

More about Five Minute Profit Sites…

The other methods which are mentioned like article marketing, forum marketing, and press releases are pretty outdated. Owing to this very reason, it will actually be very difficult for you to generate any kind of traffic with the help of these techniques.

Without proper traffic generation, it is not possible to make any money with ClickBank. In order to generate any revenue with ClickBank, it is important to drive a significant amount of traffic. The conversion rate is often up to 5%. That is why; FMPS will not be able to help you generate $ 500 as they claim. It is actually an outdated product.

If you really want to make money with affiliate marketing, it is a very good idea to go with the wealthy affiliate. They try to blind you with all the sales and do not actually focus on the traffic generation methods but just site creation. Moreover, with thousands of members, it is actually a legit course which will help you out.

Hidden truths about FMPS:

There are a few red flags about FMPS. We will highlight them below.

1. No clarity about the owner:

Unlike some of the other related affiliate marketing courses, FMPS does not provide you with any clarity about ownership. This is actually a huge red flag. Most of the legit courses do not mind sharing the identity of the owner. In fact, in such cases, the owner is pretty hands-on with the operation. However, in this case, it is entirely the opposite.

2. Upsells and other hidden costs:

On the sales page, you will notice that the price mentioned is around $ 37. However, once you go to the next step, there are many different courses and software on offer like faster profits, double your profit sites, traffic salami. Each of them is priced to significantly higher than $ 37. That is why the program actually upsells you a lot of stuff. The actual cost is much higher. Due to the hidden costs, it might end up costing you significantly higher.

3. No earnings without traffic:

Even if you create multiple landing pages with the help of software which is shared by this product, you will not be able to make any kind of money without traffic. As we stated above, the course does not explain the various traffic generation methods which you can use. Thus, it is actually not useful.

4. No real value:

There are plenty of landing page generating software as well as plug-ins which you can use at a much more affordable rate. In such a case, you will have complete control over your website. It is much better to go with that.

If you want to opt for a structured learning course, you can even go for Wealthy Affiliate which is legit and backed by thousands of members. FMPS, however, do not provide any value for the amount which you pay.

These are some of the hidden truths about this product owing to which, it is a good idea to avoid this product.

Does FMPS legit?

While FMPS might have worked a few years back but currently, the proprietary software, videos which it has on offer, does not provide any kind of value. It looks more like a rehashed the product rather than a genuine course to help you make money with affiliate marketing. As explained in our FMPS review above, it is pretty shady and sketchy. It is a good idea to keep away from it.

If you?re really interested in making money with affiliate marketing, opting for a legit course like Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option.

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We hope that our Five Minutes Profit Sites review is extremely helpful for you guys. So, if you have any further questions regarding Five Minutes Profit Sites, do not forget to mention about them in the following comment area.

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