People seem to be preferred to make money online because of numerous reasons. In order to earn an online basis, there is a large number of ways to try out. Working as freelancers through a freelance marketplace is the most trending way of earning as freelancers. If you make a quick search on any search engine you will be able to find a number of freelancing platforms. Though there are numerous freelance service marketplaces are available at this time, Fiverr is considered the biggest freelance services marketplace in the world.?Through making the following piece of writing, I would like to pay my attention to the most practical as well as reliable Fiverr alternative websites?at a glance.

What is Fiverr?

fiverr alternative websites

Before starting our discussion regarding Fiverr alternative websites, it is better to talk about in a brief manner so that you all can get a kind of idea regarding its background, how it functions and what are the negative aspects which lead freelancers to move to fiverr alternative websites.

Basically; Fiverr provides a platform or an online marketplace for freelancers around the world. By using Fiverr, any freelancer can provide their services to worldwide customers. From 2010, still Fiverr is considered the top freelancer marketplace.

It is possible to buy as well as sell digital services via Fiverr. We can provide digital services like graphic designing, SEO [Search Engine Optimization] services, translations, and writing services, web designing, programming etc. by using this two-sided platform.

?Gig? is the term which is used for stating a single service offered on this website. A freelancer who provides services is known as a ?Seller?. Employers are known as ?Buyers?.

Why do freelancers look for?Fiverr alternative websites?

fiverr alternative websites

The least starting price of a Gig on Fiverr is considered as 5$. When you withdraw, Fiverr charges 20% from each Gig you have sold. It means that Fiverr gets a commission of 1$ for every single Gig you made. Do not forget that you have to pay PayPal fees 0.42$ for a 5$ Gig as well.

Finally; you will be able to grab 3.58$ after selling a 5$ Gig. When comparing the time that you have to spend for completing a single Gig, it seems to be that the Gig value is not sufficient for certain Gigs which require lot creativity and time with many skills.

Currently; the competition on Fiverr platform seems to be increasing due to a rapid growth of Sellers. With the growing competition, freelancers seem to be looking for Fiverr alternative websites.

The most effective Fiverr alternatives for you to try out

So, here, I would like to make brief descriptions regarding a fewer number of Fiverr alternatives.

1. SEOClerks

fiverr alternative websites

If you have enough skills in the field of Search Engine Optimization and online/digital marketing, of course, SEOClerks is the best marketplace for you guys. Digital marketing and SEO have a great demand in this era. So, basically, we can introduce SEOClerks as an online marketplace which has been specially designed for providing SEO services.

In addition; this platform offers a number of payment modes including Payza, AlertPay, and PayPal to Payee.

Here is the official website link.

2. Envato Studio

fiverr alternative websites

Envato Studio can be known as a community which consists of highly-skilled website designers and developers, content creators and graphic designers.

When compared with the pricing on Fiverr, what we see is that this platform uses a really realistic pricing regarding their services. This way, Envato Studio has become a quality service provider.

The following services are a few of the services which can be offered through Envato Studio.

  • Logo Design and Branding
  • WordPress
  • Design and Graphics
  • Audio
  • Online Marketing
  • Video and Animation
  • Mobile and Apps
  • Programming

Follow this link for visiting Envato Studio.

3. TaskArmy

fiverr alternative websites

TaskArmy is well-known as an online marketplace which provides high quality works. There is no availability of a bidding system on this website. Instead of that Gig system is used. You can set the price of the Gig for higher prices than Fiverr.

Another important fact that I need to mention here is that you have to obtain the approval for your Gigs through TaskArmy. This platform ensures the quality of the gigs by checking and approving the gigs through TaskArmy employee.

This platform charges 20% of your earnings as their commissions.

Here are a few of the services which can be offered through TaskArmy.

  • WordPress development
  • Search Engine Optimization[SEO]
  • Website design
  • Social media marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Virtual Assistant
  • PPC optimization

You can visit the official TaskArmy website by following the link below.

You can register on this site for free.

4. Zeerk

fiverr alternative websites

Actually; Zeerk is a freelancing marketplace with low competition. Services like the following can be offered for a reasonable pricing on Zeerk.

  • Online Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Writing and Translation
  • Graphics and Design
  • Video
  • Programming
  • Animation
  • Music
  • Audio

You can make even 2$ Gigs on this platform. Zeerk does not charge their commission for such low price gigs. Remember that 5$ gigs are also free from the commission of Zeerk. In addition; Zeerk offers 1$ per Gig which is posted by the premium sellers. That is fantastic.

You can grab your payments daily as Zeerk allows making daily withdrawals for any approved work. There is no need of waiting for collecting your payments.

Keep in your mind that you become eligible for withdrawal with the least balance of 4$. Payoneer and PayPal are the payment modes of Zeerk.

Just follow the link below to navigate to the official Zeerk website.

5. Fourerr

fiverr alternative websites

Fourerr is also a freelancing marketplace which offers thousands of online jobs by making the connection between Buyers and Sellers around the world. It is possible to sell your skills within a price range of $4 – $25 on Fourerr.

Sellers have the chance to earn up to $700 via completing micro jobs. Sounds good? Huh!

Just visit the official Fourerr website using the following link.

6. Geniuzz

When considering the Geniuzz Freelancers, S.L., the Company owns an online portal which provides the potential for buying as well as selling small Internet-based services in Spain and Latin America.

There are numerous online jobs for the following job categories.

  • Bloggers
  • Online marketing experts
  • Programmers
  • Radio broadcasters
  • Micro-entrepreneurs on the Internet
  • Freelance journalists
  • Graphic designers
  • Video editors
  • E-books sellers
  • Translators

Keep remembering that the entire interface of this website is available in the Spanish language.

Check out this link to visit the official website of Geniuzz.

7. Damongo

fiverr alternative websites

Damongo is another online marketplace which offers micro jobs under different categories as follows.

  • Graphic and Design
  • Business
  • Just for Fun
  • Music and Audio
  • Online Marketing
  • Programming and Tech
  • Writing and Translation
  • Video and Animation

You can visit this Fiverr alternative website by using the link below.

8. MicroWorkers

fiverr alternative websites

MicroWorkers is known as one of the online marketplaces which provided the inspiration to the online freelancing industry. If you are a newbie to this industry, of course, you can start with MicroWorkers as you can earn through completing micro jobs on this platform.

Here is the official website link for visiting MicroWorkers freelancing platform.

If you are interested in knowing more and more regarding MicroWorkers, click here.

9. FiverUp

fiverr alternative websites

FiverUp is another pretty much easy-to-use freelancing platform which is really similar to the popular online marketplace Fiverr. It is possible to buy as well as sell gigs pricing $4 to $ 100.

The following are the available service categories on FiverUp.

  • Graphics and Design
  • Writing
  • Technology
  • Music and Audio
  • Advertising
  • Fun and Bizarre

Official website link:

10. BountyIt

fiverr alternative websites

Actually; BountyIt is a really different online marketplace than Fiverr. You can provide service like the following through the freelancing platform, BountyIt.

  • Website feedback
  • Name ideas
  • Web projects
  • Marketing plans
  • Website promotion
  • Product promotion
  • Slogans
  • Resumes
  • Blog articles
  • Job referrals

If you are interested, it is time to check out BountyIt website through the following link.

The Bottom Line

Through this post, already we have discussed 10?Fiverr alternative websites There are more to discuss. I have to wind up this discussion while keeping the promise of bringing more and more interesting facts with reference to the make money online through my future posts. Stay tuned!

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