FixWork Online Scam?- Decide whether FixWork Online is legit or not!

FixWork Online scam

Online earning is one of the easiest and trendiest money-making methods so far. And there are more than a few websites and companies that offer you these pretty awesome work at home jobs. Some involve typing, data entry while some involve web page handling. Despite all these websites, you could find more scams than real ones. Most of these scam sites want you to create an account or to give your email address and such details. They show you easy money and even have these excellent reviews but unfortunately, they are not what they claim to be. So, let us check whether FixWork Online Scam or not through the following review.

FixWork Online scam

What is FixWork Online?-FixWork Online Scam

Among these various websites, we are pretty certain you came across a site named too. The site seems to be legitimate enough for you to trust. It even has these customer reviews, who claim to be earning a lot per day. The website is all about signing up for them and earning around $50 – $100 per day.

But it is okay for you to doubt whether it is a scam or not. Because, how could one possibly earn so much for a day from a site, right?

Well, your doubts are true. The steps that you follow on the site will hardly bring you any money at all.

FixWork Online scam

How does FixWork Online work?

This website could be called a cookie cutter. They come in many forms under many names. But they all offer you with the same online money-making concept. And claims to offer you attractive amounts if you join them.

These websites are made for the basic requirement of gaining many people to complete the surveys. They use a strategy similar to pyramid marketing. Where the person who starts the survey sends it to ten others and they send it to ten others and the process goes on.

As you add each person to the survey, they offer you $10. And when your amount rises up to about $300 you get the chance to retrieve your money. This is where the painful part begins. Because you are asked to fill more and more surveys until you realize there is no money for you.

FixWork Online scam

Some Ugly Truths Revealed About FixWork Online

If you look keen into the signing up procedure of this website you will be able to see signs that this site is actually a scam.

Before signing up to any website it is always better if you could check it.

Why would a money-making website stay unsecured?

For a starter, this website is not secured. The web address does not start with https. This is a clear sign that your data is not safe on this site. It is important that you take note of the security of the website before entering your personal data like name, address, telephone address. It has been reported that most hackers use this method to obtain personal data easily.

Do you see a disclaimer page or terms and conditions?

When considering a website that offers you a part-time job is most likely to have a few terms and conditions before anyone gets involved. They are talking about money and do you really expect the company to give away without any such rules? Seriously?

FixWork Online scam

But for FixWork Online, you find no such requirements. You click on the link, and you directly sign up. And woah, you seem to be earning! It should be considered that this procedure is a little too easy than the standards.

There is not a single review or feedback

Another point for you to consider regarding this website is that it does not have any reviews. For a website that is said to have helped people to earn in hundreds of dollars daily, it is quite suspicious to not to have a single review, right?

And in fact, if you try to log onto the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, you get an error. Such pages do not exist in these websites. They simply do not waste their time and money to create such stuff. There are obviously no reviews for a scam website.

The origin of the website shows 4 countries!!!

Yeah, you heard me right. There is no single country that you can be certain of. The website setup gives a country likelihood of USA, UK UAE and India as well.

How are you ever going to earn money from a website which does not even have a country of origin? That is a major problem if you are going to simply trust these websites and enter all your personal details without a hunch.

What is the necessary information for you to sign up?

Another great tactic for you to use when signing up to these websites is to find out their intentions. In this case, it is very easy to do that.

For the registration, you are asked to fill a few details that basically includes your name, password, email address, address and the name of the person the check should be named to. In the legitimate websites, you will not be able to proceed without all this information and you will probably find more information to be given.

But unfortunately, in you can proceed even without your address and the name for the check. Why would they need the name when they are never going to pay you?

You should be really smart enough to understand these things for the first time. So, it is always better if you read some background about the website before you actually try them for yourself.

What to expect from FixWork Online?

Well, there are a few things that you could expect if you got spammed by a site like this. And though they are not all bad, none of them are good either.

Completing all those surveys and sharing the links and getting people to add is pretty hectic. It is going to cost you a good part of your time and money as well. It would be alright if your effort was paid. But it will be a complete waste of your time and your money. You will not get anything in return

You will also have to face the possibility of your email address being hacked. Or worse you might start getting scam messages unlimitedly. There are many scam sites that are likely to steal your personal information via email. And hence you better think twice.

And also, consider all those scam links shared all over your social media platforms through the website. You are most likely to have lost a few friends and maybe they are tempted to mark you as spam too!

But to see a silver lining in the darkest cloud, this website does not ask you for your credit card info. You are not asked to pay for the membership. Hence you are not going to lose some extra cash while trying to earn a bit more.

FixWork Online scam

Is it really a scam?

Well, it is undoubtedly a scam site. And sites like these are not a rare thing on the internet. Most of the popup ads that you get while browsing is a scam. It is important that you know to identify fake from legitimate. That is because these websites are posing a very high-security threat.

Keep in mind not to put the password that you use for your social media platform or email to these sites. Never add your personal data.

Always look for red flags before actual signup.

And now that you know what to look for, better try to be more cautious next time!

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