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Welcome to Dollarsonyou Free Tools Service. I am trying to help you with many free tools which will help you ease your online journey with less cost.

Quotes are something that inspires and motivate the community. Also, most of the readers love to share them on social media.

If you are using quotes to your business follow these simple instructions that will help you win the customer.


Most of the quotes do belong to popular people in the world. Whenever you are using the Quote give credit to the author by mentioning his name.

2-Select category

There are many quote categories.Motivation,Inspiring,Funny,Travel etc…Identify your audience and use the most appropriate quote for your business.

Ex-You can’t use death quotes on a gardening Facebook page. That won’t bring good engagement.

3-Select Font

To read the quote it should be clearly visible on any media. In order for that make sure to use a simple font that gives good attention to the quote.


If you are thinking of creating a background for the quote, ensure those images do not overtake the attention of the quote. Eg: Do not use very bright backgrounds and that will disturb the readability of the quote.


People love to share quotes. Whenever you are posting a quote on any media make it as shareable. Also, don’t forget to remind the reader to share it among his friends. Sharing is more powerful than any other strategy and it gives free promotion to your business.

Now let’s see where we can get free online quote makers

Brainy Quotes

This is the most famous quote site in n the world. It has around 20million visitors per month. Here You can filter the Quotes the way you want under different categories. Also, you can get the quotes with images as well.

Good Read

Good read has simple formatted quotes. You can like their quotes and share them on facebook.

Img Flip

This is a cool tool in which you can create quotes into a funny meme. Memes are so popular on the internet that many people are sharing on social media.

Meme Centre

This is another tool that you can make GIF. For you to use this tool you need to enable the Adobe Flash player.


This is a cool tool that helps you to design quotes. You can choose different backgrounds and test them. With this tool, it’s very easy to design your quote.


Canva is a great free online quote maker. Its totally free and easy to use tool. If you have quotes with you, it’s easy to design it using their templates.Here how you can design quotes on canva.Watch this video tutorial.


I hope you enjoy those different?free online quote makers. Also, you can get free logo generators?here.

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