Building a brand is not easy and also it is a long-term process. It requires a lot of hard work. But thanks to the internet anybody can build a brand easier than in the past.

A brand is not only a website or a product. It is something memorable in peoples mind. As an example think about Nike, Coca-cola, KFC. Whenever you hear those brands you will know what is the product or service.

To build a brand or a good business, the logo is essential. Let’s see what are the important aspects of making a good logo before I give you?free text logo maker online.


You need to choose the best colors for your logo according to your business model. Colors carry emotions and communication.

Read more about?Emotions behind colors.

Keep it Simple

A logo should not be an art or a story. It should be simple yet an attractive design. Look at some popular brands in the world. They are super simple.

Be unique

Everybody likes to see something different. Why don’t you be little creative and design your unique logo which would be easily remembered?

Select Fonts

If your logo consists of any text, make sure to select a simple font that is easily visible. Remember that when your brand starts growing you will have worldwide customers. You must use simple font design in order to make your logo more comprehensive for everyone.

Don’t expect quick success

You might have the best logo in the world but your product or service sucks. In that case, don’t expect the success at all. Have patience and work on satisfying your customers and your logo will become unforgettable. It might take years. But hold on to your dreams.

If you are going to hire a professional logo designer for your work it might cost you some money depending on your requirement and designers price range. It can vary anywhere between 5$ to 1000+$.

If you are just starting your business it’s better to save that money and do it your self. I know how hard it is to start a business.

But if you have an idea about your logo design, by using the below free logo generators you can create your own simple logo.



This tool provides free clip arts for your logo creation. You can find hundreds of clip arts in many categories. Find the best suitable one for you.

free text logo maker online

2-Create Funny Logo

This is an amazing and funny tool by which you can set your search engine.

free text logo maker online

3-Design Mantic

Design Matic has templates under different categories. Select your category and check your logo at once. This will help you to see your logo in different templates and colors.

I selected finance and investments. Below are some other designs I found.

free text logo maker online

4-Flamming Text

This is a great tool that helps you o create animation or 3D tool. Read their instruction and download the logo after the creation.

Logo Design by

Logo Design by?

5-HTML 5 Maker

This tool is especially for website builders who can create logo, banners though HTML.

free text logo maker online


free text logo maker online

7-Square Space

If you have any idea about your logo, this tool will help you to create one.

free text logo maker online

8-Logo Garden

By using this tool you can check your logo on different products test them. As I test the tool I create logo and use it on drinking glass cup and water bottle.

free text logo maker online

9-Logo Nut

If you don’t have any idea about your logo creation then this tool is the best option for you. Just select your business category and you can get many logo templates under the category.This will help you to have the best ideas about your logo.

free text logo maker online

10-Online Logo Maker

free text logo maker online


Canva is most popular around the world. You can create a logo with different templates. But they have limited symbols for free and rest you need to buy from them.

free text logo maker online

Note-Don’t be confused with many tools. Open all the tools and select what is the best for a tool for your logo creation. All the above tools have different aspects. Ex 3D logo, HTML logo, Animation logo etc….

Thank you very much for reading my article. I hope those free text logo maker online will help your venture.!

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Logo Design by

Logo Design by?

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