Freedom At Home Team review- Does this legit or scam?

There has always been an instance in our lives when we searched for work at home jobs. And freedom at home team is one that everyone stumbles upon. They have a nice setup web page, a very good mother company (and that, we can be certain of) and literally offer you freedom at home. No doubt comes across the mind when you first visit the page. And it seems to be pretty legitimate.

Freedom At Home Team

They even have a video saying ?As seen on Good Morning America?

But is it truly legitimate? Or is it another one of those scam websites who promise you good money, but gives you none? Will you ever be able to earn any money with them?

You will find all the answers you need in this article.

So, what is this freedom at home team?

Freedom at home team is a pharmaceutical supply retail company.

But rest assured, you need not have any idea of pharmaceuticals to join them.

But to put very straightforward this is an MLM system (Multi-Level Marketing System). And considering the legitimacy of most of the MLM systems that are found on the internet, this is also most likely to be a scam. Given regard to the levels existing in these MLMs, it is pretty hard for a person to be earning a profit if they are not on the top level.

Freedom at home team requires you to invest a considerable amount of money in order to sign up for the supplies.

freedom at home team review
freedom at home team review

How does Freedom at home team work?

Well, to start a business with this website you will first have to signup and make an account. And to the disappointment of many, it is NOT free. Yeah! It comes with a price, a three-number sum in that case.

?Then you are supposed to basically sell the products and discount cards to other people. The more you sell the more you earn, but you should keep in mind that you get a very small commission. It could be a commission with a single number.

And besides that, you will be asked to recruit too. The people you are recruiting will receive their own commissions for their sales and their recruitments. And you will be getting a commission out of their commission. Pretty much seems like a pyramid marketing program huh?

Well, that is the secret. You will be asked to recruit a lot of people to the system if you are to earn, and when it comes to the day that you run out of friends? It really is going to be scary.

The truth behind freedom at home: better to know this before joining!

Freedom At Home Team


It would take a considerable amount of hard work to earn?

We have mentioned the structure of Freedom at home and how you will be able to earn from it.

But to be honest with you there is the least possibility that you will earn as much as you spend with them. These MLMs have more than a few layers of employers. It is an excellent opportunity to earn if you are on the top level and have people working under you.

But if you are in the lower level and has so many above you? It could be a very tough task to earn them. That is because you are expected to build a number of layers below you to earn.

If you are very good at recruiting people, I mean if you have the ability to convince people and make them believe you then you will have a chance of succeeding.

The look is convincing, but is it true?

If you checked their website you will see all these really nice photographs of people using freedom at home. They almost convince you the fact that this is the ideal way to earn money. And that everyone earns with them except you.

?When signing up you are urged to answer a few questions too. They seem to be getting information to legally add you as a member. But its necessarily a procedure that gives them the authority to pay you if and only if you make money.

The payments of these websites are made legitimately. They will not scam you with your payments. But you should understand that you are most likely to not receive any payments if you are just going to work while staying at home.

What they claim to offer and what they really offer you would be quite questionable

If you went through their website you must have seen a very boldly written set of advantages of them. They have two sets of lists. One is what we offer. And the other is what we don?t do.

In the list of benefits though they say that they don?t do any marketing, cold calling or selling or stuff this is highly doubtable considering the fact that all MLM based companies make money completely based on the recruitments you make. It is good if there were a method for male sales and recruitments without marketing and bargaining. But I highly doubt that.

And even the training the claim to provide you is not what you think it is to be. Training will definitely help you with your career. But you have to pay to get that. Typical huh?

Freedom At Home Team review
Freedom At Home Team review


It always comes with a price?

The other very important feature to note is that nothing is actually free.

You are able to create a free account. But that ends almost there. You need to pay a $100 to start selling. And the website tries to convince you that you will always do better if you were to get the training and the tool kit.

But it is not free either!

You will also be asked to pay a certain amount of money to maintain your website. And there are other expenses that they bring up. Their advice, sample products, and almost all features are charged heavily.

Who could possibly benefit from Freedom At Home?

Well, we cannot say that Freedom at home is a total scam site. They will pay you if you are willing to sweat.

Hence there will always be the people who do not mind bargaining. Or those are good with marketing and convincing. Or there are extroverts out there who are willing to spend all of their time and money on this.

But if you were planning to work with Freedom at home, we hate to be the bearer of some bad news. This is not what you are looking for. Given the reputation of how MLMs work, you will definitely understand your freedom at home is going to get limited.

And if you believe you are ready for such a challenge that you do not mind the hard work. And willing to put up the time and energy they require. You will be able to succeed. Well not immediately, but eventually.

You will be able to find to have much support and guidance from the mother company. There are more than enough FAQs and assistance such as live chat, online help, and email. That is definitely a plus point for those who want to start up.

That is because the mother company is also there to guide you, whenever you need help.

So?? Is Freedom At Home really a scam?

If you were to name a website scam if it never pays, then this won?t be a scam.

But, if you believe that a scam website is one that charges you too much than paying you. Then this is probably bad news.

We would rather not say this is a scam. But, we would conclude that this website is just not what they claim to be. They will be better known as ?you will have to work hard and overpay?

Freedom At Home Team review
Freedom At Home Team review

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Freedom At Home Team


Video Lead

If you go through the following video guide you will be capable of gaining an adequate idea about this program as this video is a detailed Freedom At Home Team review.

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