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You are probably here to search for some cute love quotes to tell your boyfriend. When we are in love, we discover that we can be a poet.? We want sweet messages and even making our own poem but sometimes struggling to add a caption. Are you looking for a bunch of cheesy?funny Instagram captions for?boyfriend?

funny instagram captions for boyfriend

Check out the following captions and choose whatever you prefer. These captions have not been used anywhere so that you can make your partner amazed by posting them on Instagram.

70 Funny Instagram Captions for couples

  • Mornings are beautiful because of you. I had a beautiful nightmare, it was all about you. Always you, and now I have a headache. My doctor said maybe because I miss you.

  • Sometimes caring is better than loving. Sometimes tea is better than coffee. Sometimes a smile is better than laughter. But still, nobody is better than you.

  • A smile is a key to stay young and good looking. Hey, why are you smiling?

  • If I could see your face every day, every day would be a lovely day and crazy day.

  • I hope I am a shirt so that you would realize that we are suited to each other.

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  • I hope I can be a fish and you are the water. Because I can’t live without you.

  • Mister, are you Tuesday? Why? Because I’m Monday and you are my future.

  • I hope you are my ID, just in case you’re lost, they will know you’re mine.

  • Do you know how to catch? Why? Because I’m falling for you.

  • I hope I can be ice that melts every time you look at me.

  • My love for you is like a breath. Why I would stop it if I know that I can’t.

  • I’m not a criminal but it seems like my heart is under arrest.


  • Are your darkness? Because when you came I can’t see anything at all.

  • Peter Pan said ?think what you like and you will fly?, but when I think of you why I fell?

  • You’re my favorite human. My partner, my enemy, and my best friend.

  • This man is my ex-boyfriend and soon to be my husband.

  • You are my better half, my world and my rock.

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  • You’re the most beautiful and stupid thing that ever happened to me.

  • The argument that ends up in laughter. We’re both crazy. More craziness with you.

  • You are the only half human half alien I want in my life.

  • Thank you for being one of the reasons for my happiness and craziness.

  • You are a masculine thing.

  • Stay with me. I want to do some bad things with you.

  • A good man with a nasty look.

  • YO_. All I need is U.

  • Everyone says, ?do what you love.? Therefore, I want to do you.

  • If you are just a dream, I wouldn’t mind waking up.

  • Call me crazy or whatever you want but you are my mental institution.

  • If you are not the Mr. Right, don’t worry I will drag you from left to the right.

  • Being with someone who can drive you crazy is just like having a partner and a best friend.

  • Our relationship is like a roller coaster, there are ups and downs and most of all, scary. Coz I’m afraid to lose you.

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  • Would you be the apple of my pie?

  • In the world full of impostors, you’re one of a kind.

  • God gave me the sweetest and sometimes annoying boyfriend.

  • Are you in a marathon? Because you are always running on my mind.

  • My superman without powers.

  • Had a long trip with this man, my driver, and my lover.

  • My travel buddy, my food buddy, and my partner in life.

  • A man that laughs like a crazy hyena. I love you from head to toe.

  • Can’t resist being with this guy.

  • My knight in shining armor and I’m his damsel in distress.

  • Dancing in the rain with me is the sweetest thing you will do.

  • My partner in life as well as my partner in crime.

  • When I always think of you, I find myself smiling at the same time.

  • My ideal man, my dream boy and now my boyfriend.

  • Can’t wait to be with you and cuddle with you this weekend.

  • I may hate you in the morning but I’m going to love you tonight.

  • This guy gives me doses of love. Now, I’m an overdose.

  • You gave me a colorful meaning to my life. Now, I’m yours and forever yours.

  • It’s true that love can wait. Thank you for patiently waiting man of my dreams.

  • Loving you for me is an addiction. Now, put me in rehab but don’t forget to include yourself too because you’re a drug that I can’t live without.

  • My only vice is to love you.

  • I don’t need to be Cinderella, I don’t need to be sleeping beauty or someone else in a fairytale, I am just a simple girl who’s willing to be your princess in our own true to life story.

  • You stole my heart as well as my ass.

  • I know my boyfriend is cute but sorry ladies he’s all mine. Dare to touch him and I’ll show my bitch side.

  • It feels I’m home when your arms wrapped around me.

  • I’d shave because of you.

  • A cute boyfriend who pampers you, the best boyfriend ever.

  • I love food and I love you. Let’s get fat together.

  • Your love gives me confidence believing that I’m the luckiest girl in the world for having you on my life.

  • I love my witty, crazy, and sometimes annoying boyfriend.

  • Look, I’m wearing the same smile you gave me when we first met.

  • I’m not in myself when I’m with you.

  • Oopps! I did not choose you, my heart did.

  • Today, I’m not going to be your girlfriend anymore. Because I want to be part of your life forever.

  • My smiles begin with you.

  • If loving you is a crime, let’s make a crime together.

  • I plus you equals craziness overload.

  • My love, let’s get drunk and make some nasty thing.

  • When I have two hearts, I will fall in love to you twice.

funny instagram captions for boyfriend

The Bottom Line

Today, Instagram is one of the most common social media platforms. It is more on capturing the moments and sharing what you up to. Couples nowadays love to tell the world what they do and what they have. This mcm captions for your boyfriend will help you a lot in choosing what caption you will put on your post.

Remember that you don’t have to be like William Shakespeare or any poet in the world to have your caption beautiful. Men don’t like drama. Make it simple and unique but romantic.

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