Many YouTube video creators have become celebrities all over the world. The traction which youtube is gaining all over the world is significant. In many parts of the world, people rely on YouTube for their daily dose of entertainment as well. With youtube gaining more and more prominence all over the world, the question which remains is what youtube videos should you upload.

One thing which you need to keep in mind is that the funny YouTube videos gain the maximum amount of traction. Among this niche as well, there are quite a few funny YouTube video ideas which you can experiment with. Today, we will share with you not 1 or 2 but 20 different funny YouTube video ideas to pick from.


1. Prank Videos:

Prank videos are one of the most watched videos on YouTube. You can create a different type of prank videos quite easily like April fool?s prank or Santa prank. Prank videos are often shot in an uncontrolled environment. This means that you do not have to make a lot of arrangements but just have a strong concept to start shooting the prank videos.

2. Weird Voice singing videos:

Singing videos are in the rage these days on YouTube. More so, the videos which are sung by people who do not have a melody or are not aware of the exact lyrics are even more popular. These are pretty hilarious as compared to the normal singing videos.

3. Parody Videos:

There are many movies as well as TV series all around us which are pretty monotonous, to say the least. You can easily create Parody videos based on these to entertain the YouTube audience. If you?re creating such parody videos, it is a good idea to always go for the latest TV series or movies. Those are the ones which get the maximum amount of traction.


4. Funny Baby Videos:

Categorically speaking, baby videos garner a significant amount of traction on YouTube. This is because babies by nature are unpredictable and funny. In order to shoot such videos, you have to just record as many baby videos as possible. Once you are able to that you can surely find some of the funny moments in these videos and create a compilation.


5. Pet videos:

We all have seen dogs and cat videos on YouTube. They are inherently funny. Just like the baby videos, you have to only show the funny moments. There are numerous instances which would be funny in such videos. These videos are not just limited to cats or dogs but also other types of pets like hamsters, rabbits, mice etc.

6. Fail videos:

We all experience embarrassing and funny accidents on a day-to-day basis. These are better known by the name of fails. This can be an accident or it can be a simple fall. You need to, however, be on your toes when in public and trying to shoot this footage.

7. Mad Scientist videos:

The concept of mad scientist videos is not exclusive to YouTube. There are various movies like Jurassic Park which have experimented with the same. Needless to say, these videos are not only hilarious but quite illuminating, to say the least.

8. Comedy Skit:

We all like to watch well-directed skits. You can easily use your sense of humor in order to make them hilarious and funny. Moreover, they can be shot in any kind of background including at your home. Thus, it is very easy to make such a skit. You can use the comedy skit videos in order to gain traction on YouTube quite easily.


9. Prank Call Video:

Prank calls have been around since the time of radio. It is only now that they are becoming popular on YouTube. Many of these videos tend to go viral as well. All you need to do is to choose a funny theme and record the entire call and upload it to YouTube. Over a period of time, it is very easy to gain traction on such videos.


10. In-Game Funny Videos:

There are numerous massively multiplayer online games. They have a huge fan following on the Internet. You can easily record funny in-game moments and videos in order to gain traction on YouTube. Some such games include:

? Counterstrike

? Pubg


11. Funny Vines:

Vines are nothing but short funny videos. This can involve pranking someone or creating a video based on a real-life situation but with the comic ending. The best thing about these videos is that you do not require a lot of resources. You can even create these videos in your native language which will help you in gaining more traction on YouTube.


12. Spoof videos:

The spoof videos are an imitation of any real-life person, situations etc. Spoof videos are often local to your country. That is why; you can easily gain prominence among your native audience. It is easy to get a high number of social shares on such videos. That is why; the potential of going viral is pretty high.


13. Funny Ghost videos:

Normally, you would associate ghost videos with horror. However, when you?re imitating a ghost in order to scare others in public, the reactions captured are hilarious. People often do stupid things when they are scared. That is why; you can easily shoot funny ghost videos by imitating a ghost yourself and trying to scare others.



14. Viral Challenge videos:

Viral challenge videos come along every few months. Videos such as ice bucket challenge as well as Kiki challenge are not only pretty difficult but also lead to hilarious consequences as well. Even though it might be at the expense of someone?s failure but such videos gain a lot of traction on YouTube.

15. Blooper Videos:

Blooper videos refer to the behind-the-scenes videos or the videos shot to attain the desired outcome. It can be numerous retakes for a movie or a TV series as well. The behind-the-scenes videos not only spark curiosity among the viewers but also are pretty hilarious due to the fun and gimmicks which are enacted on most of these sets.

16. Impromptu party videos:

We all know how stupid we act when we are drunk. Similarly, in each and every party, you would find at least one person who behaves irrationally and creates a ruckus when drunk. That is why; impromptu party videos are not only hilarious but quite entertaining.


17. Funny Public Interviews:

These types of videos involve asking embarrassing or awkward questions to the general public. In most of the cases, the answers are pretty hilarious. You can even ask adult theme-based quest to the general public. These quizzes often include questions like:

? When was the last time you had sex?

? How many people you have had sex with till date?

? What do you look for in individuals of opposite sex?

Many such awkward questions often lead to funny answers. While it is true that you might have to edit these videos in order to make them more entertaining but the traction which you get on YouTube is well worth the effort.

18. Boyfriend v/s Girlfriend videos:

This is a fast emerging sub-niche of YouTube which is becoming more and more popular. The boyfriends vs. girlfriend videos often compare the difference in the behavior of the boyfriend and girlfriend. We all have certain traits which our partners might not have. In these videos, the funny side of one of the partners is highlighted. That is why they are also known as boyfriend vs. girlfriend videos.

19. Dubsmash videos:

Dubsmash is the latest trend online these days. It involves lip-syncing a song or a movie dialogue in your own voice. Oftentimes, people try changing their voice in order to make the entire video much more hilarious. Numerous such videos have gone viral in recent times.

20. Standup Comedy videos:

Last but not the least; you can always create stand-up comedy videos if you have a flair for comedy. The reason why we have kept this idea up until the last is that it is the most obvious one when you?re looking for funny YouTube video ideas. Even though you might not ever have an audience but you can easily shoot these videos right at your home.

Thus, when you?re looking to start a funny YouTube channel, it is important to consider these 20 funny YouTube video ideas. These funny YouTube video ideas will help you in not only gaining traction but also going viral on YouTube.

Also if you feel shy to face the camera you can read these ideas that you can create videos without facing a camera.


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