“Battle”-General Store or Niche Store?

general store or niche store

General store or niche store???

This is the question I am getting from every day from newbies.

Everyone confused about general store or niche store? Both are successful and making money. And internet overloaded their mind with tons of information.

Let me explain both types with my experience. But I would give you a technical secret that you can choose what is best for you. Keep reading till the end.

Let me start with explaining what is?general store or niche store


General Store

A general store is like little Amazon.

You can segregate few categories and list hundred of products.

Whatever you think going to sell you can list and try advertisement.


General store visitors are not more passionate visitors compare to niche store visitors. They are attracted by ad or product to the general store.

? Not passionate audience

? Difficult to make a cross selling

? When you have sales need to segregate the customers for e-mail marketing.

? It?s a free place to test any product.

? Difficult for search engine optimization (SEO) because cannot identify the audience and create back links and articles.

? Can be test large audiences every day.

Niche Store

Niche is product or activity has large audience or community which is passionate about it.

There are hundreds of profitable niches out there.

Check the 259 Niche list

In the niche store, you can find the entire product related to one niche. Not only products blogs, categories, Images, fan pages all of them related to the one niche.

Ex– The NewYork dog shop

? sugar and cotton


Let me show you some points related to niche store

? A passionate audience who love to share their experience and buy the products.

? You can do deep market research related to audience pain and pleasure points.

? Easy for cross selling and up selling. Customer will love more products not only one.

? You can test the audience in different angles.Ex-Prices, Age.Demography etc?

? You can sell niche related products only. Otherwise, the customers can confuse about the store.Ex-You cannot sell Cooking items in horse store

? Easy for e mail marketing and-re targeting campaigns. Without a second thought, you can choose the audience because they are related to the niche.


According to all the points that I have explained, can lead you to start niche store.Because it has great advantages and easy to manage. Is it? But I would say it’s NOT A GOOD IDEA.

Here is WHY?

Facebook will be your main marketing tool and it can give you best result when you handle it properly.

I hope you heard about FACEBOOK PIXEL. Facebook Pixel is the brain of Facebook marketing.

Each Facebook account it has a unique Facebook pixel that can generate more sales.

I suggest you read more about Facebook pixel and Install it by using Facebook Business support

When you start a brand new store and Facebook ads, your pixel will be in a baby stage without any data.

That stage’s difficult to get support from Facebook.Basically, you cannot get quality traffic.

To mature the pixel need lots of conversions like view content, add to cart, purchase, Searches etc?


Here Is the important part, Please keep reading before you decide?general store or niche store

When you start niche store you cannot get good traffic.

Because you have limited audience. To mature your pixel with the same audience it can take a long time.

And it will cost you lots of money without sales.

In this point, most of the beginners give up the drop shipping.

They start thinking this stuff not working and no one tells them about Facebook Pixel.

If you are a newbie and you have new Facebook pixel,

my suggestion is to start a general store.

Create a general store and start testing the products and you will have more conversions and that can mature your pixel fast.

Do not give up when you don?t get results. Hold on to it and keep testing and get mature the pixel.


I have seen people are more interested in open niche stores around their passion and fails because of a baby pixel. And they created general stores again.

In the General Store, You can make few categories and test your passionate niches as well.

Hope I explained your frequent question and please share it and let other hustlers know and help them as well.

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Happy Selling!

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