While the marketers are the focus on the millennial babies, here comes the Generation Z who are changing the world very fast into a modern one.?This is the next group following the millennials.

This group of individuals born in the year 1997-2010 They are recognized as a tech addict wherein digitals already exists. People use social media nowadays for numerous reasons and this Gen Zers don?t know the world when there is no internet.

They have values and beliefs that you should have to understand to know what they really want. In return, they will help you how the products sell to them.

According to the statistics, the social media usage is rapidly increasing as the year passed by. Whatever generation you are in, when you know Twitter and Facebook, you are now a part of this social media generation.

Experts attempted to recognize the different generations and their various social media preferences.

generation z social media statistics

Different Generations with their favorite social network sites

Based on a study started by Personal Money Service, the Gen Zers prefer to see real individuals. They prefer YouTube than Facebook and 50 percent of them have an Instagram account.

Research results also show some interesting facts about millennials social media behaviors (ages 20-35). Around 70 percent of this group uses Facebook. And 63 percent of this millennials prefer YouTube. Additionally, 43 percent of them can reach through email.

They are the reason behind the latest social trend and topics today. Marketers doing their best on social media to catch their attention.

The Generation X who are born in the year 1961-1981. This group is the parents of today’s Generation Z. In their busy lives, this group of people also uses Facebook and Twitter during their spare time. About 80 percent of them preferred these sites.

However, only half of this survey is still active. Some instances show that around 68 percent of Gen Xers are making decisions with the help of reviews online. For the baby boomers, (aged 50-65) Facebook is their preference. Around 15.5 percent of them spend their time on this site.

generation z social media statistics

Generation Z as the modern consumers

Anyone who desires to market their business in social media needs to understand these generations changing behaviors to gain success.

Now, let’s go back to the main topic, the Gen Z. Although they have not entered in the work field yet, they are receiving a weekly allowance of $16.90 and that is a total of &44billion yearly.

They are optimistic and not to be bothered about the future.

They can do multi-task while watching TV and a device connected to the internet.

More than 10 apps can be found on their smartphones.

They can’t live without their electronic gadgets.

According to a study, 79 percent of them suffered from an emotional distress when their personal gadgets kept away from them.

About 76 percent of these youngsters believe that their experiences online would be a big help in reaching their goals. According to them, anything is possible with the technology today.

This Gen Zers should not take for granted by the marketers. This youngsters’ population is around 60 million and that is 25.9 percent of the population in America. They are today’s teenagers and this large group is growing fast.

The Generation Z social media statistics reveal that 85 percent of this group learns about new products on social media sites. Instagram with 45 percent of them prefers to use it to look for new products that are cool.

Although they find Facebook as for old people, Facebook is still the second preference with 40 percent.

There are twice or more visit on YouTube before they purchase. When it comes to overall choices, YouTube is still the number one for shopping suggestions for Gen Z.

They are recognized as digital people wherein the digital world already started in this era. Understanding their behavior on how they shop online is the key to communicate with them.


Differences between the Millenials and Gen Zers:

Facts that you need to know Majority of the millennials born and raised without the social media or mobile devices. They are just depending on their desktop computer at home. Unlike the Gen Zers, they have their own smartphones on their pocket.

When it comes to social media, the Gen Zers want to be entertained rather than to keep in touch with their friends. Unlike Millennials, they used social media to check their account, to post statuses, and to give them an update on what’s their friends were up to.

While everyone believes that millennials are the obsessed ones, this generation takes to its new level. It is about half of this Gen Zers are always online every day and streaming. They hate reading a content instead they prefer visual or a digital one. They also prefer snapchat aside from YouTube and Instagram, which has 52 percent of them are utilizing it.

grew up with a prosperous economic life but are now poorer than their parents. They engaged to a loan and other debts that hinders them to get married at an early age even if they already have a stable job.

The Gen Zers, on the other hand, witnessed the reality. They grew up wherein everyone suffered from the global financial crisis. Some of them are making money online by creating a YouTube channel, and they tend to create an online business during summer as their part-time while at home.

generation z social media statistics

Fashion Preference of Generation Z Versus Millennials

The mobile usage is rapidly increasing with 95 percent of the Gen Zers have their smartphones. It fuels them to access social media apps anytime. It is now easy to utilize anytime and anywhere.

Gen Zers are more on idolizing celebrities. They choose and follow their favorite celebrity than prefer a specific brand.

Millennials influenced them in this aspect using social media as a tool to follow their favorite stars. However, when it comes to fashion, they are different.

Millennials are now into adulthood wherein they were brand conscious during their teenage years while Gen Zers don’t really care if it is branded or not. This is now their time to take the spotlight.

The Generation Z fashion trends are unique and easy to determine with other generations. Marketers should learn the differences between the millennials and this Gen Zers.


This Video Shows How GenZ Explain them self on their own words:




Generation z social media statistics

1. Generation Z wants to be comfortable

Millennials dress in a way that they believe it will help them excel. The Gen Z give importance about how to feel relax and comfortable in their own way. As of today, high waist jeans and flowy fabrics are in, the fitted dresses are out.

They want easy to wear clothes, loose jeans, and an oversized shirt. A sportswear is popular among this generation such as Vans, Supreme, Champion, Nike, and Adidas.

2. Uniqueness as their identity

According to them, looking different is cool. They also find it attractive to look weird. They prefer a merchandise of limited edition and one of a kind product.

3. They represent reality.

Gen Z prefers to see everyone regardless of race, size, and identity promoting a clothing brand. They firmly believe in everyone’s differences.?Perfection doesn’t exist according to them.

They are the good role model of how real individuals wear real clothes. They listen more to other people like their friends as their influencers.

For this generation like other groups, they see fashion as connected to their values. Being simple according to them is similar to transparency. Mini skirts, ripped jeans, combat boots, and high top sneakers are the most common fashion trends among young ladies.

4.Keeping it Private

This group of people hides their identity. Aside from their personal social media account, most of them created another account without their real names on it. They use alias, initials, or other names they want you to call them.

They will use that account to look for other products and sometimes leave a comment whether it is good or bad based on the experience they?ve got.

According to a survey, this generation is the most people who always post a comment in any ads. A fast delivery would click to them and when their expectations were not met, they give fast feedback.

Don’t underestimate these youngsters because this generation will either help you or drag you down. In the year 2020, marketers expect more from them. These digital natives are definitely a large group that marketers should never set aside.

It would be necessary to know these traits of them to easily know what they want and would build a strong communication between them. In this case, a huge impact on the world of business would bring.

generation z social media statistics


Marketers who want to advertise their business online specifically in the fashion industry must focus to the spring season.

This is the time for high fashion where every generation wears their winter clothing. If you’re planning to build a business, focus on your prospect. This article might help you a lot.

Business is just like a game. Win or lose, at least you have tried.

Good luck!


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