Guide To Buy Shopify Store-Avoid Scammers!

Buy shopify store

Shopify is a great platform for anyone who likes to join the e-commerce world.

Beginning of my journey I suffered with continuous failures. Mainly with my store then products and Facebook ads.

When it comes to store, it took time for me to build an attractive shopify store and optimize it for sales. I had to hire a professional to create a logo and design it.

My other option was buying a shopify store that already exists. But it was hard to find a good, established store that can bring me sales.

E-commerce is extremely challenging with the enormous competition with paid ads. And you must be prepared to spend money on advertisements.

As an example, if you have trending products you have to spend 5-8$(CPC) on Facebook ads per sale.

Important: E-commerce does not provide complete passive income. There are certain expenses you have to bear.



Now, let’s check how to buy perfect shopify store for you. These are my tips


No Hype!


Don’t get caught with the hype around any of the shopify stores. Sellers are claiming that they made millions of sales and tries to sell for a high price. My question is, If someone is making a great deal of profit why would they sell their store? Its time to think about it.

If someone claims that he makes plenty of sales let him prove it by data. Ask him to show you his site analytic and customer base.

Do not just believe them.

Don’t forget that you are going to build a business and not a casino which makes large sums of money overnight.


Buy shopify store


Where Do you buy?

This point is very important. There are many scammers out there trying to make money by cheating others. Always choose a good trustworthy market place to buy a shopify store.

Especially when it comes to payments you might get cheated.

You can find numerous shopify stores ready to sell in Facebook groups, forums and etc. However it is advised to choose a place you can do a safe and secured money transaction.

Most of the stores disappear after the money transaction is done without you being able to own the store. Hence, must be super careful when accepting any offer! Do not send the money first.

Flippa, Empire Flippers, and shopify exchange program?is a good marketplace to buy Shopify store. They are trustworthy and have enough security that can protect you.


Buy shopify store

Have a Chat With the Seller

When you select any Shopify store to buy, try to have a chat with the seller.

-Ask him why he is selling the store?

-What are the top-selling products?

-Ask store FB fan page and visit it.

-Ask about product vendors

-Traffic Sources.



Buy shopify store


“This is another important point.

“Nobody will pull their credit cards on a crappy online store”

When you visit any store you should feel legitimate, trusted and secure. Otherwise, you will close it and look for another store for shopping.

Your customers also feel the same when they visit your store.

Therefore it is important to pay a good attention to the design of the store that you are going to buy. Go through all the pages and observe the design and how they have built it.

Theme – Theme should be nice and clean. It is the first impression of the visitor.

  • Product page- Visit the product pages and see how they have designed it. It should contain a good product description with nice images. Most of the time people use unclear images with fake logos. That does not give a positive signal to the customer. Also, the product description should contain at least 200 words with informative details of the products addressing customers doubts.
  • Security badges- Store should be designed with security badges that confirm secured customer payment. It helps to build trust and secure feeling for the customer.




Always have a chat with the seller and ask him how old the store is? This will give an idea of how long they have been in the Shopify business. Seller may claim that he made plenty of money in one month. But it is not always true. Because it takes a considerable amount of time to make consistent sales. I suggest you buy at least one or two-year-old store who has made good sales.

You can use tools to confirm the Shopify store age.


Buy shopify store

Product Is the King!

Most of the Shopify stores belong to drop shippers and they import their products from Ali express.

Ali express has millions of products which are of different qualities. But the reality is, you can’t sell all the Ali express products.

You will have a demand only on products that can create value for the customers.

Go through all the products and try to have an idea about them. Think of them and ask the store seller about hot selling products. If he can tell what the hot selling products are in that store, that will be great.

Even if he says what the hot selling products are, you should do your own research. At least go to Facebook and analyze the Facebook ads.

I don’t think there is high a demand for fidget spinners in the market now. So if the store is filled with fidget spinners you better move to another store and start analyzing them.




When you ask most of the sellers claim that they get a lot of organic traffic from Google and Facebook pages. But don’t believe them. They need to impress you with fake information and sell the store to you.

Do your own research.

Go to Similarweb and type the store name that you like to buy.

Buy shopify store


Then go to the traffic section and you will see where exactly the traffic is coming from.


Buy shopify store


If the store gets more search traffic and direct traffic that means store has free organic traffic.


Social Media

If the store has a social media accounts tell the seller to give them to you with the store.If he doesn’t agree to try to convince him. The reason is if the store social media has good followers that mean you are going to have a good customer base. Most of the time followers can be your next customers.

So don’t forget to get the social media to account from the Shopify store seller.

Most of the stores have their Facebook fan page and Instagram account. Those accounts can give you real value to your business.

Those accounts ownership can be transferred.

Ex: If you need to buy a Facebook page, he can add you as the Facebook admin and later you can remove him from the page admin. That’s how you can transfer the Facebook page.

Buy shopify store

Bonus TIP-Buy Shopify store

My bonus tip is to analyze the store traffic with the current value of the Shopify store value. I can not tell you this will give you exact correct report, but this will be a great guide to analyze the site value. So you don’t want to believe what the seller is telling you.

My tool is worth of web (Free Tool).

This tool will provide you a detail report about the site including the market price of the store.

Those are my steps and hints to buy a Shopify store. I hope you would be able to find a successful Shopify store and start your business without any delay. Drop me any of your quarries and I’am?happy to help you.

See you soon!

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