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Have you been trying to shed some pounds and get healthier each year, but to no avail? Did you find that perfect diet that helped you lose some extra fat, but as soon as you finished with your routine– you gained it all right back? Hitting that goal weight could seem too far away from achievement for some, but what if, let’s say, you got a prize for it? Would you be motivated enough to do it?

I mean, yes, of course… being healthy is the real prize, but sometimes, it’s just not enough. Or, at least, that’s what the HealthyWage supporters claim.

Why I’m Talking about Weight loss?

Hi, I’m Amali! Weight loss is one of the biggest challenges in my life. had many failures and struggles on my weight loss journey.

The main reason for failure was a lack of motivation. going to and controlling the diets are not as easy as how people talk about it. it requires real motivation.

I was at 190lbs and able to reduce to 140lbs. I’m very happy about my success. And that leads me to start my own online business as well. Get to know my story.



What Is Healthywage?

In simple terms, HealthyWage is a program that gives you a prize for losing weight.

You are placing a bet that you would lose an amount of weight in a specific period. You bet for a particular amount of money, which is calculated beforehand. If you win – you get your money back and a sure profit depending on the calculations, but if you don’t lose the weight, well – you lose all the money.

Weird? Well, maybe you should think twice. When you set your New Year resolutions of losing that weight, but you don’t have any repercussions for it, it’s most likely you will put it off, and soon enough, it will become a resolution for the next year. But if you have your own money involved and a risk of losing them, you’ll stick to it? Maybe.

And this can be a challenge and investment if you are a woman.

Now That We Know What Is Healthywage How Does It Work?

First of all, you need to sign up for the program, usually at their app. There are various challenges that you can sign up for, or you can create your own. Many people choose to create their own, but doing it as a group effort can be tempting. One person can be part of up to 10 challenges at a time.

Team challenges – if you lose the most significant percentage as a team, you will win 10.000$ if you finish first, 5.000 if your team finishes in second place, and the third-place gets 3.000$. Doesn’t sound bad, huh?

Jackpot challenges – will get you a share of the pot if you hit your goal weight individually or in a group.

Step challenges – also could be joined individually or in a team, and you’ll get a share of the pot if you hit your personal step goal based on your history.

Even though they do have different challenges, but the most used one is betting on your weight loss goal – the healthy wager challenge. A bet you make with yourself. The chance has to be on a minimum of six months and a maximum of 18 months, and you need to lose at least 10% of your total body weight. And you have certain restrictions which will let you lose those pounds. You either pay all the money upfront or wager your bet’s course’s money – have installments taken out each month. And as previously said, you win – you get your money back plus some profit.

The Healthywage Cost and Profit Depend Entirely on You.

The HealthyWage calculator helps you with how much money you can earn and how much money you need to put in. The good thing is, you can play around with the calculator and figure out which option is best for you. The profit can go up to 300%.

Logically the more you wager and the more weight you lose – the more profit you will get. If you are wagering 50$ per month, you’re probably going to get a little more than if you’re only wagering 20$ a month.

However, it depends on a variety of factors. Some people claim that wagering only 20$ per month for a more extended period and a more considerable amount of weight is just enough. It ultimately depends on you.

So, you should play around with the calculator and plug in your variables of how much money you want to bet, how much weight you want to lose, and how much time you need to lose it. Obviously, the more risk you have, the more profit you will get, but you want to be sure that you’re going to get the money, so make sure you are realistic with your goals to stick to them.

Sounds too good to be true?

Is Healthywage Scam?

Many people may wonder whether is HealthyWage real or fake, but the fact that they have been around since 2009 means that they are genuine and not a scam. They also have a lot of press coverage, which makes it even more legit. Some people think HealthyWage MLM programs like scout and cellar, But HealthyWage is not a network marketing company.

Is There a Way to Cheat?

In HealthyWage cheating is next to impossible. How? First of all, there are two weigh-ins, one at the beginning and one at the end. They require you to shoot a verified video from you getting on the scale and getting a full vision of your body, making it super hard for you to cheat.

Even at the start of your weigh-in, you have many different instructions that you need to follow on how to take the video, and the whole process of it assures them you’re not cheating. Throughout the links of your challenge, you can also log in and update your weight from week to week, or once a month, whatever suits you. The aim is to show where you are in your journey with the help of their progress bar.

Of course, you might think, but what if I put some heavy loads in my pants? I’ll advise you not to. You will be required numerous before and after pictures, and the story of your weight loss, not allowed to wear loose clothing, and it will all be double-checked by a HealthyWage staff member. They might even ask for a second verification video if everything isn’t apparent and have any doubts.

By cheating or trying to cheat, you are stealing money so that they can report you to law enforcement. Often, they have investigators to catch cheaters, and you have a criminal risk.

Practicing unhealthy things is also considered cheating. The HealthyWage staff advises people to lose weight healthily, not using laxatives, starvation, excessive exercise, or any behavior that wouldn’t be recommended by their doctor.

On a good note, the app follows your progress and shows you whether you’re behind or ahead, and it also has a great social platform. There is a community that posts updates and supports and has members on the same path you can connect with.

What Do the Researchers Say?

The Mayo clinic completely supports HealthyWage. They made a study of 100 participants with ages 18-63 considered overweight, with a body mass index of 30-39.9kg/m2. They asked them to lose 4lbs/month for one year. Half were offered an extra financial incentive of 20 dollars in cash to meet the monthly goal and the same amount of money as a penalty if you failed. Around 62% of them managed to hit their goal weight, despite only 26% that weren’t offered a financial benefit.

There were a lot of studies in history with awarding money for weight loss. Why didn’t they work?

In most studies, they did not sustain the weight loss when the researchers took away the financial incentive, but what was different about this study is that the people got monthly financial penalties in a year, which shows that they were more motivated to lose weight.

The group that had to pay the penalty lost more weight than the group that got a reward, whereas another group with no financial incentive did the worst. This research shows that we don’t like losing it a lot more as much as we want to get money.

Is a Healthywage Review Enough?

You may check for yourself. There are many HealthyWage success stories, and each HealthyWage review is its scenario, with most of them finishing the same – winning the money!

  • For example, in the HealthyWage review of KatekaGood, she is struggling with IVF. A woman who decided to try this program out more for her health and less for the money. In this HealthyWage review, she advises not to do this if you aren’t sure that you will win the money. In this HealthyWage review, she invested 200$ a month for ten months, leaving her with a win of 4200$.

The message of this HealthyWage review is changing lifestyle instead of crash dieting.

  • In another HealthyWage review, a woman named Carli Mitch claims to change her body composition completely. Winning 432$ only from this program was far from bad. In this HealthyWage review, she said she was trying to lose the weight her whole life and did manage to do it before this challenge, but this time it was different because of the change of her objective. Now, she was motivated not to lose weight but to get healthier and stronger. In this HealthyWage review, she did an individual challenge of betting on losing 30lbs for six months, giving 40$ per month, which equals to 240$.

The message of this HealthyWage review is that she wasn’t motivated by the money. Still, she was motivated intrinsically, how she looked and felt with herself, but ultimately the money motivation did help. In this HealthyWage review, she also claims the biggest challenge was changing the mentality and focus more on why she chose the foods she chose and how she could implement exercise.

  • Another HealthyWage review was delighted but did advise on using one trick. John Lorince used the MyFitnessPall app for counting calories. He combined the counting calories with exercise. In this HealthyWage review, he advises people to be persistent, be disciplined, and eat smaller quantities. Eat a specific number of calories a day, depending on how much weight you want to lose and what amount of time the app will calculate for you!

The message of this HealthyWage review is to move more, eat less, and you will succeed!

There are more HealthyWage success stories that you can motivate.

But Is It as Good as It Appears?

Even though you might read a successful HealthyWage review, it does not have to stop there. In more in-depth research, it’s hard to miss a HealthyWage negative review here and there. And before choosing whether to join them or not, you should consider both sides!

One HealthyWage review or more like a HealthyWage scandal went viral when a customer asked for their money back because he was diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis leading to weight gain and the impossibility of losing weight because of hormonal fluctuations. The HealthyWage staff did not give their money back with the claim, “It’s our job to keep you motivated and not give you your money back”.

Another negative HealthyWage review spread the word of them not being supportive during the global pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs and had no monthly income, but HealthyWage did not seem to care all that much.

This unforgiving method of no cancellations and refunds might have some logic behind it, but it worked out poorly for their reputation.

What happens if any of the Team Challenge participants decide not to continue with the challenge? You lose your money. Is that fair? Doesn’t seem so.

Some HealthyWage review claim that the weighted wagering appears like using the emotional instability of vulnerable people and tricking them into gambling with their money. And since it’s not even a considerable profit, it’s arguable whether it’s worth it.

How to Decide Whether to Try It or Not?

Considering all of this, the HealthyWage MLM works triumphantly. But is it for you? Only you can decide that. If you are already trying to lose weight and think the money aspect will keep you disciplined, then why not? But, you have to have in mind all the cons as well, like having unexpected situations coming your way and risking to lose it all. In the end, it all comes down to you!

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