A list of home business with low startup costs

home business with low startup costs

If you want to start a home business, it is hard to know where to start. This demographic is preyed on by scammers. They may tell you that you can make a fortune day trading stocks or cryptocurrency. Others push you to pay thousands of dollars for inventory they swear will sell online; their business depends on you buying their junk. Multi-level marketing businesses often do the same, pressuring you to buy the inventory to sell to your friends and family.

Their profits come from you buying-in, while the vast majority of members lose money. There are a few legitimate home businesses you can run, but they may still require an investment of time, money or both. If you?re looking for a home business with low startup cost, we?ll share a few ideas.

A list of home business with low startup costs.

1.Online Consignment

This is a home business with low startup costs because you may be able to start with inventory you already own ? all the stuff you want to sell but haven?t gotten rid of yet. Instead of taking items to a consignment shop to sell, you simply list it online to sell. Bigger items should be sold on sites like Craigslist or NextDoor where it can be bought by a local person who can haul it off. Smaller items can be sold everywhere from eBay to Etsy. Once you?ve sold out of your own inventory, you can hit garage sales or solicit others for items you can sell for them.

home business with low startup costs
home business with low startup costs

2.Freelance Writing

Freelance writing has a number of points in its favor. You can choose your assignments. You can choose your work schedule. There is no cost to sign up for a legitimate freelancing site. Instead, they take a piece of every order you accept. The downside is that is only an option for those who can write what clients are willing to pay for. This is a good home business with low startup costs for those who can?t quite earn enough money from that all-American novel they?ve been writing, as long as they can do the work they?re asked to do and meet deadlines doing so.

You can create your account in below Freelance sites and look for Freelance writing jobs.


iWriter (Easy to get orders)




Digital media hasn?t eliminated the need for transcription. Instead, it has multiplied the demand for it. Voice mails need to be transcribed and saved to patient or customer records. Videos and podcasts should be transcribed so that a clean transcript can be shown beneath the video or closed captioning added to streaming media. Note that those who can both transcribe and translate can charge a premium for the combined service, such as when you type of a transcript the client can publish on their website and a matching second language version they could put up on their page or publish elsewhere.

4.Editorial Services

Are you an unemployed or under-employed English major? Did you use to work as an English teacher or in journalism? You could work as an editor. You could be paid to edit a writer?s manuscript before they send it off to the publisher or publish it themselves. You could also be paid to edit someone?s college admission essay or research papers for school.


This option is popular. That means that it is clogged due to the sheer number of content creators, but there are still ways to profit from this niche. If you?re writing about a niche topic no one else is that is being read by many people or addresses a local area that has little competition, you may be able to earn money from online ads or affiliate marketing. Know that you have to keep the blog going and not make it too spammy to maintain the traffic that earns you money.

Affiliate marketing is a very powerful way of making online income. But its require to have good training about fundamental of the affiliate marketing. There are tons of scammy training available that claims they teach online marketing. But I can suggest Wealthy Affiliate as my recommended training. Its cheap and any new beginner can start them from scratch.

home business with low startup costs

6.In-Home Childcare

Whether you are a stay at home parent or a retiree looking to fill in the day, this can be a viable work at home opportunity. The rules regarding in-home daycares vary. In many jurisdictions, you don?t have to apply for a license, go through extensive background checks, be vaccinated and fill out a ton of paperwork if you watch just one or two children in addition to your own. Nor do you have to jump through hoops if you?re only an occasional babysitter.


Tutors don?t have to do anything other than market themselves and find students. You?ll stand out in the marketplace if you have credentials or experience that show you know your stuff. Are you a native speaker of the language or lived in that country for several years? Then you can tutor others who want to learn the language. Are you a former math or science teacher? Tutor kids struggling in the subject and earn extra money. Virtual tutoring means you don?t even have to leave home, though you will need to be available when students are available for lessons.


If you have the necessary language skills, you could work as a translator. This could mean accompanying a speaker of that language to the doctor or government office, translating for them in real time. You can find clients via word of mouth marketing or handing out business cards. On the other hand, you could be paid to translate someone?s marketing copy into another language. This can be done through crowdsourcing websites or by finding clients through online marketing of your services.

home business with low startup costs

9.Pet Care

It is advisable to have insurance in case you are a bit or the dog you?re walking bites someone else. However, this isn?t mandatory and may not be necessary if you?re just getting started. You could earn money letting other people leave their pets in your yard or home while they?re on vacation. Alternatively, you could be paid to feed their pets and take them for a walk. If you have the patience and skills, you could move into pet grooming, getting paid extra to trim a cat?s nails or give them a flea bath.


If you?re willing to clean other people?s houses, you don?t need much more beyond a willingness to vacuum their floors and scrub their toilets. You can get started working for friends and neighbors, receiving referrals from those happy with your service. If you start hiring people to work for you, you?ll need licensing, bonding, insurance and a good grasp of employment law.


This pays more than cleaning, and it serves a different market than the standard house cleaning service. People who want help organizing don?t just want you to pick up their child?s toys off the floor ? they want an organized playroom so the children will do it themselves. They don?t want you to vacuum the debris off the living room floor but help them organize the craft room so there is less to be cleaned up later. These projects tend to be one room at a time, but you can work in this area without insurance or much marketing beyond online ads and asking friends to refer to others who need these services. This can be an additional service you offer clients when you clean their homes.

12.Earning Money from Referrals

We aren?t talking about multi-level marketing systems where you buy in and hope to sell enough to move up. This home business can earn you money or, rather, save you money. For example, referring friends to your utility company can save you money on your gas or electric bill every month. Find out about the referral programs offered by your cable company or phone company. You could eliminate several monthly bills if you?re good at it, and unlike conventional streams of income, you generally don?t have to pay tax on it. Depending on how many people you get to sign up, you might actually receive money in addition to wiping out those bills.

home business with low startup costs
home business with low startup costs

13.Monetizing Photos

This approach requires no money but does demand a lot of time. There are websites that allow you to sign up, upload pictures and offer your images for use by others in return for a commission. If a newspaper chooses your photo of a historic event or an artist uses your image in their work, you can receive income from it. You run the risk of doing all that work for nothing, but it can be steady passive income if you?re successful.

There are many sites willing to buy quality photos.

Getty Images

Shutter Stock




14.Monetizing Your Own Artwork

There are sites like Cafepress where you can upload your pictures, artwork or other creations for free. People can order T-shirts, bags and other items with that image on it. The website takes a cut of the money, but you receive income from the order, too.

15.Virtual Assisting

Virtual assisting can take a variety of forms. It may involve doing research and writing papers for others. It could take the form of researching travel options and coming up with an itinerary for someone. There are websites that link up virtual assistants with employers, and you could get the job via a referral, as well. The good news is that this job can pay more than freelance writing, and you often don?t have to write to work for these employers. If you used to be a secretary or administrative assistant, this is a great work from home job.

16.At-Home Call Center Work

The internet has made it possible for people to work in a virtual call center. You connect to the employer and then take calls coming into them while you remain at home. The upside of this job is that you?re working for a large employer with many shifts and open positions. The downside is that you?re expected to uphold the same standards as you?d be held to in a traditional call center. This means you?ll be penalized if a toddler runs in screaming while you?re on the phone with a client, and you can?t snap at a customer seeking help with their canceled flight.

17.Social Media Guru

This can take several forms. You could be paid to help others set up their Pinterest account or create coordinated social media accounts. You could also be paid to maintain these accounts for someone who doesn?t want to rely on automated tools to do so. You can do this from home, but you have to find clients who trust you with it, first. This can grow into a social media marketing or consulting business if you know what you?re doing.

home business with low startup costs
home business with low startup costs

19.Online Dating Consultant

This is a rather new area, but it is a good choice for those familiar with the dating world and the new ways people connect with each other. You could write their profiles and set up the accounts for them. You could act as an account manager, vetting messages and weeding out scammers. You can give them updates on their matchmaking status and refer real leads to them that are a match with what they want.

20.Software Testing

There are sites where you can sign up to be a real software tester. You can do this work part-time from home. The upside is that you can be paid well for doing several hours of work. The downside is that there is little help if something goes wrong. Note that you have to stay away from very cheap crowdsourcing platforms that pay you pennies to install malware on your computer or phone.



Testing Time



If you have the right knowledge and software at your disposal, you can work from home as a bookkeeper. You could create balance sheets and income statements for a small business. You could help them send invoices and process payments. Alternatively, you could help people create budgets and monitor how well they stick to them. These jobs are often available as part-time, long-term jobs, though you need to be using the same software as your customer. On the flipside, if you know all about tax preparation, you could work part time or full time during tax season and possibly even from home.

22.Business Plan Creator

Other people who want to start a small business may want someone else to draft their business plan. This type of paperwork is necessary when they?re applying for government grants or small business loans, and that means they?re willing to pay for it. Because of the relatively few people with the knowledge to draft a good one, there is less competition for this than general freelance writing.

23.Resume Writer

Resume writing has not to be eliminated by the rise of Human Resources software that scans resumes. Instead, it has driven demand for resume writers who understand the software used to screen resumes. You?re essentially applying search engine optimization to resumes, adding the right key terms and experience to get the resume past the screener and in front of a human who decides whether or not the applicant gets an interview. You get paid well on a per task basis.

home business with low startup costs
home business with low startup costs

24.Graphic Designer

If you have the right software and artistic talent, you could work as a graphic designer. You could do everything from creating custom logos to design the watermarks on someone?s website. Upgrade your IT skills, and you could create their blogs or e-commerce site and charge a premium for the service.

I Hope all the above ideas for a home business with low startup costs will help you to identify your home business and increase your income. Also, You can read my post about how I build an online business with low startup costs.

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