Traveling has different prospective for each of us.

Some of us travel for fun, inspiration or dream. What ever it is traveling can be a game changer.

I met many people who loved the places and decided to live there for rest of their life. That’s amazing!

But from the other side, money comes to destroy our traveling dream.

Air tickets, hotels, foods, pocket money all things can really disturb you when you think about traveling around the world.

Especially traveling with your kids can be more difficult because they need extra protection and it can cost you more money.

Whenever I travel I have to take a good hotel because of my kids and hostels cants entertain my budgets anymore.

Some of your budget can be depending on credit cards. And paying credit card bill is really painful.

Lets try to turn this upside down. Will look for ways that you can earn money while you are traveling.

I suggest you to start with one method and master it before you move on to another.

Lets rolling….



Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting someone else products and gain a commission. Commission rates depend on the programs.

If you have a YouTube Chanel,blog,Instagram account with good followers you can start promoting products or services.

As a traveler I not telling you to promote products or services that are not related to your audience.

I never promote anything if I am not satisfied with the product or the service. I always use the product or service and make reviews. It doesn’t matter how much commission you get but always promote a genuine product to your customers and bring complete customer satisfaction.

As a traveler, there are few ways you can promote any product


Amazon partnership

Join the world-famous amazon website and promote their products. You can find thousands of products related to travel.

Ex: camera lenses,drones,back packs etc…

Do a review and encourage your audience to buy them and you will earn a commission.

Sign up for Amazon partnership program affiliate

Join with affiliate program and earn a commission.

Visit the hotels on in any country and make review posts, videos,Instagram stories and link them in to your affiliate link. When someone creates a booking through your affiliate link, it will generate a commission for you.

Sign up for earn money with



Trip adviser Partnership

As today, this is the most famous website for travelers around the globe. They have 600millon + reviews and 500,000 + hotel pages. It’s an enormous platform.

Trip adviser pays you when ever you send traffic though your site to them. They will provide text ads, banners and content widgets to support your promotions.

Check out the Trip advisor Affiliate Program


Share a Sale

This affiliate program allows you to promote any branded stuff. I mean Calvin Klein, Nike, Reebok and thousand of branded products.

If you are fashion lover I suggest you promote fashion related products through Share a sale.


If you are using social media to increase your travel followers I would suggest you to send your traffic to your own website. Through your website, you can direct customers to make bookings.Also, you can make your audience to be more educated and informative about traveling when they visit your site.

To get a basic idea about affiliate marketing and how it works, read the article.





Look For A Local Job

This is for people who love to travel for months or traveling country to country by experiencing the life styles and so on. Whenever you are in your destination, I don’t think that you are the only traveler who is in that country. Just go out and see what other travelers are doing in that country. Visit pubs, clubs etc and meet people so you can gather information about opportunities. They will guide you for jobs, moreover you will have good friends and a great community.

When I was in my vacation in Bali, Indonesia I observed many travelers doing local jobs and make living expenses. I met bar tenders, musicians who plays in pub, yoga teacher, Skate board trainer etc…

Go Out and Hunt for it!



Website and App Tester

There are platforms that help developers to give feedback that they can develop their app or website. What you have to do is sign up and take the task. When you review and give feedback about the product you will get paid. Payment can be vary it can start with 5$ up to 50$.

Visit the below site and test your skill.


Sell Your Photos

Most of you travel with a heavy camera bag and high tech drones. Why don’t you think about making some money using your photography skills? There are plenty of people who love to purchase photos for their business purpose. For their websites, browsers, advertising and so on. For a marketing purpose they don’t want to use common photographs and images that their competitors are using. Therefore, most of them look for uncommon images to take their business to their audiences. Don’t forget that images are an extremely powerful tool for marketing.

There are platforms in which you can store your images and sell them. Take niche photos while traveling and sell them. This can open up many opportunities for you.

Pixabay, Pexels are some of the best platforms to sell photos. At the beginning let some users take few your images and use them for free. If they are happy about your creativity they will buy your images for money.

It’s all about give and take.


Hey take a break!

Check her story, Awsome!

She traveled 17 countries ?in one year and she is making money while traveling.



Build A Website

Few years earlier, when ever I see the word ‘build a website’ made me feel heavy. Reason been I had no technical knowledge on building a website . Later, I contacted one developer and he asked me 1200$ for designing a website.And I must pay him every time I needed any modification. That was too much for me.

Also I had a doubt about how could anyone make money when millions of websites are out there?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was like rocket science for me!

So I gave up.

Today I would say Building a travel website or any website is a great way to generate income while you are traveling. Whenever you visit any place write about it and give some valuable information to the readers. If you are a good writer, audience will visit you again and again for more information.

Most of the countries have beautiful places that are not open for tourists. Be friends with any local and visit those places. You may write about those places and let your audience know about those hidden places.

Also writes some quality tips that are useful while visiting those countries or places.

Ex:10 tips for saving money while traveling in Newzealand

There are many ways that you can monetize your travel website. Here are my favorites

Google Adsense

Let Google show their ads and on your website. This will be one of the web earnings and it depends on the amount of visitors you have.

Affiliate Marketing

This is another a great way you can make money from your travel website. You can promote others products on your site and get commissions.

Sell Own Products

You might know what are the common problems most travelers face while traveling. Find a solution for them and write a little e-book and sell that on your site. Visitors who are impressed on your blog post will buy your book and also will recommend it to others.

If you sell the book for 12$ and you sell 1000 copies per year, what’s your annual income from the e book? That’s 12000$. Isn’t it amazing?


There are things you need to learn about blogging and maintaining a website. I can recommend you to join with WA community and follow their training programs to upgrade your knowledge.That’s an awesome way to learn and develop your online business.


Social Media Influencer

There are hundreds of social media platforms for different prospective. It’s your choice to select any and Increase your followers. For traveling the most suitable sites are Instagram and YouTube. I will talk more about YouTube a little later.

Lets talk about Instagram for now. Majority of Instagram active users are below 35years old. They love to see the world in a different angle and discover in depth. There are travel Instagram accounts which has millions of followers.

Think your Instagram account as a business. Be creative with that and try to share real content to your audience. Later stage you can leverage your audience to sell anything. But always add value to the audience.

Use your high tech lenses and take some super attractive images or use your drone to make Instagram stories.

*Note : I noticed that the posts which has more likes and comments have used genuine images that create conversation within audience. Don’t use poses only, but be a creative and a genuine Instagram influencer.


When you have a strong audience you can promote any affiliate product ( I will explain affiliate products for travelers) or you can do shutouts for money. Shutouts chargers are varied depend on the followers that account has.Most of the shutouts start at around 50$

Or else

Join the programs like hashtagpaid and promote their hashtags and earn the commissions

Do you know how much Kim Kadarshian charge for her Instagram shutout?

It’s 250,000$ +



Paid Surveys

There are many survey programs that will help you make some extra income while you are on holidays. If you love to give your feedback and reviews this is for you.

What you need to is, join with any survey program and give your opinion.These payments can vary depending on projects and survey platforms.

Your opinion and ideas will help someone to create and develop a product or service.

Here are some programs that you can make some extra bucks




Online Courses

Conducting online courses have become a million dollar business model in the modern world. People are ready to buy anything that can add value to their lives.

If you love to travel you can create a course about travel. Look for travelers most painful points and guide them how to solve those issues.

Or else teach any subject that know about. Music,arts,blogging,pets,Yoga etc….

All you need to do is, join with any platform for courses and create a complete course with a video and resources. If you have a high quality course that can add value to others it will begin to generate passive income while you are traveling.

Not only that, based on the course you can create a community in that niche, and answer their problems.

I have purchased many udemy courses. Most of the courses have Facebook groups and they work as a supportive community. Also that helps the course creator to sell his next course as well.



What skills do you have?

Writing, voice over, acting,web developing, video creation, animations etc?

Use your skill and travel the world and get paid.

There are tons of people who are looking for services that you are good at.Provide your service and charge for it. There are only a few platforms that help you with that.

Ex: Experienced native English writer charge usually more than 40$ per hour for content writing.

You can join below platforms and create your profile related to your skill category. Make sure to complete a customer satisfaction survey when you receive an order. And let the customer write a review on your Gig and it will help you to bring more orders in the future.

Drop Shipping

This is a very popular business model among the young generation and I have seen many people becoming highly successful by drop shipping.

Drop shipping is simply selling products without any inventory. When the visitor makes any order, you can fulfill that order from any online store (famous is Ali express).

Mostly this business model can run anywhere in the world. All that you need is an e-commerce store and a budget for promoting the products.

Advertising can be done through Facebook ads and google ads.

But I suggest you learn about this business model before you jump in.

After setting up an e-commerce store you can travel anywhere and fulfill the orders and run the ads. Also, collects the money into your bank.

How cool is it?

You can easily build a dropshipping store with


Consultant and Tutoring

This world is suffering from problems, and thousands of people are looking for answers.If you have the skill to help others you can do it while traveling and make money.

All you need is a skill to solve the problems and Skype only.

Life Coaching is a very successful method that you can help others. Usually, life coaches charge per hour for Skype sessions. Most of the experienced life coaches charge 200$ + per hour.

Tutoring via Skype is another way to earn an extra income. You can teach the student what you know that he can leverage for his education.

You can use some of these platforms for tutoring



Those are some of my suggestions for how to earn money while traveling. I will provide you more tips in the future.

But if you want to be a quick millionaire just visit the Bali Indonesia

1$=13000 Balinese Rupees.

Here how I became a millionaire in Bali



If You Dont Build Your Dreams Some One Will Hire You to Build Theirs!





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  1. Bailey Boudreau says:

    This is a really inspiring and informative article. Many people pass up great experiences like traveling because they allow money to be an obstacle. But as you show, it is possible to make it happen if you want it enough. Traveling while working online is the lifestyle I dream of. There is so much freedom and opportunity outside traditional career paths.

  2. Florence Ki says:

    Wow… how I wished I knew this when I was way younger. I love travelling and really spent lots of money on this. Never crossed my mind that travelling can earn us money too. You really inspired me. I would blog to travel, if anyone would want to engage me. Thanks for sharing such awesome article. I really love it so much.

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