Now, you?ve finally decided to become an Amazon seller but don’t have any product to sell yet. And that’s why you’re here reading my blog. There’s a lot of fun and tutorials on how to become an Amazon seller. There’s a guide and you can learn a lot while making sales. But let’s get into the business, you are here trying to make a good start in selling online aren’t you? In this post let me help you how to find niche products on Amazon.

Amazon is one of the most successful online shopping platform on the internet. Many people choose to shop online and wait for the order to be delivered than to drive a long way to any shopping mall. Aside from that, there are people who are so busy that they are unable to spare any time for shopping. In my own opinion giving a useful,?unique and quality product and have it delivered on time is the best idea to become successful.? It is not about the numbers but is always having good quality. Customers don’t mind the cost if they can have it in quality. Try to put yourself in their shoe, as a customer you wouldn’t mind calling customer service over and over whenever you are in trouble on that product. It’s a waste of time. It’s dissatisfying and gives you a bad rate.

How to find Niche products on Amazon

Here are some guidelines to How to find Niche products on Amazon

  1. Have research on Google Trends. Check what is trending online. This will help you decide what products you may sell on the internet.
  2. Search for market data to find out if the industry sales are expanding.
  3. List down to product categories using google search volume.
  4. Search for blogs or interesting topics online.
  5. Get product sales data in Jungle Scout or any website to help you find out if that product will make it big in the market.

But the question is, how can you get a good ranking in Amazon?

How to find Niche products on Amazon

Look for a good niche within a niche keyword.

The keyword is very important. For example, you are going to sell a product that is related to music, then you?ve chosen a microphone to sell. Of course, if you put only a ?microphone’ as a keyword, you will not be able to rank. Provide a keyword that is very specific. Use sub-category like ?microphone with a speaker.? With that being said, the competition will become low as well as the demand. There’s always a demand, the higher the demand, the further you up. And the higher the demand, the higher the competition. It is hard to rank. The main objective here is to lower the competition and the demand is still there. Let’s try to use’wireless microphone with speaker’ and put a brand on it, whatever brand you may sell but it is your advantage if the product you may sell has a brand and popular, just make your keyword unique. Now, the competition will go down and also the demand will also get low.

However, you can catch the attention of a genuine buyer. Think of yourself as a customer, you are searching for a very specific product and on the search page, it gives you a list on what you are looking for. Of course, you will not go after on any product anymore. We know what we are looking for as a customer. So, there’s a big chance to rank by picking the best keyword.


Differentiate your product to your competitors.

What is more exciting nowadays is that creating your own unique products and sell them online than look for a product from a list of best-sellers. This will give you a good rank and giving yourself a chance to become popular. Determine or make a product that can solve a problem. Opportunities exist in a single way such as unique marketing, an improvised product, or even a product that unrealized by your competitors that can be sold online.

?Make sure that you don’t have top 20 high competitors.

We already discussed creating the best keyword and this is your best weapon to get a good ranking. That’s the most important factor in getting the best keyword. But if you choose a product that has a higher demand but too many competitors, you would have troubles ranking. Having a lot of competitors, you might go down to the page 2 list. And who would want that? You could probably get a lower chance to make a sale.

How to find Niche products on Amazon

What is Niche Products? Is Niche important to sell products online?

Online selling has now become more and more popular not even in the United States but also around the other parts f the world. And now we know that Amazon is one of them. The question is, what is a niche and why is it important?

A niche is something that market segment defined. It is demographic, location, common interest or a problem. This is a community wherein people share in common that provides them to be identified as one of the unique sections in the market. We want you to choose a niche that interests you most and gives you the most excitement.

There are only two types of products to sell:

  1. Commoditized products. This is the most popular product that can be sold online. These are clothes, kids toys, food, etc.
  2. Niche products- This is a type of products or services that provide a specific area of customers.

These are unique and handmade products that make to the top list of the most trending items that can be bought online.

Niche Products are sometimes made depending on the demand or in small batches. Choose a one-of-a-kind item like phone accessories, a beaded necklace, printed socks or homemade food that you can sell online.

How to find Niche products on Amazon

Why Niche Products are the best than Commoditized items?

When you find time,?have a look at any online site where a lot of merchants sell commoditized products. Especially if you are selling branded items, you will find it difficult to become successful. And if Amazon is already selling the same product, it is likely that you are not going to be able to compete if you are just only a freshman and has a lot of competitors.

Niche Products to sell on Amazon

Here are some examples of the product lists in the Amazon niche. This is just an example but not all of them are ideal and not yet successful. These are the products sold by other merchants in Amazon.

Toddler Activity Tray

Parents use these type of products to make their kids more relaxed while they play or travel. Parents nowadays are looking for more unique products that can help them minimize work and control over their kids.

Picnic blanket

Who would tell you that no one will go to the?beach during the summer? Or even not in summer. This sand proof outdoor blanket makes you feel comfortable and especially, the waterproof?factor makes customer eager to purchase one.

How to find Niche products on Amazon

Portable Outdoor Shower

People are busy and find no time even for a quick?shower. This outdoor shower is created to bring less hassle and more comfort. If you always love to stay outdoors and do your work at the backyard, you can put this portable outdoor shower there and this helps to keep your home clean and dry.

Laptop Sleeve

This is very important to those people having a laptop to protect it. If you can sell this online, make a unique one so that you can catch the attention of the customers.

How to find Niche products on AmazonFlexible Phone Stand

In this modern world, where smart technology is in demand, there’s always a product that you can think of in order for the customers to minimize their work and hassle-free. This flexible phone stand enables you to adjust your smart phones bracket, it has a flexible long arm that makes everyone purchase especially to those people who use their cellphones for longer hours. Holding a phone for a longer duration makes cramps in your arm, right? So, this is a unique yet modern product that can help you make a good sale online.

Women High Heel Pads

Women find ways on how to get rid of heel pain. This is a unique product designed to those who have foot pain using heels. Thinking that they cannot avoid using heels as a part of their work or in their events. The only way to get rid of this is by using a pain killer. This product has a soft gel metatarsal pads and inserted high heels to help you feel comfortable while wearing shoes with heels.

How to find Niche products on AmazonSports Arm Band Cellphone Holder

This is for the people who are into sports but can’t take a look at their cellphones. This is easy to wear while they are on jogging. This is a portable sports arm bag that is multi-functional and can wear in your wrist.

Manual Coffee Grinder

If you’re a person into traveling or a coffee lover, this product suits you the best. This manual or hand coffee grinder is often a great investment as people love to make their own coffee anywhere and everywhere.

Baby Sling Carrier

Always look for the best for your customers. This sling carrier for the babies is extremely helpful for those parents who always love to travel and to be with their babies. This is a hassle-free and arm cramp free product. Make your own unique style so that you can encourage customers to buy from you.

Aerial Yoga Swing

How to find Niche products on Amazon

People are ready to try on everything which would help them lose weight. It is a stretchable fabric that provides a long-lasting and comfortable feeling. In just 30 minutes, using this aerial yoga swing, experts claim that one can achieve a healthy mind and body along with weight loss. Advertise this product for the first time online and state all the benefits so you can attract customers.

Find Other Merchants’ Weaknesses

No matter what you sell on Amazon if you are not competitive, you can’t make a sale. Attack your competitors silently by checking their reviews. This is not literally attacking them or make a bad move towards them. Check their weaknesses. Advertise your own product and tell the customers your advantages that no other merchants have. Make them feel that they are important by providing them a satisfaction.

Now that you have an idea on what product you may sell on Amazon, you may end up with a short list, a product sample to be sent to you by your supplier. And agreement of contract may follow. Check the contact very carefully. Always remember the ground rule: find sufficient demand yet limited competition.

Also, you can read my article on how to get free items from Amazon. Hope you will enjoy it.

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